Male and Female, God’s Design

Male and Female, God’s Design

tonight please join me in a word of Prayer loving Heavenly Father thank You and I
pray Lord that You would just go before us now in the strength of Your might and
bless this teaching this word that You have provided for Your people and do so
in a way that moves all of our hearts and I pray that every heart would be
open to receive Your Word Your Words of love and wisdom encouragement and power
so Lord bless us we are eagerly waiting for You to speak in the mighty name of
Yahshua Jesus the Christ we pray Amen so tonight our study is going to be on
God’s Male and Female not the world as it pertains to mankind and God’s grand
design for each of us males and females as humans I think we know that we were
created for a divine purpose we need to truly understand that to carry out God’s
will but instead we chose otherwise and because of that God’s ordained order
fell into the hands of the evil one who hates every aspect of God’s plan for His
creation Satan is the author of confusion and he does everything that he
is allowed to do in order to cause chaos and this grand design of male and female
has been under attack since the beginning
of time and we know as we come closer to the end of the age we can clearly see
these attacks becoming bolder and more frequent now we know that all of this
behavior evil behavior will increase in the world but as Christians we are
charged with standing firm on God’s Word and His ways
despite was going on outside in the world and it sad there’s so many
buildings that call themselves churches appear to mistake being welcoming and
loving for having a compromising and all-inclusive lifestyle regarding the
behaviors of man and they bring it inside the church you know it’s really sad
that this transgender movement has actually hijacked a most serious medical
issue it has and what it does is continues to maliciously use it for this
satanic agenda and I say this because there are people out there who actually
need assignment surgery of some type they’re actually born with these
abnormalities and they’re unthinkable and they have to live these lives that
will never be normal and in many cases they decide to end their
lives and while some people who are dealing with those conditions champion
this transgender movement as they enjoy those fringe benefits that come along
with it and sadly some of that’s because the church has rejected them they have
physical problems but those who are in Christ and seeking Christ that have
those conditions recognize that this is a takeover by the enemy and they’re
caught in the middle so to speak but what’s also sad is that when it comes to
God’s design of male and female is that too often we see a compromising nature
from professing Christians to include pastors that are behind the pulpit and
they accept what the world’s view is of male and female instead of what God has
clearly created and no matter how much the world rages and screams and pumps
their fists they can never undo what God has ordained you will never change the
mind of the everlasting God so we’re going to do in our study tonight
prayerfully is that we’re going to look at a few truths from the Word of God and
then also look at some scientific truths from the world that we live in and then
look at the calculated confused hypocrisy regarding gender today and why
we as Christians prove ourselves to be unworthy when we align ourselves with a
worldly world view with that said let’s turn in our
Bibles to the book of Genesis chapter 5 verses 1 through 2 this is going to set
the stage for our discussion Genesis chapter 5 verses 1 and 2 the Word of God
reads this is the book of the genealogy of Adam and the day that God created man
He made him in the likeness of God verse 2 He created them male and female and
blessed them and called them mankind in the day they were created how many times
have we read this or had it read to us so the question is to those who profess
to be Christians is do you believe this statement made here in the Scriptures to
be true do you believe it as a professing Christian and that is a
closed end question meaning it requires an answer of either yes or no anything
in between is a long no do we believe this this is where the rubber meets the
road ask yourself do you believe it to be the truth and if your answer is yes
then everything we discussed it made sense and or at least provide a foundation for
reasonable discussions among us Christians but if your answer is no or
anything in between your view regarding male and female
aligns itself with the world putting you at enmity with God it doesn’t have to be
that way I pray that it if it is it’s corrected
however the Word of God reads in the Bible in the book of James chapter 4 in
verse 4 the following adulterers and adulteresses do you not know that
friendship with the world is enmity with God whoever therefore wants to be a
friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God and this goes for any type
of friendship with the world that goes against the Word of God and His ways in
other words any compromise for the sake of let’s just keep the peace let’s all
be friends everything would be fine those actions dishonor God and it’s a
big difference from abstaining and not being over righteous over much of course
we need to have discerning hearts but this is not what we’re talking about here
this is that bowing down to the world while breaking the heart of the true and
living God and I believe that we have all done this and perhaps still do it
from time to time but at the end of the day it’s just wrong we should not be doing
that claiming to be Christians following Jesus Christ as believers
we need to have spiritual courage to address these social issues despite if
