Mindful eating | Jonny’s Mental Health Story | Mind

Mindful eating | Jonny’s Mental Health Story | Mind

So, I’ve been practising mindfulness for
a few years, now. And the first time I ever practised mindfulness was doing something
called, an eating meditation and you can do this using grapes, raisins, chocolate. Just
something small and I’m going to use a grape and I’m going to eat it, mindfully. Now,
you do this using all of your senses. So, you start off by using the sense of touch.
Feeling what’s in your hand, what’s the texture like? Is it heavy? Is it light? And
then, you use the sense of smell. So, what does it smell like? Does it have any smell?
Mine doesn’t have much smell, really. So, you’re really exploring it, mindfully, using
all your senses. You can even put it to your ear. Has it got any sound? Is there any sound
to it? And then, next, we actually put it to our lips. See what happens when you put
it to your lips. Can you feel the saliva build up? What’s going on there? And then, next,
you actually eat it. Very slowly, very mindfully. So, yes, you take a bite of it and then, really
taste it on your tongue. Don’t swallow it. Really taste it. What does it taste like?
Mine’s very juicy and then, you start to crunch down on it. What’s that feel like,
to crunch down on it? Got more juice coming out. We do this very slowly, move it around
your mouth. See what different experiences there are. Mine is starting to get very small,
the piece in my mouth. And then, finally, of course, you swallow it. You do this very
slowly. You actually feel it going down. What does it feel like? So, the first time I ever
did this, I did it much slower than that but the first time I ever did that, I… There
was silence in my head. There was peace of mind and I never had that before; complete
silence in my head. It was really amazing. So, yes. I’d recommend trying out the mindfulness
eating exercise. And I’d recommend subscribing to the Mind YouTube channel, where there’s
loads more on mindfulness. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Mindful eating | Jonny’s Mental Health Story | Mind

  1. i like this video looks like this is helping you ;-] you seem to be happy and in good placeĀ  in this video Your channel 4 show was great and hope your fundraiser goes well saturday your a big inspiration xxx

  2. I'll have to give this a try. I'm not very good with food; I find it more of a chore and I don't get much pleasure out of eating. Worth a shot.

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