Oct 6, 2018 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message and Healing Prayer in Naju, Korea

Oct 6, 2018 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message and Healing Prayer in Naju, Korea

Praise Jesus, praise the Blessed Mother! It’s so hard to enter
the kingdom of God. As I said before, what will happen to
the lukewarm people? (Be spit out!) “I will spit you out. Be it
hot or cold,” he(Jesus)said, did he? But, we shouldn’t be cold. We are hot people, right? We are the people who take the
narrow path even though it is hard. When I went to heaven several times, God said to me,
“Get back into the world.” I replied, “No, No, I don’t want anyone to
commit sins because of me.” And he said, “You know
what my son went through. You also will go through
exactly what my son went through (misunderstanding and judgement
from others, etc) until the end of the world. So, I thought over it. Ah, I then understood Jesus
might not be happy either all the time. Jesus also has a human nature. When the disciples betrayed him, when people – who,
3 days before His Crucifixion, spread the branches
and cloaks on the road, exclaimed ‘Hosanna’
for him – were next shouting, “He’s guilty of death! Crucify him!” Imagine how heartbroken he was? But Jesus offered up everything. Three days before the Crucifixion, Jesus prayed in agony
in the Garden of Gethsemane and also expressed his
distress when he was dying on the Cross, “My God, my God,
why have you forsaken me?” But, what did Jesus do at last? He said, “Father, forgive them,
they know not what they do.” Well, even though the
‘Freemasons’ are trying
to block the way of Naju to Heaven, let us sympathize with them. And we (Naju members)
continue to walk the way to Heaven through practicing
‘the Five Spiritualities.’ Amen! (Amen!) 10 years ago, the people,
from ‘PD’s Note book’ team, came to Naju.
Wow, they were so clever. When we declined their
request to be interviewed, they persuaded us to be interviewed
saying “There are a lot of miracles in Naju, so the good news’
should be made public.” A pilgrim, one of the news reporters, opposed the interview,
“Never, no interview!” I thought, ‘What’s the
problem of making Naju public?’ But, he knew about the
reality of the broadcasting world. So, he opposed,
“Never, no interview!” I said, “They told me
that they will make Naju public.” But, he still opposed the interview. As we didn’t go through
that experience before, we finally
agreed to be interviewed. But, they pulled out the odd ones and fabricated them
together into a falsified version. They interviewed
people, not from Singwang-ri, but using replacements
as if they were from Singwang-ri. And, they fell by their own tricks. I was really surprised. They used the same
people this time again. From the first Saturday of July, they had been chasing me
to find wrongdoing from me, but there’s nothing wrong found. Then they asked the chief
volunteer, “Let’s have an interview.” I said to the chief volunteer,
“Let’s not do it. Let’s never do it.” But the volunteer said,
“We must let them know the truth.” “I don’t think so,” I replied. He said, “What if they keep chasing
you and follow you again and again?” So, I said, “What did I do
wrong? Let them go after me then.” At first, I was really
surprised (by their shadowing) Think about it. They’ve been shooting videos
of me since the first Saturday of July. On the day after Fr. Jang’s
surgery in the intensive care unit, they were shooting
video even at ‘restricted time.’ The hospital didn’t allow us even
to take any pictures with our cell phones. But they (the broadcasting team)
were in cahoots with someone
(in the hospital) and videotaped it. They themselves showed
the proof as broadcasted. Anyone is allowed to visit
on the day before surgery. The day 19th was the operation day, but, as broadcasted,
it was videotaped on 20th when we were not allowed
even to spray the holy water. The hospital staff
forbade us from putting
the holy water onto Father’s feet, saying it will cause bedsore. When I’m next to
Father Jang (in ICU), the nurse was
looking in front of me. There were many other patients, but the nurses were
looking only at me like that,
all stranding together at the back. When we follow God, sometimes we hear such absurdities and besmirched
by a false accusation. Let’s not be too distressed by that. I told you that there was nothing
I couldn’t do if I just observe once. Once I read the Bible, I was able to say
without missing a single word. But, in 1989, God took the gift back from me. He only allows
when it is necessary. That’s why I can’t remember
the passages even though I
read the Bible so many times. On November 10, 1990, when I was sleeping a little, praying in tears. I was so sad that
even those respectable people
who teach about God and even the shepherds who
were supposed to take their sheep
to Heaven were doing the wrong way. It was 3 o’clock
when I was weeping. I received the messages then. “My dear daughter, don’t worry. As Daniel lived for the
righteousness of God, he survived from the den
of lions through the prophet.” Who was the prophet?
