MEDITATION For Karma Cleanse: Ep 65 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Welcome sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. We wanted to continue from the last episode A lot of negative thoughts come to us do we don’t want them. I am not creating them intentionally. I may be watching television or reading a book. Even if I am not doing anything these thoughts come. How to get rid of them? First of all, why do those thoughts come? The quotation period last time said If you hold resentment for somebody Then you are connected by an emotional link which is stronger than Steel. When we hold on to something about a person, it means we are connected to face energy. The moment there is a connection with his energy Then there is a constant sending and receiving, an exchange of thoughts between us. The exchange of thoughts keeps going on. You said even when you are sitting idle You are watching something or reading something else, even if you are idle, thoughts keep coming. Where are they coming from? From the connection we have created. If our energy connection that someone is present, thoughts will keep coming. If we want to finish them, that neither should I create them Nor should that person create and send those thoughts to me. Then we need to dissolve that emotional link. It was a beautiful line last time – forgiveness is the only way to cut that emotional link. If the link is made of physical substance like Steel, it can be broken using another physical substance. Whereas energy link should be broken using energy. One Sanskar can be broken by another Sanskar One thought can be broken by another thought. So the energy exchange of resentment Can be broken by the energy of forgiveness. If we do not Heal by creating forgiveness Otherwise that energy exchange will keep continuing. We need to cut energy with energy substitute and change it. How to do it? First with understanding. Transformation cannot happen without understanding. That is why Gyan is so important. The depth it has Every point in Gyan increases our understanding. In the last episode you said about what a sister did to her own brother. Because of his mistake in a business that was a financial loss. So his sister got him arrested and imprisoned. When we just look at it normally we say this is what a sister did to her brother. So that brother, his other siblings, his family and his extended family Will say that the sister was wrong. They will say that even her family which was involved in it were wrong This side of the family believes that the other side of the family is wrong What will be the quality of energy exchange? The sister has held resentment for the brother And got him arrested. After this the brother and his entire family Held onto resentment towards the sister and her family. When you narrated about it to us what was your energy? You said a sister got her own brother imprisoned. So how was your perspective about that sister? I did not even talk to her after I got to know, I was so hurt. You are actually a third person in this scene. The Karmic account was between the brother and sister. Now you have stop talking to her, stop that ending their family functions, disconnected from her completely. It means you have held onto resentment about her. First the resentment was in that sister about her brother. The brother did a mistake. And that brother was severely punished So he held resentment for his sister. His entire family held resentment for her. At that time you are not even between these two people. The Karmic account was only between those two souls. You were not involved. When you came to know what happened, you created resentment about that sister and her husband. Very strong resentment. So there was one emotional link strongly connecting those two souls. Now many other links are getting added. There was another sister in that family. I told her to mediate. She spoke bitterly about that brother. So I cut off ties with her also. Initially my resentment was just with that one sister who punished the brother. But now it is with this other sister also. Plus their husbands, so resentment towards 4 people totally. We need to take care of this first, it is very important. If there is a Karmic account between any two souls We need to heal it. We need to help them to resolve the issue in their relationship. But do not create your own Karmic account in addition to the theirs. The detachment doesn’t come in those moments. Just see where all the word detachment fits in. The number of things we need to get detached. You saw that the sister did wrong with the brother. The moment you say that the sister has done wrong to her own brother It was very easy for you to say that the sister was wrong The brother was right. So you took the side of the brother. The people who were on the side of the sister You labelled all of them to be wrong Because they all took the side of the person who was wrong, they were also wrong themselves. I am not saying that the brother is right or wrong in the business. I was talking about having him imprisoned. They could have sat down and discussed about it. The entire family could sit down and see what was to be done. But why did they have to send him to jail? So that sister was wrong in sending him to jail, is that so? I felt she was wrong. The sister was wrong and her husband with whom the business was being