Kinh ngạc với người phụ nữ vượt qua những tạo hình Yoga CỰC KHÓ | SIÊU TRÍ TUỆ (The Brain Vietnam)

Kinh ngạc với người phụ nữ vượt qua những tạo hình Yoga CỰC KHÓ | SIÊU TRÍ TUỆ (The Brain Vietnam)

let’s see what challenge we bring to Ms. Le Hong Ngoc. Challenge: Recall the frames images. On the stage, there are 5 steel frames, equivalent to the shapes of Yoga they are linked together as a circle and moved around The duelist has time to observe it while examine the posters and the level of difficulty to overcome this challenge. After a certain time for remembering, the duelist’s eyes are covered, and she has to do exactly the same as the frames require to pass the steel frames without touching them. Passing 5 out of 5 frames the challenge is done. Firstly, you have to use your short term memory to record all the five frames shapes their positions as well as the amplitude fluctuations of your body so that you can measure where to stop and start a new posture then you have to memorize all of the things mentioned. Can I ask Mr. Thanh Nam? What do you think how this item is related to the brain? It’s also related to the ability to memorize the dimension positions of the body the speed of the moving round and the difficulty of the yoga postures. they all make up the difficulty level of Ms. Hong Ngoc’s performance. Yes. Ms. Ly Ly. You are a lecturer of dancing, and a choreographer in your opinion, is this so difficult? To be honest, I’m considering if it affects other parts of the brain and make the spirit calm to open up other states, then I totally agree. There’s a thing I simply think that as human beings, we do everything under the brain control to a normal person’s brain regardless practicing this he may not do this properly. We all haven’t seen this performance yet and we just predict its level of difficulty and that makes our show more thrilling. But keep in mind, in this show we are observing intelligence in a very open aspect. All that come to join the show are the extraordinary people. That’s the thoughts of the science judge. Now is the comments of the other judges to assess the level of difficulty for this item. There are so many definitions of humans’ brain and humans’ ability.
Exactly! wisdom is one thing intelligence is another thing. But to do this performance, as you mention this is the first time she sees this and has to measure everything then to recall the images to the speed of the round and every factor here so that she can overcome this challenge. Then I think it’s at level 3. As she’s an athlete, to show all of those skills I think it’s easier for her. This item has been performed in the Globe Brain that person was failed in the last moment! You could consider your assessment. After hearing what Mr. Thanh said I knew that people are waiting for the marks. However, if the marks aren’t as same as what she expected, then it’d be a challenge which encourages her to prove that the judges were wrong. I hope you prove that I was wrong. Although I know yoga postures require the focus of the brain and the spirit but to assess the level of using the brain ability to solve this problem, I’m so confused. Ms Ly Ly, please! In fact when you guys analyzed this I just wanted to make it clear. Yes. I think that if this is the first time she sees these frames, she should have a high level of synthesis. So I have changed my mind a little bit, I think that the level of difficulty is about as same as theirs. Three marks. Actually, she has around 5 seconds only to change a posture so she has to memorize the shapes and divides the time exactly and that makes it difficult. It seems that challenges like to seek you. I’m happy no matter how high or low marks the judges give me. My task is to focus on performing the postures in accordance with the frames. Yes, the audiences. Now is the time for her to memorize the dimension rotation speed of the round. Start memorizing, please! Whether these five postures can cause difficulty for Ms. Hong Ngoc, a yoga trainer. Whether the speed of the moving round makes her worried. With her experience, I think she just needs to shrink herself and imagines in a 3D space so I don’t think this is too difficult. I’m a bit nervous but the spirit inside me is always calm so that I can focus and make a perfect performance. The difficulty is to cover her eyes. The audiences, this is not that simple! Let’s see how she can deal with this. The science assistants, please! Come and cover her eyes, please The audiences let’s watch the challenge for Ms. Le Hong Ngoc. Start! Wow! Wow! The most difficult thing is time and the changes between the first posture and the next one. Only when there’s a balance between the body and the mind she can create a posture in a certain time. This is hard! Hong Ngoc has passed 4 postures successfully what about the final one? I find her a bit trembling in creating the difficult postures with a short amount of time and lack of space as such. If only I could remain the posture in 2 more seconds then I could win myself. Maybe Hong Ngoc’s health status is not perfect to keep her posture still and that’s so pity. Are you ok? This is energy consuming! Surely! It’s not as simple as it looks. So energy