One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

100 thoughts on “One Exercise That Will Change Your Life | 2018

  1. You are perfect in everything even in looks but please remove all the tattoos it really looks disgusting you have such a nice body don't hide it

  2. "World records
    Most consecutive bar muscle ups: 26 by Maksim Trukhonovets (Belarus) 2018."

    Maybe it's time to set a new record Chris?

  3. Come on dude are the videos for elite athletes or super humans no normal person is doing that today………………l will go give it a ey now in the garden 🙂

  4. Got my first muscle up tonight after watching this video! Amazing feeling! I suppose the next step is strict form?

  5. Well I did pull-ups for 8 months and got my max up to 19. Then I did regular push-ups for a week. Then I tested if I could push myself up once I get on top of the bar (I got there by jumping and doing something like muscle-up) and it was easy. Then I did muscle-up on first try. I thought I wasn't even close! (my muscle-up is very ugly and I use my legs pretty much as much as possible but… Muscle-up is a muscle-up!)

  6. I have a good fitness video on my instagram 🙏🏾 Well produced and inspired by Chris
    Insta – JayGainnz
    You will be happy seeing this it might brighten up your day ❤️‼️

  7. I got to thanks YouTube for putting thenx vlog on my home page. Now after 2 months of following the workout by Chris n his team, I've lost 7 over kg. N now I'm more toned than b4. Beginning to love my body again :p I can see my abs developing. Yday I just tried to do a plance on dip bar and almost there but not just yet. It's only 2 months. Thanks thenx n Chris for your vlog

  8. My pull up bar is on top of my stairs so if I’m at a dead hang my feet have to be farther out then my body. I can do all the requirements but still no muscle up. I have noticed that on a one arm pull up I can lift my body weight a title not far. But I remember when I first tried I couldn’t move up at all

  9. Eu consegui fazer meu primeiro muscle up meio roubado mais eu consegui kkk agora to tentando deixar o mais reto possivel pra n fuder meu ombro um dia chego la

  10. Sooooo i can do 12 pull ups but 7 strict muscle ups(
    Dont take those requirments to serious )and almost a passive hang one arm pull up

  11. Chris you are my idol i would love one day to become as strong and as pleasingly esthetic than you ! I’ve started claisthenics 2 months ago and its really motivating ! I really love what you do keep up the work !

  12. Just did my first proper muscle up today after have been watching your clip last night. Been struggling like crazy to get it right and then BAM! Your steps made me basically fly right up. Massively happy today! Thank you 💪

  13. Why does Chris wear sweatpants with no shirt in every video? It's either hot enough to be wearing shorts, or cold enough to put on a shirt…

    Oh wait, it's to show his fuccboi tattoos while also hiding his chicken legs. I get it now.

  14. I started gym 5 month before but I started calisthenics 2 months now i just don't understand some days I can do 5 muscle up sometime just 1. How often do you suggest to do muscle ups.

  15. Oh, shit… That magic button trick made actually impulse so high, that I do believe I could continue to a full muscle-up right away.
    I can't try it now, because it is a door bar and I can't stand over it, but I will certainly try it as soon as I am able!
    Thank you, man!

  16. I got my 1st muscle up 2 days ago. My favorite movement. I had been dreaming about getting a muscle up for a long time.

  17. I really want to train for this but I can't have a bar in my home because of my mom and I rather don't go to the gym does anyone have an idea?

  18. I started my progress at August 1st. I could do only 2pull ups. Now it's 11th november. I can do easily 10+pull ups + today i set my record for Muscle Ups, i did 8 + it is like 10degrees only outside. I didn't believe myself. Straight arms. Everyday push-ups. If i can, you can TOO!

  19. Bro you should let me come down and train with you for 3 months. Do a “before” and “after” and show these haters that you don’t need every piece of Gym Equipment to Get Chisled

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