dealt, he was also wrong. And anybody who is taking their side are all wrong. You filled all of them were wrong. The moment you called all of them wrong And you held onto resentment about them I felt very pained to know. Even now you feel angry and hateful about them. Now let us look at how the links are being created. It was between two souls and you were the third person here. You saw their energy exchange and their Karmas You got entangled into that energy Because you saw it in a short vision. You saw it only in the present. We should not see any scene only in the present. God tells us – look at it from the top. How will anything appear when seen from top? When we look down from a flight how will the entire city appear? The entire picture will be clear. Which means we detach from that scene Enter a higher frequency and then look at that scene. When we enter that scene as it is and see it from within the scene It is very easy to say the sister was wrong, brother was right The sister is bad and even her husband is bad. And anyone else who is taking their side is also bad. By doing this you are getting entangled in their Karmic account And created your Karmic account. That is right. Every soul should remember That we already have several Karmic accounts of our own. Don’t we have many? There are so many from the past which come in front of us and we need to settle them in the present. While in this lifetime we are trying to settle all of them. We are already working hard on settling our own past Karmic accounts. Can we afford to get entangled in other peoples’ Karmas and create more Karmic accounts for ourselves? No, we can’t. Now are you able to see your Karmic accounts that have got created? You mentioned you didn’t talk to them, you were angry They will not attend their family functions, and you are angry with his sisters. Why? Because they did a wrong Karma with the other soul. So you decided that you will not do right with these people. There has to be a full stop to this first. It is very easy to put a full stop to it. Do not look at the scene from here. Don’t look at only the present. You mentioned about the three aspects of time. Looking at the present means short vision, seeing only what is happening right now. This person is doing wrong with the other person. Go to a higher frequency, rise above the scene. Rise higher and use Gyan. Why is this soul doing wrong with the other soul right now? Because they have a past Karmic account with each other. If today is this soul is doing wrong with that soul Then sometime in the past, that soul would have done wrong with this soul. Now the vision changed? Yes the vision has changed. When will look only at the present it is easy to say this person is wrong and that person is right. But when we detach and look at it from the perspective of all three aspects of time. What was the past, what is the present and what will be the future But when we look from above, we are aware of how Karmic accounts work. We also know that if somebody is doing wrong to this person today Then sometime or the other this person also would have wronged them. When somebody does wrong with us then we remember the Gyan, isn’t it? What do we say then? We say sometime or the other I might have harmed this soul. The point of Gyan we remember when it comes to It applies to other people also. Even for ourselves we do not remember all the time. Only sometimes we don’t remember, but otherwise we do. Sometimes the relationship is delicate or the other party is very strong Or if it is a very close relationship then sometimes I can’t exactly apply this point as Gyan. I just use it as a tool to console myself. I just say I am helpless. I must have done something wrong in my previous birth, so having to face its consequences now. Then the Karmic account will not get settled. Because so much negativity is going on within. We really need to churn thoroughly about Gyan of Karmic accounts and fit it within us. That Gyan has to be used every time So that we don’t create wrong thoughts for them in the present. If we just keep quiet superficially but internally we say – it could be something from the past so I am helpless It means from within we are sending the same negative energy. Karmic account is not about how we behave externally. Karmic account is in the thought process. So with understanding that the person is doing such a thing to me It is a return from the past Now what has God taught us? No matter what energy is coming from the other side towards us, what energy should we send out? Pure intentions, blessings Love, respect. Black balls are coming but we send white balls. My mind does not want to believe that I was so bad That in a lifetime I would have done something so wrong with someone For him to do so much wrong with me today. Acceptance that I was bad does not come. Again, it is not that we were so bad. Pure soul – was pure soul, today also pure soul. But circumstances, environment, family We don’t know what it was between both of us last time. What the situations were What influenced me, that I created a wrong Karma with that soul. That was a quotation earlier – that good souls also use wrong methods sometimes. Actually it’s not that sometimes good souls use wrong methods. It is – always good souls use wrong methods. Because all souls are good. It is not about sometimes, all souls are beautiful. Every