Neck Massage How To Give Sitting Chair Techniques Relaxing ASMR Massage Athena Jezik

Neck Massage How To Give Sitting Chair Techniques Relaxing ASMR Massage Athena Jezik

Life Wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. This is Athena Jezik and we thought it would be nice to show you
how oftentimes you’re gonna end up doing this especially if you work in an office or you just have a friend over and they are sitting at the table. There’s ways of working just to give a little relief
just from sitting in a chair without any cushion. Now here she’s holding herself up. She
is leaning back on the chair and everything is as relaxed as
possible. So when you’re doing this you have to remember if you’re going to give a lot of push forward you might want to be able to hold them
back this direction but we will just see how that works. Okay so
how you work it from here oftentimes if you’re at work that person will have their clothes on. So this is going to be a little bit
different technique. you will not use any oil with clothing.
Sometimes the fabric is a little rough to work over especially in a longer stroking type movements. So we’ll
start out by just rotating this part here and taking your fingers up and giving
kind of a ringing action to the upper shoulder, the trapezius, coming across here and doing it on both sides. And then because she doesn’t have any cloth to deal with I’m gonna work into the skin a little bit more. If you are working over clothing take more circular kind of movements. You can see she’s kind of moving forward. I’m kind of pulling back on her with my fingers while I’m pushing forward with my thumbs, down into the shoulder blades a little bit. This is just a very very upper back, neck kind of thing. This will give enough relief to feel better. Up the neck. Of course usually their necks are not covered with clothing. Now if you do have clothing on this next part you
wanna hold of the fabric tight while you’re working along this way. You don’t want it to
bunch underneath. So oftentimes you’ll just have to figure out ways to hold and just run your thumb across that way on either side and then some more of the rotations. And then getting into the neck it would be required to just run those thumbs up. Holding yourself as steady as possible
and now here is a nice position to be in to be able to work into the base of the skull. And little circular motions along the side of
the vertebrae. If they’re sitting at a desk they can kind of lean their chin into their hands if it’s not going to take the shoulders too far out of position. You don’t wanna take the shoulders up in any manner but sometimes if the desk or table isn’t very
high you can get away with letting them rest their head in their hands. If it’s going to bow them over too far, you probably don’t wanna do that. And then across here and you can take it down into the upper thoracic vertebrae as well. You know, you could do this 5 minutes or so to somebody at work and it will really make a difference. It will relax them out just enough to feel like they can make it through the rest of the day. I used to have a job where I would go onsite and do these massages and it was really helpful. If you’re a therapist, it’s not the easiest work to do from the chair. I personally don’t like it as well as I like it from the table but I know the benefits of having are
some work done from a chair. Okay and into the neck and here you can stretch the head upward and make some locations of the head. I’m tractioning up a little bit, mainly holding her skull balancing the front part of the face with my fingers but the main pressure is right behind the ears. I’m stabilizing it. When you go to the back be very careful. If you’re rolling it be sure to support the head when it gets to the back. Ok. And there we go and you can just brush them off. There you are.

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  1. I would like to see what you do over the clothing. I did chair massage yesterday and the people were so tight. Could barely get into the muscle. It's much easier without the clothing and on the a table.

  2. why don't you just let her do to her body what the fuck she wants to do to her body? why do you think she would care about your opinion?

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  4. Wow , i really love your videos, But can you add one more with a massage including the face jaws and neck. I have searched a lot, but can't find one. I mean no videos contain a proper massage for the front of neck and jaw. Hope you will add one soon.. 🙂

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