44 thoughts on “Negative Health Consequences of a Vegan Diet

  1. vegans always have the worst skin ever. i used to be a vegetarian, only lasted vegan about a month at a time, but eventually started eating meat after seven years only after the evidence was hard to ignore as far as health issues go. i don't like eating meat because i'm a bit ocd and it disgusts me, but my health was horrible before. i think some people can handle veganism/vegetarianism well, but not most people.

  2. What IS a "vegan" diet, given that veganism is a guilt-based intolerant authoritarian Leslie Cross school of animal rights ideology that simply prohibits animal products? Are Oreos, potato chips, French Fries and Coke a 'vegan' diet? Or????
    On the other hand, a whole food plant-based regimen goes far beyond a simple political issue and instead focuses on objective evidence-based nutritional research?
    But then, such a question escapes asshats who live in the world of slang and prove unable to define their terminology and instead choose to tile with amorphous windmills based on slang.
    So have fun Rogan, as you again prove that you haven't a clue as to what words mean and choose instead to deal in anecdotal slang based make it up as you go bullshit. At least you choose to deal in that which you are most qualified – bullshit.

  3. And check out this brilliant analysis of who Joe has on to talk about health and diet:


  4. The Brokpa tribe of Ladakh has thrived while eating a plant-based diet for more than 5,000 years—all while living in harsh Himalayan terrain… pre-colonial Africans were vegan… dude needs to do more research…

  5. ANY DIET can have negative health consequences. I’m vegan, and very healthy. But if I only eat carrots and nothing more, I won’t be healthy, though technically I would be vegan. The same is true of any diet. A whole food plant-based diet that is well balanced (a variety of colors of fruits and veggies, beans, whole grains. some nuts and seeds)… that is the healthiest diet, according to science. So this same “logic” of saying ____ “can have negative consequences” can be applied to anything — drinking too much water can seriously harm or even kill people, so is that an argument against drinking water?

  6. Doesn’t matter WHAT you eat if it’s “GMO”… even the employees at Monsanto went on STRIKE to not eat the GMO food they “make”… those apples 🍎 u see in supermarkets that look shinny perfect are not “natural”, they are GMO… I ever seen a perfect apple all shinny on an apple tree? Nope! It’s not natural to grow a perfectly shaped “shinny” apple 🍎 understand this!

  7. When you doing a vegan diet and stupid you'll hurt yourself by eating way too much beans full of acid and shit. There's only a few good beans out there.

  8. I have been plant based for 60 years. Still waiting for the adverse affects. I will just keep waiting.

  9. The human animal is so fucked up. Its almost like we dont belong here. We need clothing or we get cold , we cant drink the water, and i dont know about you, but shitting in the woods sucks! And without wiping our ass it can be a real bummer!! Walking around with an itchy creamy crack all day. For such an advanced creature we are really lacking in the basic survival area's. It makes sense if we were created by some lazy aliens. They just did a shitty job. Do they collect gold? Yeah they love it but there asshole doesnt work to well and they are always itching their asshole. Close enough, lets get some gold.

  10. As for the saturated fats argument: it's true. Vegs have serious saturated-fat deficiencies because so many people mimic others and don't research wtf they're doing. AFAIK the only vegetables rich in sat. fats are peanuts and coconut oil, with an accent here on the peanuts. Peanuts are also high protein and naturally occurring Niacin (vit. B3), which fuels your cells and keep you younger and naturally occurring Resviratrol which is a great anti-oxidant that keeps you off DNA damage.

    Watch the JRE episode with David Sinclair if you want to learn more about those two.

    p.s. Sorry, Joe, I won't be watching anymore of this clip, cuz what you guys said so far is shit.

  11. 4:06 As JRE fan I gotta say I'm disappointed. That was a dumb-ass argument:
    "Large primate spend 80% of time foraging for foods."
    Dude, have you ever tried to hunt animals by setting up traps? Let me know how fast you'll get 2-3 meals per day, once you do.

    Watching two guys with androgenic hairloss, caused by eating shit foods, talk about hormones got me only this far.
    Joe, your podcast is awesome, but sometimes you really have no idea what you're talking about. IDK, maybe research the topics of your guests thoroughly.

  12. I don’t have a problem with eating animals, I have a problem with how animals are treated before they’re eaten. Cows should be allowed to graze in open pastures, chickens should not be kept in cages. When it comes time to kill them, it should be as quick as possible.

  13. I accept people’s opinions but I don’t understand why people shit on vegans when they haven’t even tried a vegan diet for at least 30 days 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Ten reasons to not be a vegetarian:
    1- Steak
    2- Steak
    3- Steak
    4- Steak
    5- Steak
    6- Steak
    7- Steak
    8- Steak
    9- Steak
    10- Steak

  15. Joe, Joe, Joe… read a book called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. And look at videos on YouTube from NutritionFacts.org All the nutrition science points to a whole food plant based vegan diet as being the healthiest way to go. Look at all the science-based info in these sources, then get back to us.

  16. you can eat a squirrel raw =P its called that raw meat/raw food diet or something
    we evolved with fire

  17. I wonder what a vegan would do if a 3 inch grasshopper flew in their room…. I’ve only ever seen them defend “cute furry animals” 😂😂 go in the Everglades and nicely ask mosquitos not to eat u alive, I’d like to see that 🤣

  18. Toward the end they started talking about plants having feelings and how animals in fields have to be killed to grow plants anyway.
    True, but the animals we eat from are fed massive amounts of plants.
    Animal agriculture is an extremely inefficient use of land as it takes way more resources — land, water, chemicals — to grow food to feed animals.

    Veganism is doing as little harm as possible – its impossibel to avoid all animal suffering but veganism massively reduces it.

    This is another case of those against veganism inadvertently arguing in support of it by not understanding reality.

  19. lol the guy in the green top looks unhealthier than any vegan I've seen. He looks like he's calories away from death.

  20. definition of nutrient dense means low in calories but high in nutrients as a ratio of calories to nutrients

    kale would win this

    how many omnivores do you know bragging about how much kale they ate?

  21. Put Doctor Greger on your show

    He will tell you each study, which peer reviewed scientific journal, the methodology of the study, who funded the study, the conclusions of the study, and how confident we are in the conclusions.

    Don't believe something just because you read it in some advertiser driven online magazine. the scientific consensus disagrees with the extremist position that a vegan diet is not healthy, assuming that the vegan diet is rich in all the nutrients you would get from the omnivore diet, and without all the negative consequences of inflammation and low fiber intake.

    believe it or not, not all vegan diets are identical. some are full of nutrients some are full of sugar, fat, sodium.

    such a stupid strawman to say a vegan diet is not healthy. okay you win, eating vegan donuts all day long is unhealthy. so steak must be the answer. so retarded..

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