League of Legends : ASMR Relaxing Gragas

League of Legends : ASMR Relaxing Gragas

Hello, I’m Dingus, this video is like a relaxing ass-MR video for your Magic Resistance, so you don’t have to get Merc Treads all the time. Now I want to put your mind at ease. I want you to stop thinking and follow my voice. Like how Ezreal followed Baron into hell. I want you to feel your worries melt away. Like Master Yi. I want you to feel like you and me have all the time in the world now. I want you to become virtuous. To embrace patience, and understanding, and passivity. And I want to squeeze your butt. ‘Cause you got a nice ass. *lip licking intensifies* Now I want you to, um Oh, look, hey look at this part. It’s… Oh, that was pretty good. Okay now, quick. I want you to close your eyes. And I want you to imagine that you are a big hot-air balloon. And that you are lifting off into the air. Now keep them closed, okay? I want you to imagine this tall blue bald man riding with you in your balloon. And he says, he says; “This balloon will never work.” Now open your eyes, there he is. See? What does he know? Now, I want you to be completely comfortable. Chilling out. Maxing. Relaxing all cool. Shooting some B-Ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys, they were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood. I GOT IN ONE LITTLE FIGHT AND MY MOM GOT SCARED AND SAID; “YOU’RE MOVING OUT WITH THAT BIG ASS GRAGAS LOOKIN’ MOTHERFUCKER IN BEL-AIR.” (dun dun da dun da daah da) I WHISTLED FOR A CAB BUT WHEN IT CAME NEAR THE LICENSE PLATE SAID “EEEEHH”, HAD A DICK IN HIS EAR IF ANYTHING I SAY THIS CAB IS RARE BUT THEN I SAID; “MAN, DRIVE ME TO STUPID FUCKIN’ BEL-AIR.” (a-wum-bum-babum-bahah) PULLED UP TO THE HOUSE AROUND 7 OR 8 AND I YELLED TO THE CABBIE; “SEE YA IN HELL!” LOOKED AT MY KINGDOM, I WAS FINALLY THERE SHIT ON THE FLOOR, A PRINCE OF BEL-AIR

100 thoughts on “League of Legends : ASMR Relaxing Gragas

  1. You need to get asmr to think this is relaxing. Otherwise this'll just seem creepy, but has good intentions.

  2. i actually did not get this at first untill i had reccently started watching those asmr massage videos. they sure do help a person go to sleep.

  3. Holy shit I would actually  use this to sleep if it wasnt 2 minutes long and ended with Fresh Prince

  4. Its not a good video unless you start it whispering and finish it with an original parody of fresh prince of bel air

  5. I lost it at: "I want to put your mind at ease. I want you to stop thinking, and follow my voice, like how ezreal followed baron into hell."

  6. Whatever happened to GreenPNIS? He's all over Dunk's early videos, and talks like they were good friends, but just doesn't show up anymore after a while. Did he just quit LoL? Name change? Anyone? …Bueller?

  7. See, I was starting to get tingles and wanted to turn the volume all the way up to enjoy the soft spoken sound but I knew that I could not do that until I had watched the entire thing to make sure that exactly what happened at the end did not happen.

  8. Surprisingly I've never seen this dunkey video, and also I was expecting him to just start screaming at the end instead of getting slowly louder

  9. Dunkey introduced me to ASMR 4 years ago. He is also the reason I feel compelled to deleting my search history every few days. Kinda wish he made a serious ASMR video like this. With his same type of humor of course, but no fresh prince of bel air.

  10. Legit Dunkey was so ahead of the game. Sure, ASMR vids were a thing back then, but they've only blown up within the last year or so. Dunkey is the future

  11. This attack speed/magic resist build is truly innovative and might be the best way to play Gragory right now 10/10 would climax again

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