Messages from the Divine Feminine

Messages from the Divine Feminine

I have created a meditation to help you talk to your twins telepathically. Available on my website. Link below.

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  1. I just now looked for the meditations & TF confirmation instructions on your website but they are NOT up there. Under Products is the Tarot class and the California seminars ONLY. Nothing else. I did a search for TF confirmation in the search box and nothing came up. Please tell me where I can find the TF confirmation to purchase. Thank you much.

  2. I think im the DF!! ANYWAY cant wait to get the yes or no from Laura i trust her more than any other TF psychic. She is a beautiful soul.

  3. Idk y but whenever I listened to your readings I feel this deep love for my divine masculine. When u show me that 10 of cups card my tears just roll dwn not because of sadness but becuse I feel the energy n feeling when u r explaining about it. U hv the aura to reach us and guide us. Thanks you so much for this beautiful help.

  4. 5D He's about to bring down the hammer! I know. I feel it. I know him. Healing took place of the full moon😊Im tickled too💓💥💦

  5. Definitely part of this collective! I keep telling my DM in the 5D that I can feel how much he has changed, I'm so proud of him, and I am looking forward to meeting up with him again and falling in love all over again with who he has become. <3

  6. I just loved it when you said we cant't wait to turn our chairs n see what we have become.😇this is exactly how I feel about our journey coz thats the true purpose for grow spiritually and come into reunion when we are complete and abundant!!!💞resonates 💯

  7. Love this reading. My DM surprised me and pulled up to my house last night and we talked about our love and future together. It’s all coming together 🙏🏽♥️🕊🔥

  8. Thank you! Spot on! Every last detail. Today is 02/22! Thank you again for the reading & for being a light to us all that are just finding ourselves on this emotional journey of self discovery & self love. Much love.

  9. I have a serious question.
    I have received a beautiful confirmation from Laura that my partner and I are Twin Flames. Thank you for that! I’ve been on this journey for about 2 years. I’ve done a lot of healing and clearing and I know it’s not over yet. I met my twin through work in June of 2018 but we didn’t actually come together until later November. It’s been a Journey ever since! We are in separation but since we work together, there is still communication. We are so drawn to each other at the same time we pull away a lot. He pulls away a lot more than I do and his poker face is STRONG lol so my question is…is it okay to share with him that we are Twin Flames, introduce him to our journey or do I allow it to unfold for him naturally? He’s not very spiritual so I don’t know if he’d even look to find out what’s going on between us…
    I feel like it maybe can help him a little through his journey as a DM.

    Do I tell my twin we are Twin Flames or do I leave it alone and let it be?


  10. Just wanna say I Love You!!! 😍😄 Love the energy and what you are doing.. Thank You so much. Your videos resonate with me almost every time. It’s kinda funny.. Been working with my heart and it’s soooo good to be open again. I’m grateful for the painful period That i’m leaving behind but (omg) it’s good to be home. ..almost untrue. Oh, and Absolutely love your cards, thanks again for those.

    Much Love to you all! Be brave be love! ❤️

  11. Every word every emotion every thought that you mentioned is exactly where I am as a DF. Thank you so much Laura 😊🙏.. Stay blessed ❤️

  12. Laura
    I watched your other video yesterday " message from the Dm" and wow I was closed off completely, I did t even realise this! I let go today and cried. So weather he comes or not, I feel great when my heart is open! So regardless
    Thank you for reminding me! ❤️ my heart is open !!!

  13. Really loved both of these readings, DM/DF messages. Personally, I love this kind of message readings. Would really love and appreciate if you keep doing them for us whenever you get time. ❤

  14. Yes! I’ve grown so much during our time apart and I feel intuitively that my DM has too. I’m so ready for us to reveal our improved selves to eachother…him crossing my path was a catalyst to my spiritual awakening…I really do see him as his true being… royalty👑 thank you for the beautiful reading❤️

  15. It's a beautiful message on the df's. My energy is feeling much balanced and i'm feeling happier in myself. Thank you so much for your knowledge it really helps me. Love and Light 😌💖🔥.

  16. Laura i have to tell you,Yesterdays clarification video brought me to a new understanding of the journey. Also yesterday right before i pressed purchase on the tf confirmation i heard from my guide "why are you buying that silly, you already know the answer" . now today i have been getting visions of my future. Im a psych major and i have been seeing the healing center im going to open and channeling the activities im going to offer for self growth and healing. Thank you for your your contribution to this collective. You have honestly been the mpst enlightening healer ive come accross. Theres some days im not ready to hear ypur messages and ive been pushing you videos away but yesterday also helped me to see that my heart really wasnt fully open. Ive been feeling him wanting me, wanting to just hold me and ive felt the same so i though we were close and then ypur video made me see how opposite it was and today i just feel free and clear. Your a badass and i appriciate ypu girl! Love and light!

  17. that star and rainbow card are beautiful what deck are they? also, you are one of the first channels on twin flame i found, and i resonated greatly and enjoyed your bright energy, my vibration went down during seperation but i feel in alignment with your readings again fully!!

  18. I have been emotional lately too. Multiple epiphanies again. I see so many things clearly now. I have the KEY ELEMENT to solve the CHAOS. I knew it, but of course instead of trusting my INNER COMPASS, I 2nd guessed myself and wanted to be sure. OH I WAS SURE THIS MORNING! Been deep in thought, sorting it all out more and more. CHANGE IS DIFFICULT. The DM smiling is WONDERFUL! Somehow I knew this ALREADY. I have been revisiting some old familiar places, and I see OBSTACLES in our path to UNION, but I am ready for them…BRING IT! Beautiful messages! I resonate with ALL of it. Thank you for the confirmation. It is a nice BOOST for all the HARD WORK on myself and my loved ones and the TIME I have CHOSEN to MANIFEST for my DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE with my TF. Blessings! Love you, Laura…really THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! xoxoxo

  19. Your readings help me to release and resolve my reservations. My energy often bounces between DM & FM, but your videos help me to realign and accept my truth. Thank You.

  20. I just wanted to post something… because this has never happened to me before! My twin reached out to me this morning … telling me he is coming to visit my country and wants to meet me in person…omg! Lol we have known eachother fir about 3 years now… this is unreal you guys. Thank you Laura for all your help and guidance. I'll be sure to keep you all posted … what we ends up happening. ❤❤❤❤

  21. What is the name of the tarot card that you are using? I like that it have both back and front view ❤️❤️❤️

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