people are listening or not our job is to speak truth saying nothing is
becoming party to the evil and I know it’s not easy I don’t want to be hated
I’m very hated by many professing Christians I have emotions I bleed and
sweat I have my moments I hurt but I’m called to speak the truth and regardless of our feelings we need
to stay faithful to the Lord and stop being intimidated by the world this
world that Jesus has already overcome and with Christ in us we have overcome
it as well do we believe that you know how the world views courage go against
anything moral and you are the most courageous person in the world think of
it you come out of the closet oh you’re so brave
so courageous you break the law today look at him don’t stand for that yes
break the law the law is no good anymore we do what we want to do you’re
courageous that’s how the world views courage courage is standing on the side
of Christ that takes courage do we have it
or are we cowards so if you’re looking to stand out and sometimes stand alone as
an individual that is stand on God’s Word I love it when the Bible says be strong and
of a good courage I try to be that all the time I need that I believe we all do
is timeless now so why is this male and female thing so important in the first
place and why does it seem like so many of the few fundamental Christians choose
to aggressively address issues such as gender defining and sexual immorality
instead of other sins isn’t that so hypocritical don’t we appear to be so
biased in what scripture directly speaks to gender reassigning as a sin in the
first place I’m going to tell you directly
there’s not one I asked you a question what Scripture directly tells me not to
smoke crack you get my point rebellion against God is a sin but we should know that our bodies are
temples where the Holy Spirit is to dwell and we are to take care of this
tabernacle until we are giving our new ones but as we address this issue let’s
let the Bible tell us why it should be raised to such a level and it should the
short answer is that it all begins here it all begins with who we were created
as all of it does but the first reason we’re going to tackle is captured in the
book of Ephesians chapter 2 verses 1 through 3
Ephesians chapter 2 verses 1 through 3 the Word of God reads and you
He made alive speaking of God making us alive who were dead in trespasses and
sins in which you once walked according to the course of this world according to
the Prince of the power of the air the spirit who now works in the sons of
disobedience verse 3 among whom also we all once conducted ourselves and the
lust of our flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and we’re
by nature children of wrath just as the others do we catch that and those others
are those who are not saved and they continue to conform with the most unholy
triune known to man that being the world the devil and the flesh that’s what this
speaks to and living in such a condition is a trademark to those who by nature
are children of wrath those who are not regenerated and this
conclusion of not being regenerated is made simple because you see that people
look exactly like the world there is no difference people that claim to be
Christians they still align themselves with the world the devil and the flesh so
if you’re not a child of God by default you are a child of the devil that’s it you know I think when Jesus was talking
to those religious leaders captured in John chapter 8 verse 44 where he says ye
are of your father the devil oh man they were mad but their hearts weren’t in the
right place they did all this acting out and whatnot
appearing to be one way when they weren’t they didn’t believe they did not
believe Jesus’s words nor what they meant nor His ways and now today we
continue to witness this unbelief in so many ways when you talk about the
Scriptures including gender not recognizing that it all begins with who
God created us as in the first place that meaning male and female this is
sacred it’s the Lord’s doing and nothing that man attempts to do will change it
but again that’s not the main reason why this issue of gender and sexual
immorality must be brought to the highest levels in the church I believe
that we could find the main reason back in Genesis
we read it it’s also in chapter 1 verses 27 and the first part of verse 28 and to
me this is the capstone so we’ll read again slightly different but here it goes so
God created man in His own image the image of God He created him male and
female He created them then God blessed them the image of God is mankind male
and female as they were created anything else is not the image of God now this is
where many Christians attempt to make excuses and justify gender neutrality
like bringing up the fact that some people are born or have been born and
created they say with both genders this is what they use oh stop right there
the people are born this way and then many professing Christians also like to
use eunuchs as a launch pad for homosexuality you should see the
internet full of this that’s what they do as well as gender issues they bring
up the eunuchs well let’s tackle the eunuchs first
because eunuch is defined as the following number one a castrated man
placed in charge of a harem or employed as a Chamberlain in a palace
number two a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitalia and number
three a man who voluntarily abstains from marriage this is what a eunuch is and this is exactly what Jesus would
describe captured in the book of Matthew chapter 19 in verse 12 when he was
discussing celibacy after speaking about marriage and divorce the Word of God
reads for there are eunuchs who were born thus from their mother’s womb and
there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men and there are eunuchs who have
