Making Peace With Failure, Guided Meditation Fear Of Failure, Life Is Changing (Life Change)

Making Peace With Failure There are times in our lives when we could have done something better, be it a relationship, a situation, a business idea we had… There is always something we could have done better. The only difference between a master and a beginner is that a master has failed many times before actually being in a position of being masterful in life. So look back at a point in your life when you feel like you could have done something better, or that you failed at something. Maybe it was recent, maybe it was long ago, but for some reason it still bothers you. So take a deep breath and relax about it now. Just look at it clearly, what you learned from the situation, what you gained from the experience. See it objectively without opinion. Maybe it is as simple as knowing not to do it again or that’s not the direction you’re supposed to go. It could be that simple. When we know how to do something wrong we automatically know how to do it right, knowing that way didn’t work. Don’t feel guilty about any kind of failure even if it was a situation where someone got hurt, or both of you got hurt, or something didn’t work out because you made a mistake. It was meant to be. Guilt is only a mile marker, a lesson marker, to let you know there is something to learn here so you don’t make the same mistake again. In reality there are no mistakes. Life is for learning. Life is an educational system. Just chalk it up to experience and learn. That’s it. It’s a numbers game in life. You have to try a lot of things to see what works. Sometimes we’re lucky and something works out right away the first time we try it, but that’s not always the case. So be ready to meet failure with an open heart, and an open mind. Do not see yourself as a failure, but see the situation as being a learning experience, learning through trial and error, learning about cause and effect. You are a successful student of life. So be ready. It was simply a necessary part of your growth, your education in being a human, your contribution to the mass consciousness bank of knowledge. Make peace now with what happened. Make peace with all the extenuating circumstances that resulted from it. Surrender to having that experience. Accept what is. Look at why this failure happened. Maybe you were going in the wrong direction in life. Maybe you were with a person who wasn’t healthy for you. Maybe you were trying to do something that wasn’t in your skill set, or wasn’t something that you really love to do. Maybe spirit has a different plan for you. Maybe your soul agenda is in a different area. Maybe you are meant to be doing some other kind of work, or you are meant to be with someone else, or a different situation is healthier for you. There are multitudes of reasons why this didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. So don’t see it as a failure. See it as a chance to have tried something to see if it would work. And now let it go. Take a breath and let it go. Release it to the past where it belongs. It has become part of your past and today is a new day. Now you are wiser, stronger, and more able to discern because of that experience what is right for you. See yourself moving in a different direction now, a changed person, filled with light and love, with all the support you need to open a whole new chapter in your life, and make a better situation for yourself than that would have been. Say thank you for the lessons. Be grateful for the experience and the wisdom it gave you. Be grateful for the difficult moments in your life. Those are the times you were growing and awakening, becoming wiser. Open your heart now and your mind to a whole new experience, one of success and fulfillment, good decisions and a better direction in life. Envision success. Envision sweetness of life and see yourself going about everything you are going to do in the future as a wiser, stronger human being, one who knows who you are better now, knows what is right for you, better than you did before. You are able to follow spirit guidance now better than you were able to before. You are able to discern better about what is the right direction for you to go, and who are the right people for you to be with, and what situations are healthy for you. Because of that experience now you know better and now you can take action on that with purposeful intention and precision. See yourself now as starting over, trying something new, a new chapter in your life. When one door closes another one opens. Fortunately for us this is a universe of a million chances. We get to try again. Take a deep breath now and be free. Om shanti, Namaste.

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