Mindfulness at Work by Optimistic Brain

Mindfulness at Work by Optimistic Brain

Hi there can we talk about mindfulness? Mindfulness is all about paying attention to what our mind is doing… and what is happening around us, in the present moment. As you go around your day and catch yourself reliving a past experience… or worrying about some future event… you can simply and gently guide your attention back to what’s happening in front of you. Anyone can learn how to be mindful and a common way to practice is to MEDITATE. Contrary to popular belief meditating is NOT about zoning out! Meditation practice is an exercise whereby you choose something to focus on… your breath for example and practice keeping your attention there. When you notice that your mind is wandering off, then you can gently guide it back to your breath. There are many types of mindfulness practices. You can meditate and practice paying attention to your emotions or body sensations for example. You can also practice being mindful just
by focusing on being present when you do an activity, like going for a walk… or doing a chore around the house… or when you talk with someone. Mindfulness practices have been around for a long time. Recently, mindfulness has become quite popular. Time magazine did a cover story about mindfulness. 60 minutes even did a story about it. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn… all are teaching their employees… how to become more mindful. Why are companies and spending all this time and money… to teach their employees
about mindfulness? Well, the more mindful you are… the more empathetic you are
towards your customers… and being empathetic allows you to understand how your customers are feeling… and more importantly why they feel that way. It’s this understanding that allows you to meet their needs. When you are more mindful your listening and your communication skills improve. Mindfulness also allows you to work better together in teams. You become more creative. All of that is really beneficial for any company. There’s lots of personal benefits to becoming more mindful as well. It gives you more insight and understanding not only of yourself and of others. It allows you to be more present and enjoy the good that is around you. It allows you to become more resilient so that when things happen that are not the greatest, you can easily bounce back to your normal self. You’ll find that your focus and concentration improves the more you practice. All-in-all you become more productive. You become happier… and your stress levels are reduced. If you or your organization is interested in rolling out a mindful strategy of your own, keep in mind that part of any mindfulness initiative is to give your employees, the tools and resources so that they can become more familiar with mindfulness and mindfulness practices. There’s a number of things you can do… to initiate your mindfulness strategy. Perhaps you’d like to schedule some mindfulness classes… or organize some regular meditation sits… or launch a discussion forum. So come on and join the mindfulness movement that’s sweeping the world. You will be amazed at all the benefits you get when you become more mindful. This video was produced by OptimisticBrain.com For more information you can always check out our website. Join our Facebook group!

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  1. If the world was more mindfullness, then why people is still don't know about meditatiin around me?

    Muat be i live in the midwest of America.

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