made themselves eunuchs listen for the kingdom of heaven sake and then lastly
he says he who was able to accept it let him accept it and that is speaking to
marriage read the whole account for the kingdom of heaven’s sake so for Christian to use eunuchs as an
excuse for homosexuality and gender identity it does not stand with the
Scriptures but still we have many Christians that fall for this and it’s
sad but since that’s the case that’s why we have to address it this gender
and sexual immorality head-on as a church you know as males and females we
do vary in many ways but there’s a commonality that we all have and when
this commonality is not present we recognize that there is a problem of
some sorts and more than often that problem is due to some type of genetic
issue or birth defect and according to the Bible all of this woe this all
the curse death itself all of it is a byproduct of sin that’s what it stems
from and when we look at the Word of God we see that these disorders and defects
are not natural even in our fallen state they’re not because if they were no need
to heal them no need to even discuss them in any way and they would not
require medical attention but they do and we have to recognize this because as
Christians knowing that we’re in this fallen state we should not and cannot
accept that any type of disorder is to be normalized as God’s ordained plan
this is not His design this is a result of our disobedience
when you think about that lady who goes into the doctor’s office six to seven
months pregnant getting those routine checkups and then the doctor says ho
there’s uh maybe an issue here how do you think she feels and that husband
feels do you think they’re looking for you know hey you know it’s an issue but
we normalized that one any loving parent no matter who they are what they want is
a healthy baby they don’t want defects or anything that
is defective to be called normal they want to address this because they know
that defects rob you of many things who will want that no matter how they’re born
we are to love them no question and love our Lord even more but the point that
needs to be understood as Christians is when it comes to the sexuality there are
only two sexes that God created and they complement one another to express the
image of God anything else is an anomaly and that word and any of them like it
really jams people’s gears even those who profess to be Christians who have
bought into this idea that man gets to choose his gender even when the
biological factors are different even when the blood of each and every one of
us tells us the truth and make no mistake about it this whole gender
debate and whatnot and this sexual discussion that’s going on
in the world is spiritual warfare that’s what it is and we have to expose
this and all ideas that go against God it’s the part about calling is that we
look at the book of 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 verses 3 through 5 the Word of God
reads for though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh for
the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty and God for pulling
down strongholds verse 5 casting down arguments of every high thing that
exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into
captivity to the obedience of Christ this is a very well-known passage of
Scripture the sad thing is is it seems that is truly absent and most of these
buildings that they call churches especially when dealing with the issue
of God’s male and female no one wants to talk about it is taboo it’s amazing that
our God in His wisdom has given man the unique opportunity to see the macro of
His creation the breath of it on a enormous scale we can’t even think of it
and then also in His wisdom He’s given us the opportunity to see it on the
micro level inside our own bodies how it works and in doing so God has made those
invisible things clearly seen so man is without excuse now from a biological standpoint
everyone who has attended even the most underprivileged elementary school has
the basic knowledge of this right here when we’re talking about the DNA of each
person where there’s specific chromosomes inside that identifies us as male and or
female and females that is male or female don’t want to get it twisted
females are given the X X chromosomes and males are given the X Y chromosome
and a simple blood test prior to birth or anything for that will prove this
as a fact and this is a fact that scientists cannot refute and in fact
they don’t keep that in your mind they don’t refute this they don’t but
regarding those who are born with that unclear gender that we talked about
earlier they’re classified as having a disorder of sex development or DSD and
the term that used to be used exclusively was hermaphroditism that
used to be used which involves children being born with the definition here
tissue that is related to both the ovaries and the testes internal sex
organs for both genders external genitalia that are partly ambiguous or
chromosomes that are either normal female or male or a mixture this is a
disorder and it is a very difficult disorder for parents to have to deal
with and that child as well because decisions are made early in that child’s
life this is painful very painful and it’s sad for anyone to have to go
through any defect but we’re here talking about this issue and again this
is the issue that has been hijacked by the transgender movement this is one
of their main motivators for the entire LGBTQIA+ 24 community it’s been taken so
they can push this agenda on the claims that biology has nothing to do with
gender identification they use this they take this serious issue and roll it into
various aspects of this transgender movement and what they have done with
much success by the way because they team up with some doctors in various