(Habakkuk) You are right!
You know that. When I received the
message, I always sent it to Father O. But, on reading the message, he got very angry. I was not educated enough. Whenever Father didn’t like something, he commented about me,
“know-nothing and unlearned…” And he kept doing it. I never feel regretful
not being educated. But, he said, “As a newly
baptized believer, so you don’t know.” And he kept saying,
“That message is wrong.” And I wept. Why did I weep? I wrote the message
according to what the Lord
and the Blessed Mother gave to me. But, Father said, “Daniel himself is the prophet. How come Daniel survived
through another prophet? That’s wrong.” So, I just wept and prayed, ‘Oh, Jesus. If I was wrong, please stop giving me messages.’ And when I was crying, Rubino came up to my attic. “Don’t worry, Julia. I believe you,” he said. “Let’s pray together.” So, we were praying in tongue. Then, the name
‘Habakkuk’ came to my mind. So, I looked in the bible,
but I couldn’t find it in ‘Daniel.’ It is in ‘Deuterocanon.’ So, we found out. Unlike before – ‘I know it is there!’ -, but it didn’t come
up to my mind at all. So, I read in ‘Deuterocanon’ that God saved Daniel
through Habakkuk the prophet. Then, I sent the message again
to Father with the correct information. Then, he said, “I didn’t read
‘Deuterocanon’, that’s why I said so.” That’s exactly what he said. But he didn’t say: “Then you
can make the Message published” instead, he said “I didn’t read it, so I did” I asked
him, “What shall I do?” And he replied
“Do as you want” It is not the matter of what I want. The Message should be
published exactly according to the
message from the Lord and the Blessed Mother. I know sometimes you
suffers from false accusations. Let us offer them up graciously. Our Lord will surely rescue us. Unless our reward is
not received in the world the reward will be the
eternal happiness in the next world. Life on earth is
not just other than one moment. However the afterlife is eternal. We should think that life
on the earth is just one moment. You know why Daniel was
thrown into the lions’ den? God saved Daniel because
he followed the righteousness of God. Why was he in the den? It is described in
‘Daniel 13’ in ‘Deuterocanon.’ There was Susanna, and she married a rich man. She was very beautiful. Two elders of the
people were appointed judges, whom the Lord said,
“Lawlessness has come out of Babylon. When the old men saw
Susanna who was so beautiful, so they find the
appropriate moment to disgrace her. They have lived their lives this way. They kept looking for opportunities. “When will I ever commit that woman?” The house was very big
and has a large garden. Judges came in there and had a meeting and drink tea together. Though both were enamored of
her, they did not tell each other their
trouble. They went their separate ways. But both turned back
and arrived at the same spot. When asked for a reason, it was sheer lust
that made them look for an
opportune moment to disgrace her. After all were gone, when it was hot,
Susanna decided to bathe and said to the maids, “Bring me oil” While the maids were out, the elders tried to disgrace her. Susanna prayed
‘Lord, you are looking at this It is better for me to fall
into their power without feeling
guilty than commit sin before the Lord.’ Then she screamed. When the maids
rushed into the garden, the old men also shouted
at her, opening the garden gates. What did they say? They said that she lay
down with a young man. So, Susanna was
about to be punished, and God sent Daniel. Daniel was a boy at the time. Daniel cried aloud there. “How could you execute
her without knowing the fact?” Daniel said,
“Congregate in the court.” So, they all went out to the court. Daniel separated
one from the other and asked one of the two elders, “If you were a witness, tell me
under what tree you saw them together.” “Under a mastic tree,” he answered. “The angel of God shall
receive the sentence from Him
and split you in two,” Daniel said. Daniel asked the other, “Tell me under what tree
she lay with the young man.” “Under an oak tree,” he said. The testimonies do not
coincide with each other. “The angel of God waits with a
sword to cut you in two,” Daniel said. So, they were executed. Right? Other people could not say it
because they were ashamed to say so, but Susanna was prepared to die and said, “Even if I look
disgraced, I won’t be taken by you.” So, she screamed out. As never had any such thing
been said about Susanna, even the
servants felt very ashamed of her ’how could she do that?’ The two elders thought, ‘You’re dead now. You’re dead because
you didn’t yield to us.’ The households cried and cried. But, as all turned out, God saved Susanna. And, Daniel has got fame. After that, the king asked
Daniel to adore an idol called ‘Bel’. Daniel replied, “I worship not idols, but only the living God.” Others adored the idol ‘Bel.’ They put provisions on the table. When they set up the table with food, ‘Bel’ consumes it during the night. As Daniel did not adore ‘Bel,’ King said “Let’s set the food before Bel, and if we prove that Bel consumes
it, you shall die for blaspheming Bel,” Daniel accepted it. Daniel ordered his servants, “Bring some ashes and
scatter them through the whole temple.” The closed door was
sealed off by the king’s ring. “Doors were sealed,
and if you look inside, you’ll
find out that Bel had eaten them all,” Looking inside, the
food was really consumed. As Bel had consumed the food, they tried to execute Daniel. “Look at the floor,” Daniel said; “whose footprints are these?”