soul is the same, beautiful and filled with 7 divine qualities. All are pure souls Sometime I had done a wrong Karma with that person. Today that person did a little wrong to me. But now what should we do? Should we remain entangled? No we shouldn’t get entangled. My difficulty was to To accept for myself Even in this lifetime so many times I feel How did I do such a mistake? It means Some soul has entered me. I am not like that. I am not like that. So even today to accept that I the soul have done such a mistake The acceptance does not come. The more we refuse to accept it, we will not be able to change it. How to accept what happened to the previous lifetime? You mentioned somebody must have done something, somebody has sent negative energy, that is why I made a mistake. Then what about changing it, paying attention and working on it? The realisation itself will not come. I am just sharing the games which the mind plays. We need to give answers to the mind then. I have done that Karma. Now what should I do? That is right. What is to be done now? Whether it was accidental or intentional, the fact is it has happened. It did not happen, we did it. So what should we do now? Next is to decide on the Karma to be done now. Likewise the past Karmic accounts which come They can be very big and like you said it is very difficult To accept that we had done something wrong The things we discussed are small. We meet parents whose young children have left the body. They have understood Gyan that it is a Karmic account 15 year old or 20 year old child has left the body Just think how painful it can be For them to think – what have I done so wrong, we are not so bad We are normal parents leading a normal life We are just normal people. What could we have done so wrong in the past That today there is such a deep pain to bear throughout life. Just thinking will make the person feel depressed. We need understanding. It is not that we had done a sin Because of which the child is no more. No. That soul had a connection with me only for that duration That soul has another role to play, so he had to go ahead on the journey We have to take the Gyan also in the right way. If we think in the right perspective we will move towards healing. Sometimes we can take the right perspective But sometimes the mind does not agree and gives a lot of pain. That is why every day we need to study Gyan. If we fill ourselves with Gyan every day The mind doesn’t agree means weak soul. So it is not able to create the right thought. It creates only painful thoughts. The remedy is meditation and study of Gyan every day. When we keep filling ourselves continuously with Gyan The connection with God will be always strong and we keep getting His powers. The soul becomes powerful and creates the right understanding. Gyan means the knowledge we are getting from God Knowledge about soul, knowledge of Karma Knowledge of time cycle, and every day when we listen to Murli Listening for one day is not enough, every day we need to study it. By listening to Gyan every day our inner power increases The same point which we would have heard earlier The last time maybe we could not implement it For example I am aware of the point – this is my Karmic account. Sometimes it does not register. That is why I feel some of the points in Murli are repeated I have felt I had read it earlier also but why had I not registered it then. That is why it keeps repeating because we did not register earlier. The Gyan is repeated, and it becomes a diet for us. Today if I am aware of the point that I have a Karmic account with you So I should forgive you. I am aware of this point but I don’t have the power to forgive. That point will not work for me. I was aware of the point that I am a soul But it took me years to accept it Even now sometimes I forget it and remember later It was not easy to remember that I am a soul. For so many life times we have believed ourselves to be a body. The same way we are aware of the point that there is a Karmic account. But there is no power to accept it despite creating the thought. How to handle it? Every day, every single day consume a healthy dose of Gyan. Soul power keeps increasing. After 3 months or 6 months the same point Which we knew earlier also and now again we know But now we have the power to implement it. Why do they say we should listen to Murli every day? Study Gyan every day? So that we get the power to implement the Gyan. A weak soul cannot implement the Gyan. It is important to strengthen our self. After that we will be able to implement what we know. Now let us look at the same scene again. Now you will look at it after being detached This is the sister and this is the brother. Two souls. Now we will not look at them as brother and sister. Very good. When we exclude the physical aspects and see them as souls it becomes much easier. Which means you Rise Above and look at the two souls. And then the husband of the soul, he also is a soul. That soul has a connection with this soul, and that is why he got him imprisoned. When you were in the scene at their level and looking at it The soul was wrong and that soul was right. When you look at it from your perspective, you will understand that those three or four souls had a Karmic account between themselves. When you look from there, what happens to the definition of right and wrong? It changed. What