fields of research even though we know it’s a disorder and have now normalized
this disorder of sex development and the way they have done it their first order
of business was to make hermaphroditism natural and now the word that we have is
being taught to our children in school as well as us is the word intersex and this word is being defined as listen to
this definition intersex people are born with some biological
characteristics that are considered female and others that are considered
male and Planned Parenthood is putting this out do you hear me and Planned
Parenthood continues and they make this claim being intersex is a naturally
occurring variation in humans and isn’t a medical problem Planned Parenthood goes on to say it’s
also more common than most people realize it’s hard to know exactly how
many people are intersex but estimates suggests that about one in 100 people
are born in the u.s. is intersex this is a complete lie a complete lie and many
Christians are being seduced by this lie because of the cares and affairs of the
world and politics so here we have Planned Parenthood and their claims suggest that one and one hundred people are born in the u.s.
are intersex and then they claim that this is a naturally occurring variation
as humans now children are getting this garbage in school now let’s keep with
that logic for a second I just want you to consider these numbers the CDC
reports not Planned Parenthood by the way that one in approximately 100
children in the u.s. are born with some type of congenital heart defect and they
are the most common types of birth defects and even though these defects
are extremely common they are rightly noted as being a birth defect they try
to push the fact that they want you to feel that one in 100 look at that number
is normal or what about these one in 100’s do we think this is normal it gets
better because in many cases no prolonged treatment is required for a
CHD now can you say that for transitional surgery and/or the process
itself can you say that because when you are
transitioning you need medication for life you must have hormone therapy your
entire life it’s hard to believe that anyone will
want to try to normalize any type of heart defect no matter how common it is
thank God they don’t but the question becomes why do they do that for the
sexes it’s an agenda a dark one who’s behind it oh we know
and this normalizing of intersex is then used by the transgender community to
justify their movement even though as transgenders none of them have an
intersex condition are you following me they have fully functional reproductive
systems whether it be male or female and this right here is only the
beginning of what’s being taught in schools by the way because the byproduct
of gender neutrality is gender identity and then sexual orientation as alluded
to and according to the world sex gender and sexual orientation are all separate
subjects the world teaches that while sex may be biological they don’t refute
that gender identity itself is emotional and of the mind while as sexual
orientation is how you feel in your heart this is what they’re showing the
children in school and this is very destructive thinking back in Connecticut my last job I was in
the office one day a young man comes inside 27 years old he says hey I really
need to talk to you about something personal we sit down
and we begin to talk and he lays it out for me well I’m just going to say it I want
to transition as a woman and I want to know what you think about it that’s what
he tells me 27 years old a wife and two kids so I asked him a question I said do
you love your children he said yes that’s good so do you love your wife yes I
said that’s really good too do you love them more than yourself and
he just looks at me and he pauses for a minute and he says
well shouldn’t we love one another equally and I said depending upon what
your definition of love is so I gave him the true definition he cried he even
allowed me to pray for him but went on about his way and six weeks later began
the process he lost his two kids his wife his house and the job because the
hormone therapy was just too much he could not come to work he was shaking
violently and when you’re working on electronics that
doesn’t work and sadly we have many Christians that
align themselves with this ideology they don’t see a problem with it and this is
a major problem for Christians to accept because it rejects the order of God’s
creation yes we need to show love and you know how you do that by speaking the
truth and what’s sad is many parents are telling their children it’s okay it’s
okay Christian parents instead of equipping them with a biblical response
they tell him it’s okay and then they say well I don’t want them to get into
any issues in school you know I have an 11 year old daughter still going to
school but think of it I’m going to tell my
daughter a lie so with my divine protection I can keep her safe I don’t
protect my daughter God does and how much faith would she have knowing that I
have none I equip her on how to deal with it everyone does not have the money
to home-school or to send their children to private schools and we
should not keep them in the house there’s a way to do it God’s Way because when we
tell our children it’s okay we’re lying and we’re being disobedient
because we’re not raising the child in the ways of the Lord by lying and besides do we think things are going
to get better whoever thinks so is reading another book I believe we set our children up for
failure when we do not tell them the truth and if we decide to compromise
here everything else is on the table and Satan knows it we need to speak the
truth and love to those that the Lord were placed in front of us always
