Joseph Prince – Eat Your Way To Divine Health – 31 Jul 16

Joseph Prince – Eat Your Way To Divine Health – 31 Jul 16

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from There was none feeble. Now the word “feeble” there, particularly
in this verse here, is the word “kashal” in Hebrew. And the word “kashal”, watch me, means no one
stumbled, no one staggered, their legs were all healed. I said their legs were all healed. Now God knew they are in for a long march
isn’t it? So even like grandmothers, grandfathers, great
grandmothers, they all got healed, their legs all got healed! How come? And that’s the reason when God said, “eat
the lamb, but focus on the leg.” Go back. Its head with its legs. Notice that? Now we come to something very interesting. When you partake of the Lord’s supper, but
let’s say you got a problem with your heart. Imagine that you are partaking of Jesus’ heart. Thank you Lord by Your stripe I am healed. You see Him carrying your bad heart, and you
receiving His heart. His strong heart. How about the head of Jesus? That’s His mind, His intellect. Let me tell you something ok? Let me tell you something When God first made man, Adam. You know his mental capacity is amazing? You know that God brought all the animals
to him for him to name. God didn’t tell him, “This is giraffe ok? Adam. Hey Adam, this is giraffe. Alright. This is kangaroo ok? God didn’t say that, God said, “Adam, name
it.” Not just the animals, the insects, the small
small species, small creatures and different varieties and variegated species. Think about the millions that are out there. He named them one by one, and the next day
when something flew to him, he say… he can name it. He sees the animal, he can name it. He is not forgetful. And the Bible says we have the mind of Christ. If the mind of Adam can have that before he
starts to degenerate, alright? How much more you and I? We have.. the Bible says we have the mind
of Christ. When you partake of the Lord’s Supper, whether
you think that you are having memory lapses more and more often, you can’t remember this,
can’t remember that. What was I saying again? Can’t remember that, can’t remember this,
that kind of thing. When you partake, just imagine… or the doctor
says, “You have the beginnings of Alzheimer’s or dementia and all that.” When you partake say, “By the stripe of Jesus,
I’m partaking His amazing brain.” I’m partaking His mind. By His stripes… See your own brain fried at the Cross. Whether you agree or not, no need the Cross. It’s already fried, alright? But you partake the Lord’s… and start believing
God for that. Amen? I can’t begin to tell you the miracles that
have happened of people that I know. There are people who are blind in one eye
who partake as if they are partaking of the Lord’s eye, and the eye opened. I’m telling you… by the way, I just said
that, I have to qualify. Don’t expect instantaneous manifestation. This is a lifestyle. I want to tell you something from the Lord. This is from the Lord. Everytime you partake, even though you don’t
see immediate manifestation, alright? You are getting better. Listen, and the Lord is glorified. The fact that you remember Him, even though
there is no manifestation apparently, He is glorified. Do you understand or not? Every time you do it He is glorified. If I can… If I know He is glorified, I don’t mind doing
it. Amen? He is glorified by the fact you do it. And especially when you see symptoms it seems
to get worse or whatever, you still do it because He is glorified that is something
that pleases Him. Are you listening people? So don’t go around… “Where is it, where is it? Where is it? Where is it?” Here I am standing here to tell you this,
that God said, “Do it because it brings Me glory every time you do it. I am glorified” Because God is reminded of
His Son, Amen? What His Son did. This also destroys the early church heresy
of gnosticism, that says Jesus didn’t come in the flesh. Every time early church partake, it was a
slap in the face of gnostics. He came in the flesh. There’s the bread, and there’s the cup. Ok? So friend, if Israel partook of the symbolic
expression, because the lamb they had was a real animal lamb, but it was a symbolic
lamb of the substance Jesus Christ. If they can partake the symbol and the next
day none feeble, how much more now that you and I have the substance. What the lamb was pointing to Jesus Christ,
and we partake the Lord’s Supper… How much more you and I ought to be well,
to be healed? This excerpt is brought to you by To get the full message, visit Peter reminds me of all of us. Impulsive, boisterous, engage the mouth before
you engage the brain. I know some of you… you are self-righteous
you go, “I know someone is like that.” No no this is about you. And me. Jesus was in the mountain, Mount Hermon I
believe. And the Bible says, “His face shone like the
sun in its strength” Wow Can you imagine? Glory! Jesus’ face is shining, Moses appeared, Elijah
appeared, Peter answered. Nobody asked him anything! If Moses could have blushed he would have
blushed. Peter looked at Jesus and began to do what
Jesus did. Walking on the water. As long as your eye is on Jesus you can do
amazing things. As long as he put Jesus between him and the
circumstance he puts Jesus… He’s ok. And you will be ok as long as you put whatever
you are beset with right now. Sickness in your family, financial downturn,
a bad habit, addiction, as long as you put that thing alright? Not between you and Jesus, but put Jesus between
you and the thing, you will be ok. You will conquer the thing. What is the greatest thing to His heart? Before He leaves to go to the Father? His sheep. And who did He entrust His sheep to? To a man who fell denying with cursing and
swearing that He knew Jesus. Of all the disciples it was Peter who preached
a sermon. Not afraid of the Jews anymore. These are the people. Some of them, they were there when he denied
knowing Jesus. He preached to them and said, “You killed
the Messiah, the Prince of life whom God has raised from the dead.” And they were cut to their heart the Bible
says and three thousand people were saved at Peter’s preaching. He became a pillar.

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  1. Holy communion is a huge blessing to have. Jesus said there is no limit to how many times you partake. do it often. By His stripes, we are healed. Amen.

  2. help me Jesus to be like you .. joyful, happy, merciful, helpful, prayerful, rich, healthy in Your name Jehovah Amen

  3. Thànkyou Sir pastor Joseph Prince.That I may be used to tell people where ever may be that Jesus came to save.Victorious!!!,Lord may Thy kingdom come may Thy will be done on earth,Jesus!,as in heaven,Amen.

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