will it be now? Both are right. Both are beautiful souls but sometime or the other in the past They did something wrong with each other and have met now Now you know about the past and you are seeing the present Where should your focus be now? About how their future can become fine. When you were at the same level as them, you are creating negative energy for them At that time you will not be able to help them resolve their Karmic account. Because you yourself would get entangled in their Karmic account And created a negative Karmic account for yourself And you are sending negative energy to those souls You keep sending them the energy – You are wrong, you are bad, I will not speak to you So you will not be able to heal them. First step is to detach from their Karmic account. And this we always have to remember – let us not get entangled into the Karmic account of other souls. That is detachment. Which means we will heal them, support them and love them Respect them. And we do it with both the sides. Because both of them have a Karmic account with each other. Now we need to do their healing. You have the Gyan. When you were explaining to them while being at their level You said the sister is wrong, she tied rakhi to her brother and has now got him imprisoned You told her – you should not have done like that. The energy became negative. What did they tell you? Do not talk about it in future. And please do not interfere in our matter. Why did they tell you not to interfere in their matter? Because what was the quality of energy we had sent them? We told him with bad energy that they should not do that. What will people do about bad energy? They wanted to stay away. Do not interfere in our matter. Now to heal them what is the energy you need to send them first? They are right, right now. Both of them are right. There doing something, being victims of their past Karmic account. As of now we can see them doing something wrong. If we would have been able to see their past Then we would be aware of what the brother had done to the sister in the past. Then you would have said – now the sister is right because, in the past the brother had harmed her. Why do people try to see past lives? Only to know this. But we actually don’t need to look at what we did in the past life. Now I cannot even say – this person has done so much in the past life, so what is happening right now is correct. I will only say – now forgive and close the chapter. How to forgive? You want to advise them to forgive. But your advice did not work although you tried. Why did it not work? Because I was in anger at that time. Because you had put a label on them that they are wrong. Where was compassion created? Where was the understanding in the entire scene? We will do it all over again. We will again advise and we will again do their healing. But the energy will be different now. Now if you will talk to them or send them a message What can you write now? I will write – You are such a nice person, I know you so well. I am sure something has happened in the past. Otherwise whatever you have done now is something which would not have done. In the past life. Because of which you have taken this step today. And then we will give them and understanding About what is past life and what is Karmic account And tell – whatever you have done is not wrong, according to your past life you are right. But if you do not cut the energy today, it will go on and on even into the next life. Whatever energy is already sent and whatever Karma is done, I think it is enough. Now do you feel that your energy towards them has changed? I am already feeling it. You are able to feel that your energy has changed. No they will also get this energy from you. Just five minutes ago I had very different thoughts. Now as I am just speaking about the messages for them, I am already feeling light. This lightness is because of understanding. How many things get changed because of understanding? Thoughts based on Gyan will change several things. Earlier there was so much hatred and new Karmic accounts were getting created. And see where we have reached. With understanding we have created compassion for them. When you radiate this quality of vibration to them and then give them advice The device is still the same, it has not changed. What is the advice? To forgive, Too Close matters of the past. Think about the future. Advice is the same but the energy has changed. It is now with understanding. The most beautiful thing is when you tell them I understand, you are not like this, you would never have done that Karma. I know you so well, you are such a nice person. Which is true also because you know them for many years now. I know then since childhood. There was a past Karmic account which had now come in front of you. But you are a beautiful soul and have the power to rise above this. And if you are able to rise a little today If you rise above your past Karmic accounts If you create a beautiful present Karma The present and future of every soul involved will change. Now what happened is, you did not get entangled in their Karmic account. Instead you helped both of them to correct their Karmic account. This is such a big Seva or service. Will definitely do it, Sister. Thank you so much. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you.

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