praying for that unique discernment that each of us need we must do that Jesus
did not say that it was going to be easy He even told us that they’re going to
hate us for His name’s sake you know I pray that everyone who is
dealing with this issue whether it be a sexual lifestyle that goes
against the Word of God transgenderism and anything else inside that will go
too and come inside a Bible believing loving church get the word of truth and
prayerfully leave differently and become a disciple championing against that which
you used to be all of us should be doing that our God is the God of all and there
is no issue that is too great and this issue where genderism is not the
unpardonable sin there’s some people who have transitioned and are like am I
still going to be able to be saved now absolutely absolutely
just come from among them and be ye separate and serve the true and living
God as for the church we can’t lie to ourselves about these issues
it doesn’t help it hurts we can’t lie to those who are of the world for political
peace and we cannot lie to our children what does the Bible say about lyin lips the short answer is a lot but here
captured in the book of Proverbs chapter 12 in verse 22 the Word of God reads
lying lips are an abomination to the Lord but those who deal truthfully are His
delight and take notice that the Lord does not just indicate that we speak
truthfully in order to be His delight He says that we deal truthfully do you see
that we deal truthfully because speaking is one thing but dealing or being about
the truth is another we have many people that profess Christ
but deal like Devils the Lord sees through all that garbage and when we decide it’s better for me to
just hide behind this lie to protect my feelings we’re nothing but Devils might
as well just join them the Bible says that Satan was a liar
from the beginning and the father of them and we want to partner up with
Satan what side of the coin are we on are we an abomination to the Lord or are
we His delight do we deal in truth or in lies
where do we stand in that that’s a question we should ask ourselves every single day
if need be and I believe it is so up to about six or seven years ago this issue
regarding gender identity was classified as gender identity disorder but just
like with all disorders if you have a disorder that means it needs to be
corrected so what do they have to do they have to normalize it so this
disorder was reclassified as gender dysphoria and that’s what we hear today
and this is what sets the stage for what we see now because dysphoria or from the
Greek dysphoros is defined as a filling of dissatisfaction anxiety and
restlessness that’s what dysphoria means so now with this reclassification we
have feelings that outweighs facts reality and absolute truth dysphoria and this concept of dysphoria is being
played out in every aspect of morality dissatisfied with it you need to change it and
when it starts here at the very core of our designed makeup you best believe
there’s going to be more social problems that follow rapidly because you know why
the mind becomes a most terrible place without the Spirit of the true and
living God and issues like transgenderism becomes uncontainable and
what you see on the screen right here this is the short list of gender
identity markers that are being taught and promoted throughout the school
system and also in many churches unbelievable believe it this is a
problem because at the end again it attempts to rearrange God’s design and
purpose regarding males and females bringing in all the chaos and all the
confusion you know who’s behind it the devil himself this is a mental condition
there’s other mental conditions that go along with this but they don’t classify
them gender dysphoria as a mental condition anymore there’s this condition
that I saw called body dysmorphic disorder and it’s basically you can look
it up it’s where you’re so you don’t think you look right so you have a lot
of cosmetic surgery that’s a short thing but you do it over and over and over and
over again and they classify that as a disorder a mental condition rightfully
so there’s also one called body identity body integrity identity disorder this is
where you feel that you’re trapped in a body that should not have an arm
or you shouldn’t hear or you should not have your sight or become quadriplegic
just because you feel like that’s where you’re supposed to be at it’s a mental
disorder and they classify it as such because they say you want to take a
perfect healthy part of your body and remove it but my question is that’s
exactly what many are doing in the transgender community and parents are
allowing their children to make those decisions at 8 and 9 years old when they
can’t even decide what type of ice cream to get that’s child abuse and I don’t mean to scream but I make no
apology about how I feel this is hurtful and many Christians are
championing this me and my brother Nate we’re talking about this term dysphoria
throughout the weekend you know it’s actually almost a proper explanation in
a sense when we consider the nature of their dissatisfaction and the true
nature of their dissatisfaction is against how God created them dissatisfied with the way they were
created God’s design is not good enough I need to correct his mistake and/or
nature’s problem like many would say because many of them do not even believe
in God in the first place but I hope that changes but when we’re left with
just our feelings as our compass of what’s true and what’s right and what’s
wrong then anything goes just so long as it fits the satanic and demonic agenda
though and I say that deliberately because you will never see or hear a
doctor endorse ethnic dysphoria then what happens because what that
will do will interrupt one of Satan’s other tools that he uses which is
