Meditation for Love, Relationships, Romance – How to Meditate for Beginner – BEXLIFE

Meditation for Love, Relationships, Romance – How to Meditate for Beginner – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and welcome
to another video in my series You Have Four Minutes for Meditation. Today I’m here with a super sexy guest, the
flirt expert Rachel DeAlto because she’s helping us with a meditation for love. Rachel: Who doesn’t love love? [Music] Rebekah: I have videos that can help you with
everything in your life from getting to sleep to healing a broken heart, but the most requested
video that I’ve been getting lately is one for welcoming love into your life. It seems like I have a lot of single friends
who want to find love but don’t know how to get themselves open to the experience. So
Rachel is helping us out with some mantras that you prepared for us. Rachel: Yes, to help them manifest love into
their lives this year. Rebekah: We’re going to get it right now.
You don’t even have to wait for the whole year. Rachel: Right now. Rebekah: This moment. So you ready? Rachel: I’m ready. Rebekah: All right. Let’s get started. So
to find your easy seat, you can sit with your legs crossed, one foot in front of the other
or one foot in lotus or in full lotus if that works for you. I just want you to be comfortable
while you’re welcoming love into your life. You can place your hands downturned on your
knees or upturned to receive the energy around you and that’s what we’re doing today. We’re
welcoming love. We’re saying come on over love and then the next step is to inhale your
shoulders up to your ears and then exhale your shoulder blades down along your spine
and this will have you sitting up nice and tall and very attractive I might say. Let’s begin the meditation by closing our
eyes. It’s important to recognize the moment that you’re in right now. So just pay attention
to your breath. Don’t worry about changing it. Don’t worry about if your breath is short
or long, shallow or deep. It’s all good. Try to listen to your heartbeat. Is it fast?
Are you anxious? Are you already relaxed and feeling amazing? Just pay attention to the
cues that your body is giving to you. Before you can communicate with someone else, it’s
important to know how to communicate with yourself. On the topic of love, I want us to first think
about what we can do to welcome love into our life, how we can be more open. That means
having an open heart and also having open eyes. Are we recognizing the opportunities
that come before us? Are we seeing friendships that could turn
into more? Are we recognizing the smiles from strangers? Maybe in the grocery store or on
the subway. Think about all the opportunities you have for friendship in the day or just
to share niceties with a stranger. Those are all opportunities for love. Now once we see the love, how do we welcome
it into our space? Rachel has given us three lines, three mantras that we can use to get
ourselves ready for love and while you repeat these along with me, either silently or aloud,
I want you to really take them into your heart. Think about their meaning. Internalize them
and make them part of you. One more breath together. I am worthy. I am
open to love. I am with my ideal mate. That last line might sound a little strange because
you’re single. You haven’t met your ideal mate yet but that’s part of the art of manifesting.
Fake it until you make it. Assuming that what you want is already right here for you, acting
as if. I am worthy. I am open to love. I am with
my ideal mate. I am worthy. I am open to love. I am with my ideal mate. I believe that your
ideal mate is also you. It’s also about making a relationship with yourself, loving yourself,
loving yourself so much that everyone around you falls in love with you too. I am worthy. I am open to love. I am with
my ideal mate. One more deep inhale and exhale, bringing life back into our body. Let’s open
our eyes together. Well, hello there. Rachel: We’re in love! Rebekah: It works! It’s really as easy as
that. Just to get yourself in a space of accepting love and feeling good. If you’re going out
on a night on the town with your girlfriends or even on a blind date, maybe do that meditation
before you go out, just to prepare yourself. Get yourself chilled out. It’s really about
reminding yourself how worthy you are of love, how open you are and ready to accept it and
then putting yourself in that space of already being in that relationship that you desire.
Believe me, it works. Rachel: It does. That was awesome. Rebekah: You have lots and lots to say about
dating and flirting and finding the ideal relationship for you. Where can we find you? Rachel: You can find me at Rebekah: She’s like one of my besties. You
have to check her out. She’s totally amazing and it gets really sexy up in there. So head
on over there and have lots of fun after you do this meditation. I love you guys and I
will see you soon for another Bex Life video.

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  1. The practice of meditation really helps brighten up my day! I wish more people knew about it more! 🙂 Thank you very much for these guidance videos!

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