Mini meditations | Experience your food

Mini meditations | Experience your food

Hi and welcome to Headspace. So before you begin eating just take a moment to consider where your food has come from — where it was grown, where it was prepared, maybe where it’s traveled from. Just pausing, looking at the food, and then picking the food up. Taking a moment to smell the food. So engaging the physical senses. As you smell the food, what does it reminds you of? Does it take you to a particular place in your mind? And then putting it in the mouth. Not chewing it as quickly as possible but just moving it around the mouth. Noticing the tastes, the flavors. Savoring each and every moment.

8 thoughts on “Mini meditations | Experience your food

  1. einen moment prüfen
    wo kommt das Essen her
    wo wurde es angebaut
    wer hat es hergestellt
    welche reise hat es hinter sich

    einen Moment das Essen
    die physischen Sinne einsetzen
    an was erinnert mich das Essen
    fällt mir ein bestimmter Ort ein

    dann nehme ich es in den Mund
    langsam mit dem Kauen beginnen
    bemerke ich den Geschmack,
    die Aromen

    Genieße den Moment und den Augenblick!

  2. Should i do that with each and every bite? Cause the taste probably stays the same.. I wonder of its a method for opening a meal or for eating generally

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