Michael Introduces Shea to His Spiritual Father | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Michael Introduces Shea to His Spiritual Father | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Bless you. My religion’s called Ifá. It’s a very old religion. And it comes out of Africa. All right, baby. So how you greet him is,
you’re going to go down, face down first. this is what the ladies do. You put your hands
down like this. That’s it. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] The good thing about
Ifá that I like is, you look at the action of a person. Then turn to your
side like this. Like that? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Bless you. So it’s more
about the blessing that comes behind your actions.
– Welcome. Come on in.
– [LAUGHS] And in our religion, the woman
is viewed as a sacred being because God gives life
through the woman. I mean, that’s why it’s
very important to me, like whoever I date
is open to that. She don’t have to convert,
but be open to it, because it’s very,
very important to me. Well, Baba, so this
beautiful woman here is– she got my heart. She been pulling
at my heart, Baba. So you want to see
if she’s the right one. Yes, Baba. You want to know if
he’s the right one. – I do.
– All right. Well, in our culture, before
a couple gets serious, we consult goddess of
water, goddess of love. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Mike is rocking
back and forth. I didn’t know if it was
a part of the ceremony or what’s going on. I had never seen him
like that before. He’s always cool,
calm, collected. And he was– like Rain
Man over there, rocking. And I was like,
what is going on? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] But if Mike is
excited and making this a major, monumental moment, I
have complete and utter respect for that. Shake it up, young lady. Separate. Keep your hands closed. Open this one. Ah, it’s coming with some– Some problems. Some problems. If it’s a no-go, and the Baba
says it’s a no-go, guess what. It’s over. This lady looks
like a little angel. But according to Ifá here,
there’s been some fiery words. You have a hot tongue,
like a devil, sometimes. You know, you can be very
spicy with your tongue. For you guys to proceed and
have a good relationship, y’all need to calm down,
speak to each other calmly, listen well. OK. It look like he hit the
nail directly on the head. I’m cranking it back 25%. But I know I need to
crank it back another 25. Are you willing both
to make the adjustment? Yes, Baba. I just want to make sure who I’m
putting myself in their hands that they’re worthy of that. You’ve got to know what you’re
doing because if you crash this ship, it’s a problem.

100 thoughts on “Michael Introduces Shea to His Spiritual Father | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. People have no respect for another persons beliefs. You don't have to agree but be respectful. That's exactly what shea is doing. I can tell they respect one another. They'll go the distance hopefully.

  2. I'm not going to battle with ppl who don't know especially "blacks" it's frivolous. You never waste your time talking to a wall right?


  4. water Goodess? that sounds familiar. Certainly marmaid spirit. If you have to dine with the devil, be prepared for the consequences.

  5. All the ignorance in these comments lol does anyone complain about Christians drinking fake blood and eating faux flesh? Lol shout out to Shea for being open minded and accepting

  6. All this comments is what kills me about Christians so quick to judge other ppl’s religious belief but y’all expect someone to respect y’alls. U don’t think ppl walk into the church and think y’all look crazy jumping around with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongue and the pastor hooping and hollering. Y’all get on my nerve always judging.

  7. So much ignorance in these comments. We lived for CENTURIES before the religions you claim. If you actually studied you would see whats been borrowed from what came before. Shameful

  8. @ReadyToLove
    "Rain Man"? Well, at least Mike didn't mention a need to watch Judge Wapner (Update to Judge Milian).

  9. Sad how all these black people are leaving such ignorant comments concerning Ifa spirituality. You will probably the first ones to go to hell smh. God is above all remember that💯!

  10. I dont know about this…I don’t think I Shea momma feeling him either …. I don’t like the way he walked her mothers home.. just me😩. Very arrogantly

  11. What is interesting is a lot of these sistahs are saying if he’s not riding with/Jesus, They wouldn’t ride with him. Really.., you don’t have to respond publicly but reflect in your own personal life and think about the men that u dealt with or dealing with currently and pay attention. Did they profess Jesus from their mouth but their actions showed a direct contradiction? You better wake up and open that closed dictated mindset that was prescribed to you. We, Americans live in a so-called Christian country but look at how America has castrated Black ppl and Black men in particular. If this man’s spiritual belief gives him a moral compass to keep him grounded, more power to him.