consuming! Well Ms. Hong Ngoc is having a heart disease. she tries a lot to join this show despite her mitral valve insufficiency disease. A big applause for Ms. Hong Ngoc, please! She nearly passed the final challenge. There are so many factors that the brain has to process at the same time including time, space and the moving round. It requires the ability to function her muscle to match with the postures and remember the frame shapes. I was really stressful when watching the way she changed her postures from one to another My heart feels like being tight as I didn’t know if she passed or not. And I do feel so pity for the last moment, she nearly reached the destiny. I think you’re still a wonderful yoga trainer! Yes. Can I ask you a question on the last posture? What makes the final posture unsuccessful, the time factor or the incorrect shape? I was a bit tired to control. As before, I practice yoga I do it slowly Well, yes. but I have to do this so quickly. So I’m not familiar with the speed of the round. You mean each frame requires a unique posture, right? Yes, you can’t create another posture for one frame. The frame is for its posture. But, for example, the difficult posture needs 3 steps including bend your body, push up your hand and then lifting your legs so the time for doing the final posture requires three times more. Ya. I mean the speed of changing from one posture to another. She has to memorize the speed of the frames moving around. If I ask you a question should I let my wife continue to practice yoga? I find it so dangerous, and I’m scared. It looks so twisted and spiral it’s terrible! Actually, the trainer taught me that we shouldn’t advise the other when we weren’t mature yet. In short the meaning behind that respond is not to allow my wife doing that, right? Well, no. No. The meaning behind that is when you can’t do it, then don’t give advices. Let your wife feels it on her own. Toc Tien! You should think about this. Before you start doing it!
Well, no! I decide to do it next year when I have time. Don’t know if we can reach the peak! Well, no. Because one of the singers’ diseases related to wearing high heels so often it causes aging joints, which makes sounds “crack, crack” when I do gym. Just like an elderly! To mention the spirit today the audiences, we can see a calm person. She is calm in front of every problems. And that is Ms. Le Hong Ngoc who joins The Brain Viet Nam. Thank you Mr. Tran Thanh so much. Thank you the judges and my family! Your family? Come here! You all come here! Why is your husband upset? Oh dear! How lovely is the husband! He’s so eager to run into the stage as if he came to pick a candidate’s number. Hello, Mr. Tran Thanh Hi hello the judges and the audiences! I’m Nguyen Thien Tinh I’m also a yoga trainer Oh well. I’m the vice-chairman of Vietnam Yoga Federation Wow. Yoga tradition family. I’m the trainer of Yoga Vietnam group together with Ms. Ngoc. 10 years ago, we practiced and founded the movements in Ho Chi Minh City. Actually I was so nervous. When I saw the frames I believe for sure that my friend can pass 3 of them, and I gave her 3.5 marks. But I’m afraid to watching and always wishing she could do it. I know the 4th and 5th challenges are extremely hard. well, thank you! Thank you. He answers as if he was the new Miss Beauty when she got the crown He thanked the parents, the audiences, the show which helped him join the show. But he’s not the contestant at all! He’s so lovely, so faithful and honest. Well, who asked the other to practice yoga in the past? In the past, I met him, the trainer, when I practiced yoga. He taught me. Oh, trainer? I often call my husband as a trainer! Why? Because he has a role as a trainer a brother and nearly a father. So, the tittle as a trainer is so precious to me! Why are you crying? Let share with us why you are crying. Well, I just want to say thank you! Actually, before starting the show I was so moving. I know watching this, maybe you may not perceive it in a professional view, the challenges are so difficult! I recall the memory when we learned about the brain and positive thinking we should always welcome challenges in life. Challenges help us better just wish to be more mature after the problems, but not wishing facing no problems. There’s a saying in sports “More sweat in the drill-ground means less tears in the battles!” There are tears and sweat in the sportive carpets. The challenge is there, ahead of us but we still continue to work with our passion. Yeah! Thank you for such honest positive and constructive comments. I was so pleased to hear what he said as it’s also what I want to share with you. This is a really lovely family. I believe that they are caring and loving each other so much. What’s more? Thanks to the way they express I think they are so kind to each other and thank you for joing us. You bring about such a lovely story. Here is Ms. Le Hong Ngoc’s family and the Brain Viet Nam! There’s a saying in sports “More sweat in the drill-ground means less tears in the battles.” We’re always willing to welcome challenges in life the challenges help us better just wish to be more mature

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