fabricated racism see it would throw a monkey wrench in that plan so you won’t
see ethnic dysphoria ah you won’t see that you’ll see a lot of racism a lot of
it and prayerfully we’re going to be talking about that on Sunday but when
we’re dealing with gender Satan hates the family makeup this is the purpose
of all of this mess because he realizes when he distorts
the design that God has given us it can distort our understanding of who God’s
character is that’s the problem because notice that God uses the family
structure to teach us about His nature and one
commentator would write he says we can only describe and understand the
relationship of God the Father to God the Son if we understand the
relationship of earthly father’s to earthly sons if Satan can distort or
destroy family he can distort and destroy our ability to understand God’s
triune nature and I agree when we think about it how does one who believes that
they are gender neutral or of some other makeup that’s not biblical how do they
fit in God’s structured family when they are told there’s something else even
though God sees them as sons and daughters still they themselves can feel
like there’s no place for me as they do now which drives them to do what they do
in many cases in the book of Second Corinthians chapter 6 in verse 18 the
word of God reads I will be a father to you and ye shall be my sons and
daughters says the Lord Almighty the very wording of Scripture throughout the
Bible picks up and is based on the understanding of the family structure
and this family structure is what was given to us a design for God’s purpose
and it really allows us to understand and how to fully express love and
exercise it as male and female think about this as
we get ready to close male and female displaying the nature of God’s love complementing one another I believe it’s
all shown through a biblical courtship and marriage and when we look at what’s
been called the four loves in the Bible or four different Greek words that
represent love in the Bible it shows why this family structure fully represents
each aspect of these love words first when we think about it as male and
female by ourselves independently we need to have that agape love that
unconditional love for our God as He has for us as individuals male and female
that agape love and then here comes the courtship that friendship that philos
that brotherly love as we reach out to our partner in our understanding in a
noble way treating them like we want to be treated that’s the next phase and
then as we become married we consummate our marriage with the eros love where we
get the word erotic from and that’s a physical love an affectionate love and
by doing so we have the byproduct of storge love which is natural affection
for our offspring this is the experience that is forfeited
when we choose the ways of the world we miss out on this true love and settle
for the love of the world which only satisfies for a moment when Christ
satisfies for eternity there is someone of the opposite sex for
everyone but perhaps first what we all should do and encourage people to do
this seek ye first the kingdom of God and the church should be leading the
charge in that that’s our duty a major part of it but sadly many churches have
bought into this idea to disrupt the family as the world has and just keep
doing it and turned their back on God’s design and what’s in His World and all
of you who do so those churches you have biblical dysphoria because you are
dissatisfied with the Scriptures so you want to change them to match your
feelings you want to improve on it you’re the hirelings that are brought
into the church in order to tickle itchy ears with a bunch of lies and then you
bring in doctors and entertainers and try to woo the congregation with a bunch
of spiritual garbage meanwhile people are starving for the
truth people like that buildings that call themselves churches like that are a
major part of the problem and those of you are inside those buildings and you
recognize it you need to come from among them be ye
separate and do like we all need to do and pray earnestly for them one or two
things that they turn around and become useful to the Lord or the Lord will shut
them down again when we team up with the world that is not showing our love for
the true and living God we know that love is of God because God is love and
we also know that in the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verses 4 through
7 the Word of God reads love suffers long and is kind
love does not envy love does not parade itself is not puffed up verse 5 does not
behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil and verse 6
pay attention does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in truth verse 7
bears all things and I would say all things in the Scriptures believes all
things that are in the Scriptures hopes all things will come to pass that are
spoken about in the Scriptures and endures all things no matter what
happens as we follow the Scriptures these people are hurting and they need
the truth and not some feel-good lie Jesus loves them no doubt He is the
answer for them so we need to pray for opportunities to reach them with the
truth we are all created in His image for His glory male and female do you
believe why don’t we stand so we can pray Father in heaven it’s up to You Lord I’m
but a vessel and I feel inadequate but Lord Your Word will not return void Your
purpose will be fulfilled I pray that the ears in the hearts that receive Your
Word and will receive it will be blessed and that You will show them Your love
give them understanding and give us all the guidance we need to do Your will in
Your way we love you Lord and we thank You and the mighty name of Yahshua Jesus
the Christ we pray Amen

