Kundalini Awakening Meditation Guide, Greater Intuition & Empath Skills Series, Intro Part 2a

Kundalini Awakening Meditation Guide, Greater Intuition & Empath Skills Series, Intro Part 2a

Hi guys, welcome to this next Vlog and
this introduction to not only Kundalini awakening, the introduction for the
meditation; but also the side effects of the first meditation that I released
last week, about greater intuition increasing your intuition. Don’t worry
they’re not bad side effects! First of all let’s talk about these side effects,
if you’ve started doing this meditation and if you’re doing it correctly and
successfully. You will hopefully notice a few little side effects happening. Now I
can only talk about my own personal experiences and these are the side
effects I have. I know other people have had similar side effects. Just be aware
of them and if you have them or other ones please let me know in the comment
section below. The side-effects I have when doing this
first meditation are…. everything seems to become more beautiful, the the colors
become… of the countryside… become more radiant, people tend to become more
attractive. Everything becomes more attractive, flowers, everything… And the
other sort of side effect is you become calmer and more centered and this is why
for empaths it’s so powerful… because you’re more
centered and you are controlling the flow of your energy. You become less
affected by others. So that’s just the side effects of the first meditation, as I
said not bad things they’re all good side effects, nothing to worry about.
The second meditation in this series… Oh before I go on to the second meditation
just to hope you realize I mentioned in a previous video I was gonna develop a
course and I was going to make it a paid course but I’ve decided to make it a
free course because I want there’s many people to be able to see this as
possible. Anyway we’re going to go into a meditation for awakening your Kundalini.
Now I know there are hundreds and thousands of them out there. This one is
a very powerful technique and I’m not going to go into all the yoga specifics
and… I’m gonna explain it in a language that everybody can understand. Very
simple to do and it is very powerfu.l This is the second, sort of, in the series
for greater intuition and for empathic skills. I’m putting it as the second one
because the first one I’ve already released will help you get there more
comfortably so do the first one first for 30 60 days and then move on to this
one. If you have already awakened your
Kundalini there’s no point in doing this one and jump straight to the third one.
Be careful with the third one it is very powerful.
Coming to this one: Awakening the Kundalini. Right
in one of the courses I have that I’ll post the link below it’s a course on
intuition. I give you a very subtle and safe smooth way to awaken your
Kundalini. But there are some people out there who like to do it faster and so
I’m gonna give it to you in a guided meditation. There are some side effects
and they’re not such nice side effects… So I’m just gonna give you a warning
that’s why I’m doing the intro to this guided meditation. These side effects can
be…. you can break out in hot sweats…. your mind just go boom in amazement… you’re
the whole way you see life changes… it is a real awakening …. but it can be quite a
shock to the system and for example breaking out in these sweats. I remember
when I awakened my Kundalini it happen to me. That be sitting there doing
something I suddenly breakout profusely. It wasn’t just whilst it happened, for
the next week, two weeks or so I kept on breaking out and these profuse sweats,
“for no reason”. If that happens to you or you have any other curious side-effects
just be aware that they can happen. This second guided meditation that we’re
gonna do. We’re gonna go into it more like with the first one that we in
practicing…. the magnetic and the electrical energies and we’re gonna
learn how to combine them. In many of the martial… martial arts from the east, they
talked about combining these things in your Dantiens. I’ve done this, I’ve done
it in my dan tiens and I actually find it takes far longer
to be able to control that. We’re going to use… instead of that way… we’re going
to use the more yogic way and we’re going to use what some people refer to
as chakras or energy points. We’re going to use some of these to help us
obviously awaken our Kundalini. We need to talk about chakras, to talk about the
Kundalini. What I haven’t said is: What the Kundalini? The Kundalini is nothing
more and nothing less than an energy channel that runs up a spine. That’s it I
know there are wonderful explanations of what it… That’s what it is.
It’s an energy channel that runs up our spine and when you were waking it it’s
it can be quite a life-changing thing for some people, for others yeah the nice
feeling that’s about it but it leads to opening a gate to so many more things.
Just be aware of these things if you want to do this next meditation, great. Go
for it if you want to. If you’ve already got your Kundalini awakened as I said
jump to the third guide in meditation. A very powerful one, especially for those
people who are empaths, who are shamans, who have intuition already… very subtly
or used to have it when they were young… when it sort of disappeared…
it will bring it back. You could also have other things come to mind other
“Psychic Powers”. They could happen to you it depends on
the way your DNA is structured, it depends on you, the way your your
subconscious mind processes things. So you could awaken other things. Just be
aware that that can happen too. Okay that’s it for this introduction. Thank
you and I’ll see you tomorrow. Please remember to Like, share, subscribe
as I ask every day and please comment, please comment on these videos. Please
tell me the types of videos you want me to produce. Are there topics you want me
to talk about? Whether it’s a Vlog is there a guided meditation you want me to
produce? Please put it in the comments below okay thank you very much I’ll see
you tomorrow.

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