Len Dipaul - on career development and spirituality in sports

Len Dipaul – on career development and spirituality in sports

we used to sit around the table and we can't we call that challenge the ESP and culture the challenge and the fact that there is so much competitiveness this fact it's is so much in sport that isn't really authentic sport in the sense of its individualism when you watch the top 10 plays there dunks you know they're not the somebody setting a pick that's not somebody making a pass you know so the individualism the saturation of what is called sport the the aggression violence and some of them are sports today and this this is what our young people are looking at and is what our coaches are looking at you know we we have always try to put in the concept when I was with the diocese a coach as minister coaches youth minister you know and and to say their opportunities lost you know any time a young people a young person has an opportunity to connect with his or her God and that coach can play that role that could be that vehicle could be that instrument and we don't seize the moment it's a loss and and God knows that we need those connections more today than ever you know I used to go out to the football games and the soccer games and say to the pastor's you know here's your church you know here's your church look around see if these people are going to be at Mass tomorrow and I would say so you have to seize where they are here's where they are and it's good thing you're here because here's where they are you know how do we make the connection of the awareness we're not bringing God to the scene God's present our job is to bring the awareness of those of us who are spectators and participants that God is here got his present and God is in and through us so therefore how do we react that how do we you know and it doesn't it doesn't take away the competitiveness you know the true authentic self it increases a sense of competitiveness because you know we often say for the hockey goalie to make a good save somebody had to make a good shot so the hockey goalie should bow to the person who made the great shot and say thanks for making me look good you know it's that mindset it's the authentic sport it's the good sport it's the pure sport it's the real sport you know and and and you know Merton uses the expression true self false self and it's so it translates so well into sport truce board fall sport you know and I think Institute's like this one and the in the center that's what we're about you know how do we bring true sport we're very aware of fall sport and and it's it just gobbles people up and and when it finishes with them they're no further along than when they started you know and if we do this right we all benefit our purpose or meaning and our values we do it right by making sure that that God and spirituality servers are touched them that that our filter is always present that doesn't mean that it's going to be popular and and that doesn't mean that people are going to you know they're going to be throngs however if we do do it right and we stay with it and we stay with relationships we stay with stories we stay with spiritual development we stay with deep desire we stay with God's presence in and up and it through us it will work and again it's it's almost a Paul line type of theology where it's missionary where our job right now for many of our young people and even some of our coaches is just to plant the seed you know to create fertile ground so when they see it and when they experience it and when they feel it then they'll know it you

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