(as his servants scattered ashes) The king saw the footprints
of men, women, and children. They said
Bel consumed the food and adored Him
with sumptuous feast. They had made a
secret entrance through which
they always came in to consume the food and took the
remaining food to their home. Daniel showed the entrance to the king. There were seventy priests of Bel, besides their wives and children. The king put them all to death. And, there is an episode about a snake. The Babylonians worshiped it. Daniel said, “Oh, let me kill it.” If it is a god, it cannot be killed. But, when Daniel feed it
something, it burst asunder. On hearing this, the Babylonians
demanded the king to kill Daniel. So, the priests
demanded from the king, “Hand Daniel over to us, or
we will kill you and your family.” When he saw himself
threatened with violence, the king was forced
to hand Daniel over to them. They let the lions go hungry for 6 days and threw Daniel
to be devoured at once. Imagine how hungry they were. Two carcasses and
two sheep had always been
fed daily for these seven lions to eat. But those lions were given
nothing for 6 days at the time, Under this circumstance,
when Daniel was thrown into a lions’ den, the lions could not devour Daniel. Daniel also starved there for six days. How hungry he was too! When Habakkuk prepared
foods for the reapers in the field, the Lord told him, “Habakkuk,
Habakkuk, Take the food to Daniel.” But Habakkuk answered,
“I do not even know where the den is!” The angel of the Lord
seized him by the crown of his
head and carried him by the hair and set him down
in Babylon above the den. “Daniel, Daniel,” cried Habakkuk. And, he gave foods to Daniel. Imagine, after starving
for six days, without a single sip
of water, how hungry he was! Daniel began to eat the food. But, the lions
could not go near Daniel. If God wills, there is
nothing he can’t do. (Amen!) So, Daniel was, smiling at
the lions, while eating the food. He got nourished by the food. On the seventh day,
the king came to the den. He didn’t come there
to take out the body that had already been eaten but came to mourn for Daniel. He saw Daniel sitting quietly. He was surprised and said, “O Lord, the God of Daniel! Praise be to you! Glory to you!” They might have used that
expression a long time ago. Giving Adoration to God, then, he took Daniel out of the den, and to those who
had tried to destroy him, he threw them into the den. After Daniel was rescued, and even before those priests
were thrown down to the ground and urrrgh! The lions
Gnash! Gnash! Gnash!
