Mini the Puppy | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids

Mini the Puppy | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for kids

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Cosmic Kids
Zen Den. Your place to feel all calm and relaxed and to help our minds stay healthy and happy. This is Mini – she’s a little dog who is lovely and relaxed here in my arms. She’s
been looking forward to her Zen Den and she hopes that it will help you.
So let’s get comfy and ready for your Zen Den time. Sit with your legs crossed, your hands resting
on your knees. Your back nice and straight. Let’s enjoy a big deep breath. In through our nose and out through our mouth. Lovely! Now Mini, we need to get the Zen Den ready, don’t we?
So first let’s have some sounds – Ooh look at all of these Mini! They’re nice aren’t they? Let’s pick a couple
to make it feel calm and cosy in here Look! A warm crackling fire… and a ukulele tune. Now for the smell… Ooo. Great! Look at these! These are some of Mini’s favourites… Look Mini! Salmon, roast chicken, Oh. Look…This one’s your favourite It’s the bacon smell! Let’s go for that. Wow! That smell makes me feel
really hungry. Now. Back to Mini! And why she’s here with us today. When Mini was younger, she was a puppy. She
was always busy. Running around, jumping on everything, exploring, and playing, and chasing
our bigger dog, Spence around the house. While Mini was a puppy we helped her learn how to
use her attention – so she can watch, listen, come to us when we call, sit, lie down, walk
alongside us and do all sorts of clever tricks like giving you her paw.
It was important to help Mini learn these things when she was a puppy because when we’re
young our minds are really good at learning things.
By training her attention Mini has been able to learn lots of new things. Maybe you know
a dog who can do some great tricks too? When we train our own attention we too can become
very good learners so we do well at school and we can learn to do all sorts of cool things.
But how do we do it? It sounds easy but attention can be there one second and gone the next.
Sometimes our attention flits around like a busy butterfly. Have you noticed your attention
doing that? Doing the exercises here in the Zen Den and
the Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures will certainly help train your attention – so it gets stronger
and you can use it for longer. But, like a puppy – like Mini used to be, it takes training
and practice. So as well as doing Cosmic Kids videos, here are a few other fun ideas you
can do to train your attention…. Colour in a picture and keep colouring
until you finish the whole thing! Make a lego model from start to finish! Listen to some music and lift your thumb each time you hear a new instrument Learn a song by listening to it and remembering the words bit by bit. Read a storybook or picture storybook and afterwards, see how much of it you can
remember without looking back at the book. Draw something in your house – a fruit
bowl, a plant, or a vase of flowers. Now for the hard one! Sit, close your eyes and breath in and
out slowly 10 times….This one is the hardest – it’s the doing it slowly part that really
tests you! Doing it fast is easy! When you do these things see if you can notice
when your attention wanders and then bring it back to the thing you are doing again.
When you do this you are training your attention. In a couple of them you’ll be training your
memory as well – so you get a gold star for those! You’ll know when your attention is wandering
– you’ll think things like “I wonder what’s for dinner?”, “I’m bored”,
“Maybe I can tell my friends about Mini the Puppy” “Oh what’s that over there?”
Funny little thoughts – that’s just your mind doing it’s thing. But when you bring
your attention back, you eventually make your mind stronger.
Thank you Mini for helping understand about our attention. It really helps us. and keep up the practice to
become a true Zen Den Master. Bye bye!

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  11. we are struggling with attention in this house right now (me included!) i have a 3, 5, & 9 YO that we homeschool. another mom told me about your videos yesterday at karate & i just watched this on "mini the puppy" after reading my daily devotion about how God will provide exactly what you need. i usually don't take my son to karate (my husband does) but i did yesterday. i had a conversation with a mom that i don't know. she told me about this. i came on here this morning & randomly watched this video. we currently have a puppy that we are working with a trainer to teach the exact things you worked with mini on. we have been doing those same type of coloring sheets to try to promote relaxation. i just want to say THANK YOU so very much for this. i was dreading monday & trying to keep some type of order in the chaos that has become our homeschool journey over the past few months. i am feeling hopeful & excited to start our cosmic kids journey. hopeful that by us all taking some time out together to focus & relax & learn more about being present that we will enjoy our time together more. many many thanks & blessings back to you from texas!

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