Life Purpose Guided Meditation With Your Angels

Life Purpose Guided Meditation With Your Angels

Before we get started, I would like to invite each of you to get comfortable. Please place your feet firmly to the ground, your hands on your lap, palms facing up. Relax your body and try to relax your mind. Now close your eyes and we’ll take three deep breaths through the nose and exhale. Let’s begin. Take a deep breath. Let’s exhale slowly releasing all your tensions. One more time let’s take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Imagine all the tensions like little bubbles leaving your body. Now one last time take a deep breath. and exhale letting go of all your worries from today. Keep on breathing deeply allow your breath to be slow yet rhythmic. We will now start at your heart chakra. Imagine a white ball of light. Bring this ball of light down from your heart area. Pull it down. Through your body, through your legs, out your feet. Like tree roots, bring this light further down through the ground. Branching out and going all the way down to the core of Mother Earth. Now let’s anchor this white light around the core. You can use your imagination. Imagine a chain, a rope or just light going down to the core. Once you anchor yourself, to the core of Mother Earth, we will breathe her beautiful energies and fuse it with your white light. Now breathe in and exhale deeply. You are now safely anchored and secured to Mother Earth. Let’s start a journey back from the core to the heart area You feel relaxed. Peaceful. Calm and serene. Keep breathing in and out and bring Mother Earth’s light back up. Through the ground, back through our feet, up our legs. All the way back to your heart area. It is now our intention to bring our awareness back to the heart chakra. Keep breathing deeply while I guide you to anchor yourself with God. Breathe in your white light and while you exhale, imagine your white light going straight up through your body. Out through the top of your head, passing the clouds, through the sky, passing the stars, traveling out of our galaxy. You are in awe – marveling everything around you. Now bring this light out into the Universe. Take a moment to look around you. You will see a huge bright light, as bright as a star ahead of you. This is our Infinite Creator the Alpha and Omega This is God the All that is you may name it whatever feels comfortable to you. With your imagination, let’s merge your light with God. As you become one, You feel connected. You’re the love and light surrounding you. Breathe this light in, and embrace this moment. You’re now connected to our Infinite Creator. We will now start heading back to our heart area. Breathe in and exhale deeply, bringing back this beautiful light of love. Back through the galaxy, back through our solar system, back to Earth. Through the top of your head, and back to your heart area. Now let’s start to expand this white light out from our heart area. This white light surrounds you now like a huge bubble. This bubble of light is your shield of protection. It glows with God’s love and joy This is the strongest force in the entire Universe. We will now invoke the help of the Archangels. Say out loud or in your mind. Dear Archangels Gabriel Uriel Raphael and Michael I’m asking you to protect me. Shield me against harm throughout my day. You might see bright lights. You might feel your Archangels around you. Now let’s take a deep breath and give gratitude to your Angelic family. Knowing that they are with you and sending you so much love. With their love for you, they are transmitting the information to you that you are a multi-dimensional being. You are now connected to your Angelic family and to God. Let’s take a moment to take a deep breath, deepening your connection with them, and exhale. Know that you have the spark of life within you. Know that you have God spark within you. You are magnificent. You are here to express all your innate abilities. In this amazing Universe, anything and everything is possible. You deserve happiness. You deserve feeling joyous. It is your birthright You’re now aware that the only limitations are the ones you put on yourself. You are now allowing yourself to let go of these limitations Allow yourself to feel. Your emotions and feelings are your personal GPS guide. Whatever excites you is the path you need to look more into. Now let’s ask your Angelic family to help you with this question. To give you more clarity. Dear Angels and dear God What is my purpose in this life? Let’s be conscious of your feelings. Your angels are now replying to you. You might have a feeling or they might be talking to you or you just have a knowingness. You will now be with your angels for a few minutes. When you hear the bell it’s time to return to our awareness. (Bell sounds) Now… slowly… calmly… easily… begin to return to your awareness. Feel the love and happiness that is within you Regardless of what is going on around you? Know your outside world will change the more you focus within Follow your good feelings in your heart On the count of eight, you will feel refreshed. One, Two Centered. Four Protected by your spiritual family five, six and God. seven, eight With love and light, And so it is.

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  1. This was excellent!! ❤️
    My guides showed me a few glimpses of my life purpose. It was wonderful to be able to connect to them. Thank you for the guidance and instruction.
    I love your approach to guided meditation. Love and light!!
    Thank you!

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