Already, devouring them. How much they enjoyed their meal! In the days of the Old Testament, they killed the
guilty people by throwing
them to the lions to be devoured. Now the Lord will separate the good
grain from the empty ones. It is not that He is
not pulling the weeds worrying the wheat also
being pulled out together them, but He waited for
sinners to repent. (Amen!) How many miracles
are happening in Naju, and including the unprecedented
signs we have never seen in the world? Solomon, who
lived in such splendor, wanted to see it, but couldn’t. And the prophets and the
kings of the past couldn’t see or hear
those you are seeing and hearing (in Naju). But you are seeing, hearing
and feeling it here. (Amen!) Aren’t you? (Amen!) So, I dare say that you are
really God’s blessed children. (Amen!) But, if we are not awake, we can fall at some point. We must stay awake! (Amen!) If we do not arm ourselves
with ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ we may give joy to
the devil at any time. We are on the way to Heaven. (Amen!) Though we are deficient and unworthy, when we make efforts trying
to practice ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ we must go to heaven. (Amen!) We don’t know when or
how humankind is destined. Therefore, we must follow the Lord
and the Blessed Mother to the end. (Amen!) A lady named Lucia in Cheongju had breast cancer. She thought, ‘Well, breast
cancer? It will be OK after surgery.” But, she decided to
take a complete CT scan. I also took it once before. They found tens of
thousands of cancer cells (PET-CT showed tens of
thousands of cancer cells
from the neck to the chest.) It was too late to be operated. So, she came here to Naju. And her cancer was
completely cured. (Amen!) She submitted her medical records. She testified,
“I’ll make pilgrimage (to Naju) diligently.” And, her households also
committed to become believers. But, when the cancer was
cured, they didn’t come at all. There’s always a problem
with someone that I’m worried about. People, cured of cancer that I
don’t worry about are still doing well. But I was worried this time. So, I always asked. And after a while, she came back again. But it looked just like this. I thought it was
due to her clothes. But, when I touched her, I found out her chest
was just like a hard stone. So, I asked her,
“Oh, what is this?” She replied,
“Cancer relapsed.” It did not just relapse
in the breast, but in here. it was sticking out like a rock. But, once I started praying for her, she received remission completely. Then she must come back. But she didn’t. A few years later, she came again, this time, on a wheelchair with bad
smell exuding from her body. I mean, if any of you know
someone who is not coming here after being healed
but a while later if the
person becomes sick again, you should encourage
them to come back quickly. They are not coming
again because they felt guilty. But they must come back so that at least
the soul could be saved. Also they may be cured again. Such people are countless. It’s a pity. Although it is the last moment, if they sincerely seek
forgiveness for their sins, at least their souls could be saved. Regardless how sinful they are, they can still go to
Purgatory even a little higher step. Even if they take the
first step in purgatory, they still have hope to go to Heaven. One departed soul showed up to me, “Please pray for me,” and he said,
“One day in this purgatory
is like 10 years in the secular world. There are such souls, saying, “Please pray
for me. Please pray. The purgatorial
fire is too hot.” they said Moreover, the soul that goes
to hell can’t come out of there eternally. Many souls have asked
for prayers in such a hot fire, “The souls there feel
that one day in Purgatory
is like 10 years in the secular world.” Imagine how hot purgatorial fire is! Since a day in purgatory is
10 years on earth, not 1 year. Therefore we should totally
avoid even the14th steps of purgatory. We must go to heaven directly. (Amen!) Let’s go to heaven together. (Amen!) Let’s arm ourselves with
‘the Five Spiritualities.’ (Amen!) Not arming ourselves
with even one spirituality, we land up not being
able to even go to purgatory.
This must not happen to us. Our Lord and the Blessed
Mother are calling us to heaven. How many have been
spiritually and physically healed? You’ve come here because
you’ve been chosen as good grains. (Amen!) Someone had disposed
the miraculous water on hearing
the false information from ‘PD’s Note’ that the water contains 3 times
of general bacteria than the allowed limit. How can the one who has
been cured of cancer with that
water threw that water away? This also means
that he built a house on sand. We must build a house on the rock. Let’s build a house on the rock! (Amen!) If we arm ourselves with
‘the Five Spiritualities’ and practice it, we are building
a house on a rock. Then, no matter how strong
typhoons hit, or the wind blows, we can not be swept
away, but go to heaven. (Amen!) Did you hear that many
people are coming after
watching ‘Exploration-Reporting 7’? There were many people who
came here after watching the‘PD’s Note.’ They are chosen as good grains. The others who didn’t come
after watching the program are to be separated
as empty heads of grains. They will be sorry to hear this, right? If they are sorry,
they better come here. Our Lord and the Blessed Mother
have called us in a special way. And, the world is really corrupting. Children are killed by parents, and parents by children. Killing between lovers. There are so many
who commit adultery. It’s great that no one here
among you are doing that, isn’t it? It’s great to follow God only. We should be happy
only with that truth. (Amen!) The current world
situation is beyond control. I can’t say with any
other precise words myself, It’s much more than the
days of Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s Flood, Tower of Babel. Not 10 times either 100 times but 1000 times, 10,000 times,
even millions times more now. There is no choice
but to be punished. Look!