52 thoughts on “Male and Female, God’s Design

  1. God doesn't make mistakes!!! They are not born with it, it's either the mothers fault during pregnancy(environmental or substance influence from all the spraying or in different products and materials) or the influence from the surroundings in early years of development of he child. The energy the baby is fed during pregnancy is very important.

  2. There is scripture forbidding gender reassignment, it says that anyone cutting off his privy member shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

  3. It’s Day 20 of the Elul Prayer Challenge. Today we will be lifting up in the US the Northern Marianas Islands and the countries Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, and Palau. Let’s Pray!

  4. I just read a comment from a woman that said the Holy Spirit is female and I have heard this one other time from another female that worships mother earth and supposedly God. Where is this coming from? The Holy Spirit impregnated Mary so I have no idea where they are getting this but I can tell you this, this is what they are using to say God is both male and female. The Father made man in His own image and used Adams rib and created female.

  5. I enjoyed listening to this pastor…the addressing of the lgbtq… and the planned parenting agender and their hyjacking of medical disorders. The details leave no reason for discord…very well delivered…the Truth of God's Word. Amen

  6. A "Sugar-Free" cookbook does not have the word sugar in it a single time. Always argue that back when some liberal Chriatian says, "The bible doesn't say that it's a sin"

  7. No. HE IS, God The FATHER, God The SON, God The Holy Spirit. Man was made in HIS image. And Woman was made from Adam's rib for Adam. I don't think genders apply to God. We do refer to Him as "Father" because Jesus does and throughout the bible God is referred as "He". Just leave it alone and trust in what is written. He created genders so His creation would multiply on the earth as He designed it.

    He said in Genesis: "Let us make Man in OUR own image". So if God is "both" male and female then Adam would have been made a "hermaphrodite" and not a "man". Because He made man in His own image.  We wouldn't just refer to Him as The Father now would we? I'm sorry but this teacher/teaching is Wrong.

    The Lord Jesus never made mention of such a thing as this either. Jesus would have referred to Him as Father and Mother throughout the new testament. He only tells us of The "Father". Period.
    Women were made for man, his opposite, his helper, his co-equal, his other half. From Adam's rib came Eve. I say equal because God used Adam's rib and not his ankle bone. Women were never meant to be man's slaves nor to be walked on.

    That's scripture.

    Now, before anyone buys into this false doctrine that God is male and female, think about this (as gross as it sounds): If God is, so called, "male and female" then He would have made Adam in His image as a "hermaphrodite", not a "man". Because He made him in His own image right? That's scripture. Then Adam would have "given birth to woman/Eve" instead of God creating Eve from Adam's rib. Then why would there be a need for women to start with? None of that makes sense and is completely contradictory of God's Word.

    Do you see? When put this way doesn't it sound so wrong and confusing? Because this IS WRONG. It is downright blasphemy! God isn't the Father of confusion. Satan is.

    Bottom line: God created man in His own image and called him Adam; He took one of Adam's ribs and made woman; And Adam called her Eve; God created them both male and female. Period.

    Please, in The Name Of Jesus, do not fall into this pit of false teaching. Read the holy scriptures, do not add nor take away from it. Pray for this man. Father have mercy on us all. In Jesus' Name, amen.

    Before anyone thinks on trolling me. I stand with the truth. No human can hurt me with words because I know in Whom I have believed. And HE is not female.

  8. Many transgender people as with homosexual people have been abused as children. Suicide rates are the same after as before transitioning. It's a psychological disorder and in some cases environmental toxins (which I believe is all deliberate anyway, the pollution of our environment causing ill-effects on humans).

