Mindfulness Based Self Care Program  Short Body Scan (20 min)

Mindfulness Based Self Care Program Short Body Scan (20 min)

{Bell sound x 1) Lying down on a mat, allowing the eyes to close (pause). Bringing the attention from the outside to
the inside (pause). Chest open. Shoulders relaxed and away from the ears (pause). Hands and arms resting alongside the body (pause). Feet falling away from each other. If sitting, be sure to sit up right, feet on the floor, comfortable and relaxed but also alert and attentive. Chest open, letting the hands gently rest on the thighs. Feet uncrossed. Weight evenly distributed over the buttocks (pause). Noticing the contact the body and what is supporting the body (pause). Taking a few full, deep breathes … inhaling slowly an fully. And exhaling slowly and completely. Now let your breath be natural, comfortable, easy (pause). Gently bring to mind what could be an intention for this practice. It could simply be to stay focused and anchored in the present moment. Perhaps becoming aware of the various sensations in the body as the body scan unfolds. In a few moments we will take a tour of the body and we will take time to bring attention to different regions of the body. Allowing an opening to the sensations you will discover with a soft, gentle, accepting and friendly attitude. With curiosity and interest. You may discover sensations pain, pressure, lightness, heaviness, pulsations, vibrations, warmth, cold, itch and a host of other sensations. Any of these sensations could be strong, subtle or even imperceptible Imagine yourself as the observer, a witness, standing side-by-side with the sensations you will discover. From time to time, you may notice that the mind drifts away (pause). When you become aware of the drifting mind, take notice of where the mind has drifted to make a mental note, and then gently bring the attention back to the present moment (pause). The mind may drift to distractions, to sounds or to sensations, to feelings, to thoughts, to the past or the future, to images, memories, judgments, or stories. All the same — take notice of this, and gently bringing the mind back to THIS moment as many times as your mind wanders away (pause). Now, when ready, with the next in-breath bring the focus of the attention to the body as a whole from head to toe (pause). Breathing in deeply, and fully (pause) and
breathing out slowly and completely (pause). Now let the breath be natural … comfortable … and effortless (pause). With your next breath bring your attention to your feet (pause). Tune in to your
feet (pause). Noticing the sensations that are present in the bottom of the feet, top of the feet, and the toes (pause). Include the sensations in the ankles in
awareness (pause). Witnessing, observing, and noticing what is here (pause). There is no right or wrong way to experience this moment (pause). Welcoming any and all sensations (pause). With your next exhalation, letting go of the feet, and as you inhale bring the attention to the calves and sheens (pause). Becoming aware of the sensations in this region (pause). With your next exhalation letting go of the calves and shins and as you inhale shift the attention to the knees (pause) and thighs (pause). Resting the attention on these parts of the body (pause). Sensing the feeling on the surface of the skin and even deeper including muscles and bones (pause). Body Scan is allowing a direct experience of the sensations in the body. Feeling, and sensing directly. In this moment (pause). With the next exhalation, letting go of the legs and when ready, with the next inhalation shift the attention to the middle parts of the body, buttocks, hips, genitals, lower back and lower abdomen. bring the attention to these areas of the body (pause). Noticing the various sensations that might be present (pause). As you attend to each part of the body, you may also notice that the sensations
can shift and change (pause). Allowing the awareness to sink deeper and deeper (pause). With the next exhalation, when ready, letting go of the middle part of the body and as you inhale bring the attention to the upper part of the torso — to the back, and the chest region, ribcage (pause). Notice the heart region (pause). You may notice the heart’s palpitations and vibrations (pause). Tuning in to the expansion and contraction of the chest with the in-breath and out-breath. Exhaling fully, letting go of these parts
and when ready, with an inhale bringing the attention to the shoulders, arms, forearms, hands, and fingers (pause). Now with the next exhalation, letting go of these and when ready, bringing the attention to the neck. Front of the neck, back of the neck, and the sides (pause). Gently shifting the attention to the head, the sensation on the scalp, back of the head, top of the head, sides of the head including the ears, behind the ears, outside the ears, inside the ears (pause). Gently bring the attention to the face noticing the forehead, the temples, the eyebrows, the space between the eyebrows, the eyes, eye lids, muscles around the eyes, the nose, the nostrils, muscles around the nose, the cheeks, the jaws, the mouth, the lips, muscles around the lips, the inside of the mouth, the tongue, the chin (pause). Opening to any and all sensations we find in this regions. Now take a head to toe notice of the whole body, expand your awareness to the whole body and if in your explorations you have discovered areas of tension, tenderness, pain, or discomfort, devote your next few breath to that area as if breathing in and out of that area (pause).

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