  12. The comments are hilarious, if you are a Christian and you belIeve your religion isn’t influenced by paganism tho?! Still?! In 2019? Hello the blood of the lamb? Hello King Solomon? #forexample There is esoteric wisdom everywhere. Why don’t some folks STUDY? I asked myself this as a college professor? I ask now. All you have to do is pick is up a BOOK and review HISTORY. My goodness grab a thesaurus, a concordance, and some reference books. Read the books that were purposely LEFT out of the Bible. Do some critical thinking, perhaps? Innerstand the mysteries within the Bible. It’s embarrassing for some of you to continue to be so BLIND- in this Information Age? You are barely drinking milk? You don’t even realize there was no “J” in the alphabet during “Jesus” day. And most don’t even know what “the Christ” means? Or symbolizes. How are you a Christian with zero knowledge of Christ consciousness? Smh How do you remain willfully ignorant? The “Jesus” that you speak of was an initiate and he studied the mysteries. He was into HIGH magick. Study to show yourSELF approved. Good lord! Lol study!!! 🤣❤️

  13. Black people in these comments calling this “demonic?!” Smh , u all are so lost , it’s truly sad. What a privilege for her to have this experience! This is the practice of our ancestors since the beginning of creation and was beaten out of us during slavery.

  14. Christians are the fakest ignorant brainwashed ppl I have ever met in my entire life. I don't even think I have Christian friends, I do not like that energy around me!

  15. Eye think Shea is an Oya! She ain't taking no mess from nobody…..Lol!🙊🙉🙈
    One would think that with all of this #MeToo and #45 disrespect towards women especially melanated women we would be happy that a feminine force of nature was represented in this day and time; but from the look of these comments women of melanated ancestry still have a long way to go in being deprogrammed by their non melanated slave masters and their antimelanated religions!😭😭😭

  16. Wow!,amazing. Just what I need to hear towards this upcoming New Year I've been practicing the spiritual tradition of IFA and it is a process towards nature.

  17. This is beautiful! If Black people were to drop and denounce religions (christianity and islam) forced upon us by opportunistic racists…we’d be rewarded with a new reality😉

  18. Shea, this is a cult. Do not marry this man? He serves a man. Shea, really…you would turn from your God for a cult? NO…NO!

  19. This would definitely raise questions for me…I would want to know how was your upbringing, how is your relationship with your parents, you cannot make your background just disappear. No matter how great or terrible it was, it still made you who you are today.

  20. A lot of sad insecure women on this timeline is it that terrible for you to turn your back on the white man's Jesus because that white man taught you something that that black man couldn't teach you write his way is better than your black man wake up ladies it's more to it than what you think it's your Birthright and you turn it away for the white man's way

  21. My people are so lost. This is African Spirtuality people, practiced long before the oppressors came. Y’all need to wake up !

  22. That's the name you were raped and murdered too. You women claim to worship Jesus but then be out here being single mothers. Y'all so lost its pathetic

  23. yeah we know God give. life to the woman but it also it's not good for a man to be alone and no man is it Father except ur heavenly father which is Jesus sir

  24. I hated how the baba advised Mike on Shea but gave Shea no advice on Mike. Mike also has a hot temper and a nasty mouth. Here's your advice, Shea: look at his IG posts and look at yours. He's not THAT into you. This show was a come up for his thousand odd jobs and YouTube channel. He's an ator/radio personality/importer and goodness knows what else. He is more interested in getting laid and having babies that you will be the single mother of. He's only passively interested in settling down. Stop answering questions for him. When Aaron asked Mike that question in the kitchen, let HIM answer without your interruption—then a fight. When Nephew Tommy asked where his heart was at the reunion, here you go jumping in again with YOUR "testimony". When you were done with that bit of irrelevancy (which was more of an explanation), he backpedaled. He hid behind your mother's advice to take things slow. Pay attention. RUN, SHEA! RUNNNN!

  25. Love it! Most Black women are not open to reconnecting to African traditions. This is our heritage before chattel enslavement.

  26. Shea it's amazing to be open like that! At least she has respect for the process. I say Mike should get to know her a little better!

  27. You're lost by following religion/ (cult) same thing…. It's called indoctrination. If you went to public 🏫 you are also indoctrinated! True religion is spirituality. It came first! Before man and before books!!!

  28. I'm so proud to be a African woman that know my ancestors spiritiualty but its sickening to read all of these comments of these mentally enslaved lost ppl talking down on real African spirituality….The slave masters really polluted you lost ppl…smdh

  29. EVERYONE that is on here talking about Shea being stupid or crazy for being open minded to the religion of the man she saw a potential future with is STUPID your damn selves like what the hell is wrong with ppl. The comments that are saying if the one you want to be with isn’t screaming Jesus is just sad and boxed into the black and white areas and is exactly why we have so much discrimination in the world now.

  30. People are so stuck tryna be like everybody else or trying to push their beliefs and wants onto other people that they are not seeing the beauty of the earth and all its children being different in culture and don’t realize that the world is only as cold and hard as we make it

  31. The celebrity world is full demonic idol gods that worship Satan. The fool's denied their own salvation for fame and fortune, this is how sick this world really is. Only the Lord Jesus Christ and the one and true and living God that saved your soul from hell.

  32. There was no worship here. They bowed to show respect he blessed that action. The trinity was not denounced or disrespected.

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