Mindfulness at Work – How to be Mindful at Work Tips

Mindfulness at Work – How to be Mindful at Work Tips

Are you intrigued about the idea of
mindfulness and how you can bring it to work? Well in this video, I’m going to
teach you five things you can do today to bring mindfulness to the workplace. Hi I’m Adriana Girdler, productivity
specialist, president of CornerStone Dynamics and MyVisualVision.com. In
this video, I’m going to give you five tips that you can do today at work to be
more mindful. Now if you want to have a greater understanding as to what is
mindfulness, why even bring it into work, all that great stuff, I actually have
another video that I created a while back that you can take a look at that
gives you that more in-depth information, and I do recommend it because there’s a
lot of good research and information out there. Not only that but I have a bonus
for you too, today I’m gonna give you five in the video, but in my bonus
download, that if you go to the ‘show me more’ section under this video, you can
click and download an extra five, so that’s going to be 10 tips in total. But
in this video I’m going to focus on five, so let’s go to number one, so tip number
one is mindful minute. So the first thing you do when you come into work is you
sit at your desk, you can even use your phone for one minute and just close your
eyes and take some breaths and just really be mindful be present in that
moment, for one minute, before you start anything, before you look at your email,
before you get into the groove at all, allow yourself to be grounded. Very quick
easy technique to be mindful in that moment and get you started off on the
right note. Tip number two: mindful breathing. Now breathing is really
important when it comes to mindfulness because it allows you to slow down, it
takes any stress levels that you have, which you’re usually running pretty high
with and allows you to bring it down, so when you do breath, it’s not a shallow
breath, which is usually, what, how we breathe when we’re stressed out, it’s a
belly breath, so you can take a deep breath in from the belly up through the
diaphragm and you’re gonna breathe it out, now you just don’t do it once,
because that’s not gonna be mindful, okay, anybody can do that, you want to set your
timer or at least have it for one to three minutes, really focusing on that
breath, your eyes can be open, there’s no rule that they have to be closed, you can
if you want, but just focusing on your breath for one to three minutes, deep
diaphragm belly breathing is really going to allow you to bring you down
to that moment of grounding this, and to be present at that point in time. So if
anything is going on and you’re really stressed out, great technique from a
mindfulness perspective. Tip number three is mindful listening. Now I love this one,
because usually when we think about mindfulness, we’re so focused on what is
it that we can do, but it’s also with people around us. What can we do with
them? And mindful listening, particularly in the workplace, is really important
because I promise you when we’re stressed, and we’re really busy, guess
what, we’re not listening and then we miss out on the information. And then
there’s assumptions and then people get upset because things were taken out of
context. Why? Simply because people weren’t listening. So just like the mindful moment, just like the mindful breath, mindful listening is about being in the
present moment, not worrying about formulating your thoughts, so you can
answer back, but really listening to the person speaking. And highly recommend
that when you listen, talk back to them in regards to summarizing what they just
said. So that they actually hear that you listen. It’s going to disarm any issues
that may be popping up because people know that you’re actually taking the
time to figure out what they’re saying. It’s actually gonna help you out a lot
too, because when you’re listening around you, you’re going to get the information you
need in order to do your work. For efficiency and effectiveness. And that’s
really important, as well. Tip number four, mindful walking. This is my favorite
favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite! Mindful walking is literally walking, but
at a much slower rate, and it’s taking into account what’s happening around you. So
when I do my mindful walking, I actually love walking outside, because if you
think about it, when we’re walking, and if I do this little test, just walk you can
see how fast it is, and you’re not noticing anything around you. But when you actually do a mindful walk, you go slower, just like I’m talking
slower, slower pace, notice the movement that’s actually happening around you, you
really see this outdoors because you can see, actually the trees, and the leaves
moving, and all of a sudden, oh my gosh there’s tons of butterfly, what’s going
on, birds, I never saw that before when I
was so in my moment. But you can also do this within the office, if you’re going
to a meeting and you’re rushing, you’re not taking note of anything, go
slower, allow yourself to just focus on what you’re doing, one foot at a time,
even go super slow, that allows you just to be in that moment, which is what is
what mindfulness is about, to bring you down, make you grounded and when you’re
at a point where you can just look at things, you’ll be amazed at what
opportunities pop up, so definitely try mindful walking. Last but not least,
particularly for work, tip number five is mindful interaction. What do I mean by
that? Well I want you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. So you’re busy,
you’re walking mindfully now to a meeting, someone sees you, and they oh my
god they’re walking slow, I’m gonna talk to them. That’s not what happens, but hey it
could, but they have something they want to talk to you about, and they’re not
happy. So instead of getting defensive right away, mindful interaction is to
take away that emotional charge, is just to look at the situation for what it is,
put yourself in that person’s shoes to understand where they’re coming from,
you’ll be amazed, the compassion that actually comes up, and you realize
perhaps it is not about you, it’s about that person, so that you don’t become
defensive, which can charge a situation. Really great tool and technique to use
with anyone. Perfect tool if you’re a manager and employee, in regards to those
relationships. Take the charge out of stuff, people do not wake up to do things
on purpose, but yet we behave in that manner, so have some mindful interaction,
and that will make a huge difference in relationships. So with those five mindful
tips, take them today, try practicing one, every day. Get really good at it. Don’t
forget, under the verbiage below this video, under the “Show Me” section, go down
and download an extra bonus of five more mindfulness tips. They really work! It’s a
choice, you can choose to do this, you can choose not to do it, but I will tell you
this, if you choose to do this you will find a huge benefit with mindfulness. It
will bring you to a whole new level that you just didn’t know existed. On that note, thank you so much for watching this video. Please give it a
thumbs up, subscribe below, and most importantly, share this with your work
colleagues. Really critical in getting everyone in that mindful moment, and I
would be really appreciative as well. Thanks a lot, see you at the next video. Bye!