There’re earthquakes,
tsunamis here and there. A lot of people died in Indonesia. We don’t know
when it will happen to us. On the day of last
‘First Saturday Vigil’,
it was sunshine here, wasn’t it? ‘Juwol-dong, Gwangju’ is
only 20 minutes from here. It was flooded up to the waist. All the cars on the side
of the road were submerged. But, the Lord kept Naju safe. (Amen!) As I do not watch the news, I didn’t even know
a typhoon was coming. But last night, someone said, “Oh, I heard a typhoon
is going through Jeju Island
and is coming to Jeolla-do like this.” I asked,
“What? A typhoon is coming?” So I prayed,
‘Oh Jesus, please do not let it come to Naju, and let the sun shine instead. Even if there is no sunshine, please do not let it rain.’ When I see it in the
morning, it was day of sunshine. ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ So, even if
sulfuric-fire rains in the world, if we are armed with
‘the Five Spiritualities’ and follow the Lord, we will enjoy eternal
happiness in heaven. Remember this, everyone! (Amen!) So, we must go on that way. As we are already on
board ‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation,’ we should not get off. And, we should live
with ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ Then, in the last days,
angels will usher us to Heaven where there is no
starvation, fighting and jealousy but filled with love. There, we will enjoy eternal
happiness in Heaven. (Amen!) Let’s not to be
distracted by trivial things. Let’s not be greedy for small things. Let’s not be angry
about minor matters (Amen!), but let us forgive everyone. Let us forgive the people,
working for ‘Exploration-Reporting 7’. They are the poor ones. How pitiful they are! We are blessed. (Amen!) Sometimes we see others
and say, ‘He looks so happy.’ You must not think like that. Everyone is carrying his own cross. Although it’s size and
weight can be different, everyone have his or her own crosses. ‘Oh, that family must be very happy. I envy them.’ That’s not what it should be. That’s just looking so. There could be a
greater misfortune behind. We know the Lord
and the Blessed Mother. So, Let us offer up pains gracefully. Armed with ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ let’s develop our
own happiness. (Amen!) Happiness is not far away. It’s not given by others. We must find it ourselves. (Amen!) Let’s search for our own happiness. For that, we need to
practice ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ Don’t look back! Don’t look aside! Let’s follow Jesus
and the Blessed Mother to heaven! To heaven! Go, go! (Amen!) Amen! Let’s go along the road. (Amen!) Even though people
do not understand me, Even though people
do not understand me, Even though people
do not understand me, I will not turn away. Amen! (Amen!) Let’s not turn away. (Amen!) following exactly the messages
from the Lord and the Blessed Mother, let’s go together to heaven. Nowadays I watch ‘YouTube.’ I only watch
‘Mary’s Ark of Salvation.’ (Amen!) I like the presentation
of our ‘Planning Director’ so much. I love listening to it while
lying down when I feel tired. Every time I click, I pray, ‘Let our bad
habit go away one by one.’ We can pray in many ways. By putting a reply on content, ‘Please take out all the
bad things from us as many as
the numbers of the word I am typing’ You can pray with your intention. Let’s do it. (Amen!) Amen! If you type each word with your prayers, your value will be credited
in heaven as many as the numbers
you keyed as offering up as prayers Trust me! Brothers and sisters, if you do that, you will get more blessing. Amen! (Amen!) Thank you! Now let’s pay a silent
tribute to what Jesus and
the Blessed Mother have said to us today. It’s the messages for us all. (Amen!) Amen! This is the message of love
from Jesus on October 16, 2006. “My lovely little souls! There is no time to hesitate. If Naju is approved, numerous souls who have
been walking on the way to hell will sincerely repent, and
the number of souls who turn
their lives around saying as sinners, “It has been my fault,” will increase. Incur the divine blessing
for the people in the world and invite them to
the banquet of heaven so that they
have ‘the Tree of Life.’” Amen! (Amen!) This is the message
of love from the Blessed Mother
on October 7, 1998. “My dear children,
who have been called the
apostles of ‘the Sacred Heart!’ When you work for
the LORD and for me, do not forget that the more you suffer;
you will get greater returns, the greater heavenly prizes. Therefore, offer up those
bleeding pains graciously. There is no time to
falter and hesitate. Be courageous and
heroically faithful and show
more power of love in unity so that the blazing
love of the ‘Sacred Heart’
