Mindful Eating Exercise (Made Easy)

Mindful Eating Exercise (Made Easy)

What’s up Phoenix? Welcome back to the channel. In this video we’re going to be talking about
a very specific mindful eating exercise that you can do when you feel like you’re on the
verge of binge eating. It’s like that very magical moment of like,
“Oh, I can go one of two ways.” I’m going to break it down and give you an
exercise that you could do to make it really easy to derail binge eating so let’s get started. If you’ve never been here before, welcome. It’s my intention to provide high quality
content to help you finally use food for health and hunger and get off of that crazy diet,
binge, diet, binge, ridiculous rollercoaster so let’s get started. All right, so you know the old stop, drop
and roll thing from childhood when you’re like on fire and you got to not be on fire? That thing. Right? It’s like that but there’s no fire involved
and it’s going to be safe. Stop what you’re doing, breathe and move. Stop, breathe, move. Why do we do that? Because when we’re connected into our bodies,
when we are feeling grounded and present and aware, it’s really impossible to binge eat,
and so this little practice which literally will take you 30 seconds if you do it intentionally
will be able to derail binge eating. Why do we binge eat? Because we’re checked out, we’re numbing out. We’re distracted. We’re all above our heads. Were in a fear state. All those sorts of things. When we just stop what we’re doing, connect
back into our breath, be intentional about our breath. Even just taking one breath you feel a different,
like do it right now. Come on, just take a breath and just do it
right now. You’ll feel different I promise. Continue with that breath and do a continual
breath and what a continual breath is is just like
in through the nose, out through the mouth. As the name suggests, continue. You don’t stop when you just continue, so
keep doing that breath pattern and then move your body. What movement does is it activates our emotions. It gets us connected to our body. We get to feel differently because binge eating
is driven by an emotional response. That’s usually stress and anger, tension,
pain, whatever it is. There’s like this activation and you’re like,
“Ooh, I don’t want to feel this anymore,” so we just start mindlessly eating to try
and get rid of it. When we stop, breathe and move before we’re
knees deep in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or donuts or whatever your drug of choice is, then we
can begin to shift those sensations so our behavior change. Because let’s be real for a second. All of our behaviors that we do in our life
is always driven by our beliefs and then our feelings, and that’s what creates our behaviors. We don’t just do things for the sake of it,
which is why as you know, if you’ve been to my community for a while or you’ve done the
society or you’re just hanging out on YouTube with me, you’ll know that in order to stop
binge eating we don’t diet our way out of it and we don’t externalize it. It’s a very mental and emotional issue so
we need to treat it with mental and emotional solutions. When we can shift the energetics of the body,
our behaviors change. It’s not about like, “I need to sit on my
hands to stop binge eating, or I need to diet my way out of this, or I need to have one
of those electronic leashes where you put your calories in every single day,” which
is highly annoying and I did that for years. None of that stuff. It’s about shifting your beliefs and shifting
your energetics. Shifting your how you feel. When you’re in an elevated state, when you’re
feeling good, when your frequency is high and all that kind of stuff, you’re going to
make better decisions. When you’re feeling depleted, you’re feeling
stressed out, you’re not feeling good about yourself and all that kind of stuff, your
decisions and your behaviors are going to reflect your vibration. It’s really important to be a master of your
vibration. Know how to shift and change it on a regular
basis so that you can start shifting your behaviors by taking responsibility for your
vibration. If this is making sense, I want you to write
in the comments box, “Yes, Sam, that makes sense.” Stopping, being aware of what’s going on,
breathing, connecting to your breath, feeling your emotions. We have to feel in order to heal, we can’t
think our way out of our emotionality. We have to feel our way out of it. Feeling all of it, feeling the pain, feeling
the stress, feeling the overwhelm, feeling the part of you that’s mad at yourself, feeling
the part of you that thinks that you have no willpower or you’re a failure like welcome
it all. It all gets to be there. What screws it up more than anything is wronging
yourself for it. Thinking that it should not be there, welcome
it all. It all gets to be there. Then move your body in a way that feels good. It’s not a dance, it’s just like literally
movement and sometimes there’s just so much emotionality right underneath the surface
and we just need to move it out. Shake it out, kick your legs, jump around,
dance a little bit, put on your favorite song, whatever you need to do to start to get that
energy moving. So do that and again, it can take 30 seconds,
it can take two minutes, whatever it is. Then ask yourself, what am I really hungry
for now? Nine times out of 10 your body will be like,
I’m not hungry, that was just an emotional hunger cue, not a physical hunger cue. I want to try that out and then I want you
to come back to the channel and I want you to tell me on this video, in the comments
of this video if this was powerful for you and if you were able to shift the energetics
around this and derail binge eating. In a second here, I’m going to share with
you what was one of the biggest things to help me with this and truly embody this but
before I do that, I want to make sure that you are signed up for our five day food freedom
challenge where I personally walk you through step by step by step by step to help you end
the battle with food and your body. I give you video modules, I give you meditations,
I give you all the things. There’s a community to support you as well
so if you’ve not yet done it, it’s totally free. Click the link below to get yourself in the
door. All right, so what’s my ninja strategy? My ninja strategy is presence. You cannot binge eat when you’re present. When you’re present you automatically mindfully
eat, right? We can use the stop, breathe and move to derail
all of that activation and sensation that is going on. Then after that, as you’re eating, be incredibly
present. What does the food taste like? Don’t be distracted. Be grateful for what it is. Ask yourself, how much more present can I
be? How much more can I feel into this moment? If being present is something that’s really
challenging for you, go ahead and try some meditation. There’s meditations on this channel, there’s
emotional eating meditation. There’s all sorts of meditations on this channel
so go and do some meditation and allow your brain to just calm down so it calms down your
nervous system. That’s what it’s all about. It all starts with the mental and emotional
aspects of our body. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give me a thumbs up and
let me know. If not, give me a thumbs down and let me know
why. Let me know also if you have any questions. I answer every single question on this channel,
so write your question below and we will see you next Thursday for another episode. Bye for now.

17 thoughts on “Mindful Eating Exercise (Made Easy)

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  2. You're RIGHT! When we're in an elevated state where life feels like "nothing but net" on the shots we take, of course we're less likely to fall victim to temptation. When we keep our finger on the pulse of our bodies/minds, we can then see exactly when we have to take advantage of the stop, breathe and move (properly) technique!

  3. Yes! I cannot wait to try this before my next binge, which will most likely be tonight around 9pm… like clockwork.

  4. Im really thankful I watched this vid I literally broke down into tears today because of binge eating, found this extremely helpful 💕

  5. Today I tried it and it worked! I did not have breakfast at the time I usually do it (I realized that I was not hungry and only did it out of habit, with the autopilot on) and I was able to leave some food on my plate. This is a great milestone for me !!! Thank you!!!!!!

  6. Omg. I just stumbled on to your Channel and iit's like you are doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life. I'm a week away from graduating with a Associates in Integrated Health with a wellness coaching certificate. And I feel like I've been in this little tiny Rut of not knowing where to start with this whole adventure. I feel like I'm still healing myself in a way, but I essentially want to help other people heal with this.. and then, you go on in your video and mention the Law of Attraction with it as well which was like 🙌🙌🙌🙌 OMG who is this woman!?!?!?!
    You are proof it can be done. Thank you!

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