  9. I’m happy if the father corrects me himself and may he also do it to you should you need it, but this sounds like Masonic Babylonian Worship of Baal and the Androgyn Baphomet. Google BAPHOMET it has breasts and a phallus. WAKE UP people

  10. The title implies that you're saying God is male and female rather than the actual message of "How God defines male and female". Most people will not even watch the video and will go off the title that you're saying God has a gender when God created gender and is not bound by gender identities. He is neither male nor female. He has chosen to reveal Himself in male nouns and pronouns in order to convey His Authority.

  11. God Bless and Keep us who Love Him and through that Love Serve Him with all our heart and might. Walk in the Spirit Jesus Christ left us, The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth that sets men free. Glorify Our Heavenly Father as His children, which we are, co-heirs with Jesus Christ. Knowing that He who is in us is greater then he who is in the world, fear not, step out in Faith of the Holy Gospel and claim the Promise Our Heavenly Father has so Lovingly made, a world without strife and Everlasting Life. Amen

  12. Brothers and sisters please read the description. He’s talking about how God created male and female. Don’t jump to conclusions based on a title. Here’s the description for this video ❤️:
    Topical teaching on the ordained design of male and female and how the movements in sexual identity are rebellious against God. Taught by Assistant Pastor Mac at Calvary Chapel in Kaneohe Hawaii.

  13. The Holy Spirit which Jesus left us knows and shows us what is outside God's Will. I stand with this lesson, I stand on the Word of God! Love the person but hate the sin that keeps them from The Holy Spirit The Spirit of Truth that sets men free..

  14. Blessings to all…Please don’t let the title confuse you. Pastor Mac teaching on male and female according to God. Biblically. He’s not saying God is male and female.

  15. Gender dysphoria is demonic. demons are constantly trying to twist the image of God to darkness. it is what the "live" for.

  16. This man is Preaching at the congregation and not teaching!Watch Jack Hibbs latest teachings on this very subject. Only he calls it sex and sexuality. He shows you how to address this issue with love. He states it with love and kindness and in a way showing you where God says it. You go into it sounding mad… & you’ve lost them already. It must be shown where it comes from God and not something that sounds like your own opinion.

  17. wow..such a great sermon..we all need to hear this ,in this day and age.God bless you for not being afraid to preach truth.Maranatha!

  18. Thank you. Thank you. Our family has been personally affected by this satanic agenda, through our son’s choice to live and believe the lie of TG. Our hearts were absolutely crushed! We have had to make very difficult decisions regarding him. We choose not to call him a woman’s name, and we do not allow him access to our youngest 4 children (ages 7-13). And it’s HARD, because we are demonized even by Christian family members. And our family has been broken apart. It’s a very lonely place to be when your convictions insist you speak truth and you uphold truth and go against the culture. It takes every ounce of faith we have to continue to pray in hope for our son’s salvation and restoration. Christian families are ill equipped to deal with this because the majority of the “Christian” community has compromised in this wicked issue. Thank you for preaching truth and for equipping the Saints. Come Lord Jesus, soon!! 😭🙌🏼

  19. At 14:17. You said there's not Scripture against "Gender Reassignment. The verse that says, "the effeminate shall not enter into the Kingdom" speaks against male-to-female "Gender Reassignment." It, typically, includes altering the Testosterone/Estrogen balance to the feminine. Perhaps woman may be excused for this mistake because it's established that they are vulnerable to deception where males aren't:

    1 Timothy 2 : 11 -14 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

    12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

    14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

  20. As I sat here today it hit me like a tons of bricks. Could Israel's inability to form a government symolize, at least figuratively; that they have "NO WALLS" ?

  21. This is preaching and this is a subject that needs to be preached about. This is a stunningly clear, articulate and truthful message, how incredibly refreshing to hear in a world that is becoming more and more perverse and degenerate.

  22. Pastor Mac I would like to thank you for speaking and preaching God the Father through His son Jesus Christ inspired word . Satan is a liar and he's the author of confusion. Yes in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  23. Great Topic, Specially in our country right now Philippines where We are fighting about sogie bill. Thank you so much and GOD Bless.

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