in a heartfelt appeal is delivered throughout the world.” (Amen!) Amen! By doing so, in the last days, you
will get eternal happiness sitting next to the Lord and
the Blessed Mother. (Amen!) Amen! I hope the message of love
from Jesus and the Blessed Mother
will be realized for all of you. (Amen!) Now, let us offer ourselves
before Jesus’ cross together with other unforgiven
brothers and sisters, including those
we have not reconciled. Jesus will hear our
prayers if we fervently ask him. Whatever pain we have, let us offer all the pains gracefully, looking forward to heaven and step forward by abandoning all secular things. We must feel God’s love
(under all circumstance.) Lord, bless our hearts
so that we can feel it. (Amen!) If we don’t feel it, devils will deprive
God’s blessing from us. Let us all conquer
against the devil of division. Allow us to enjoy the
love and peace of the Lord. Keep us awake
so that we can cut off and expel the prevailing devils. If we practice ‘the Five Spiritualities,’ prevailing devils of
division will run away. (Amen!) The world is in such
darkness that we could not imagine. Although angry
waves such as gale-force winds
are coming upon us, God will surely save and
strengthen those who follow the
will of Jesus and the Blessed Mother and sustain them as a
person who never becomes
shaken regardless of any difficulties. Jesus, even though the devil
lures us by whispering in our ears, let us not join forces with them, but be armed with
‘the Five Spiritualities’ and let us be your instrument
to reveal the glory of the Lord. (Amen!) So, let this be the glory to
the Lord, comfort to the Blessed Mother. Allow us endless gratitude to you. Allow us to discard
mistrust for one another but love in trust
for one another. (Amen!) Jesus, you are our everything. If there are things
we have done well, it is because Jesus was with us, but if we fail, it is
because we didn’t do well. Jesus, let us be
your children who always
return glory to the Lord. Let us give glory to
the Lord in everything. (Amen!) Lord, if you are willing, there is nothing you can’t do. Let new light shine
on the earth. (Amen!) Let the Blessed Mother
in Naju recognized quickly so that all the children
in the world may be saved. (Amen!) There are far-reaching
things to be achieved! What can we do for
clergy who are not awake and join hands with the devils? Jesus, though we are unworthy, at least we who follow
the Lord and the Blessed
Mother should stay awake to comfort the Lord’s broken heart and become the tailor
of love for his torn heart. Please let us be a
handkerchief of love to wipe
away the bloody sweat of the Lord. Let us be the pliers
that take out the pegs that the
children hammered into You. For the rest of our life, let us comfort the Lord
and the Blessed Mother, and enjoy eternal happiness
on the last day in heaven. (Amen!) So, let us give glory to the Lord, comfort to the Blessed Mother. Allow us to offer our
endless gratitude to you. (Amen!) Lord, who knows all
the sins of this sinner. I offer up my painful wound
to the heart of the Lord and the
bosom of the Blessed Mother. Embrace me,
this wandering sinner. Let me be in your arms,
the only place I long for. This shrine in Naju, which I
came in response with ‘Amen,’ I offer all up with ‘My Fault,’
then I can live with ‘Semchigo’ I, a sinner, will live by practicing
‘Turning lives into prayers.’ I, hardened with sins,
am going to practice
‘the Five Spiritualities.’ Lord, Lord, our
Lord. Your utmost love Heals the wounded soul and body How can I ever repay you
for teaching me, ‘the Five Spiritualities?’ I’m going to live
‘a life of resurrection’
by ‘the Five Spiritualities.’ With a humble devotion
of ‘Semchigo’ and ‘Amen,’ I’ll humble myself and
practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’. I will sew your torn heart
by the spirituality of ‘My fault.’ We will take everyone
on board Mary’s Ark of Salvation
to go to Heaven together. Amen.

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  8. Sus palabras tan inspiradas! Gracias por cuidar a todas las almas para que sean criadas espiritualmente. ¡De hecho eres un profeta extraordinario en esta era actual! ¡Rezo por ti!

  9. When the king realised that Daniel was alive among lions( which were hungry:D), the king said ‘O Lord, the God of Daniel! Praise be to You!’ .
    Like this, I believe the day all people will realise the truth Of Naju and praise Mama Mary must come someday. Will pray and keep practicing the Five Spiritualities until the day! 😀

  10. I will keep in mind that if I do not feel the grace that I have received, I will be able to take away it from the devil.

  11. Amen
    Thank you, Julia, who has become the wealth of the fast and has put all of her body in support of this world.

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