30 thoughts on “Mindfulness at Work – How to be Mindful at Work Tips

  1. Would you practice some of these mindful techniques at work if it meant lower stress levels?

  2. I ❤️ the mindful waking idea. My favourite too. A great reminder to slow down and focus on what I’m doing and enjoy what’s around me.

  3. I love Mindful walk I always walk at a fast pace even if I am just out and about. We’re always in a rush aren’t we?

  4. My favorite is mindful listening! I'm an introvert, so listening comes a lot more natural to me than talking. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the idea of mindful walking….would love to do this outside now that the weather has warmed up a little. I used the mindful minute when I got to work because I was a little frazzled after spending an hour in traffic. It just seemed to bring a bit of calm after the chaos so I could engage in my work better. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Mindful breathing for sure! I use breathing for releasing stress and coming back to the present moment. Thanks for sharing all these tips!

  7. Great tips Adriana. Mindfulness really interests me and I really like the thought of mindful walking . I would practice these mindful techniques at work for sure. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great tips and nice backdrop..I am always thinking 10 steps ahead so these tips are helpful to be mindful in the moment..love mindful walking between my runs

  9. I actually do practice this. I think this is why I have such a high retention rate for my clients. I do need to practice mindful walking . I am rushing around trying to get point A to point B. Thank you for the great tips!!

  10. Cindy-lou Schmidt, Broker, REALTOR® - RE/MAX - Serving Waterloo Region and surrounding area says:

    Great ideas to stay focused at work 🙂

  11. Adriana, these tips are spot on! I love that you are sharing mindfulness for the workplace!

  12. I actually do mindful walking and helps me just reflect and relax my mind even for a few minutes.

  13. I stop and breath when I get stressed out and then I sometimes have to start my day with a few minutes of shutting the door and just closing my eyes and meditating for 2 minutes, before the chaos starts…it helps soon much.

  14. My coworkers and I try to take walks each day. We'll have to practice more mindful walking.

  15. This is such a great video and probably the best I've ever seen on mindfulness. I've since over the years really resonated with mindfulness and have incorporated aspects of it in my own client work. What I love about these tips is how simple and practical they are for a work environment. The tone, pace and warmth projected on this video made me feel like I could do this even if I've never heard of mindfulness. Keep up the great work😊

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