Joe Rogan - Environmentalism is Treated Like a Religion

Joe Rogan – Environmentalism is Treated Like a Religion

fuel for life for example we humans right now we're under the influence of another end of the world religion looking toward a different kind of paradise it's called environmentalism and it says that we humans are causing climate change but that's this is a little silly we humans may be contributing to climate change but climate change has been the norm on this planet for 4.5 billion years this is one of those sacred science subjects that's almost like you're not allowed to talk scientific Jesus you cannot question the the ancient scroll and it's an end times right belief system yes because it says the world is about to end because of things we've done because we've sinned right and if we simply sacrifice to the goddess of nature so yeah the universe will go back to being a stable a climatically stable Garden of Eden well I Got News for you this this planet has never been climatically stable in the very beginning it wheeled around its axis once every six hours that means if you pick any point on the surface it was in this poisonous stuff called radiation for three hours then it was yanked into darkness which is equally destructive and the temperature would go up a minimum of 86 degrees every whoops up and down 86 degrees every three hours that's climate change plus it was on a tilt and it was rotating around the Sun and as it rotated the climate went through hideous changes but this is our way in the past and what people are concerned with what our role and what impact human race is doesn't matter what we need to be after is climate State if we really want the climate to be the way it was in 1650 before the Industrial Revolution that's a human choice that's biogenic in origin and we need to acknowledge that that's what we have decided and now we're going to develop climate stabilization technicians see those what why is it such a sacred subject if you what you've just said even just question it for a moment and saying that environmentalism is a type of religion climate denialist yum you could be labeled with that that's right and people would love to break it down in a very simple one-sentence statement and call you climate denial is right climate change denier list that's son of a bitch and the next thing you know what people will repeat that it doesn't have to have any and nobody's want to sign you anymore for a book or anything right any complexity or context in in what you're trying to say they don't want the the subtle nuance of what you're trying to express well there's a blunt nuanced we have to develop climate stabilization technologies if taking carbon out of the atmosphere is a carpet stabilization technology then so be it but we have to develop others because this this globe goes through ice ages and global warming's as we three answer is in technology yes that's what the answer has always been for humans I mean why were we born look we have this chemical in our gut cholecystokinin and it only goes off when we eat meat so we're built to eat meat and it's a bonding hormone like oxytocin it brings people together so if you're having a good meat meal with a bunch of people this is a chemical in your Utz that says these are good people stick with them don't tell the vegans this yeah well so how why if we were born to eat meat don't we have claws why don't we have ripping fangs why don't we have fur because we figured out a way to cook it because we yes way to make clothes right use fins we figured out a way to figure out a way to isolate ourselves from the environment in terms of housing and you got a roll of fire you got it and that means that we were born naked we were naked apes for a reason because we are Homo – Lukas whatever that word would be we are the people of tools and we developed the first stone tool to the best of our knowledge approximately 3.1 to 3.4 million years ago long before we became modern humans so we were born in this peculiar way at that is naked and without claws and without ripping things after we developed the tools it took like fire and cooking which you just cited to allow us to have artificial claws artificial ripping phone to cook our meals the big conclusion of a book that I've just read on what makes us different from neural scientists she's the neuroscientist who corrected the standard figure for the number of neurons in the brain from a hundred billion to 86 billion by actually counting them she says what made us human was cooking just what you said because when you cook you have you liberate a whole mess of calories and nutritive sources that are not available to a gorilla that's eating leaves and how do we know that because the gorilla is born with a potbelly the size of a Franklin stove because it needs this huge digestive apparatus in order to handle those leaves to break them down into food right well when you cook you don't need that huge gut now the bacteria were the the ape is not able to go very far the gorilla he certainly can't migrate once you know you see Jane Goodall and she is pleading for us to save the habitat of the chimpanzees have you ever seen Jane Goodall pleading for us to save the habitat of baboons never the baboons are the rats of Africa baboons are extraordinarily adaptive they're extraordinarily curious they're always finding new environments and figuring out ways to turn them into food chimpanzees don't have that quality the reason we need to save their environment is because they're so dumb as a group because the collective intelligence of a group of chimpanzees is so low that now that they're adapted to an environment that's the only environment they can adapt to whereas baboons who have smaller individual brains have greater collective smarts do you see now baboons have domesticated dogs no yeah you know they divest domesticated house dogs yeah and figured out a way to keep the dogs near them so they could be alerted to when some bad shooters are in fact amazing reason yeah kidnap these dogs and hold them hostage and feed them right and the dogs just kind of learned to hang around well their ideal hunting companions it's very bizarre yeah it's what we did once upon a time and and you could say very easily it wasn't us who doors it was dogs who chained us yeah look how well we treat them here it is right here see that they hold on to these dogs the dogs try to get away oh is that a puppy and its shoulder it's a puppy on the ground oh I see and they they eventually stay with them in these camps but they hold them hostage look a maze dragging this dog rice not killing it not eating it no but they have somehow or another figured out that if they keep these dogs around long enough the dogs will bark when intruders and predators are near oh ma this is crazy absolutely amazing really crazy stuff but remember that was we were just looking at baboons and baboons have a brain smaller than the brain of a chimpanzee have you ever seen a chimpanzee do that no no chimpanzees are not highly adaptive what's the measure of intelligence ability to adapt yeah okay so let's see how we measure the intelligence of bacteria knowing the bacteria work in a group of seven trillion and have a collective intelligence within that group and they have a collective multi colony intelligence because they once they develop certain genetic tricks they pass the tricks around in little tiny envelopes for all practical purposes so they're constantly sharing new bacterial tricks so we are told by the environmentalists the new end times movement that we have used up all the resources on this planet we have vastly overburdened to this planet we are eating it out of existence but bacteria are 12 miles beneath our feet right now and they are turning raw rock granite into bio stuff now if the task of life is to kidnap seduce and recruit as many dead atoms as possible into the grand project of life who's doing the best job right now who recognizes that for every ounce of living stuff on the planet there are a hundred million ounces of dead stuff waiting to be kidnapped and seduced and recruited into the grand project of life bacteria yet it our bacterial nature you bet your ass so what is nature telling us through these bacteria you have a hundred trillion more ounce of the hunt power yeah hundred trillion more ounces or hundred million more ounces of dead stuff for every living ounce you've got and your obligation on behalf of life is to do what the bacteria are doing kidnap seduce and recruit as many dead atoms as possible and bring them into the project of life use technology to stabilize the environment that's what we choose yes and that is what we've chosen and but people are not regarding it as a choice they're regarding it as something imposed on them by a higher force right no I'm sorry Gaia Mother Nature is not a higher force mother nature is a bitch Mother Nature throws every conceivable obstacle or path and she can't help it why because our planet in addition to the fact that we are on a tilted axis so we go through a climate change called summer fall winter and spring every single year and it's a pretty violent climate change and we have a planet that's been ice ball earth snowball earth twice it's history the fact is the planet is on a trajectory on a path on a voyage on a mission that is scarier than the mission of Frodo The Hobbit it is circling the core of the galaxy approximately every two hundred and thirty five million years and is it as it goes through that long voyage around the center of the galaxy it goes through spiral arms of galaxies that change our climate dramatically it gathers something like a hundred trillion tons of cosmic dust per year and at certain points it goes through clouds of cosmic fluff that triple the amount of that dust that we gather which changes the climate considerably and we go through a Milankovitch cycle it changes the climate every 22,000 40,000 110,000 years not precisely but in that range so yes if we want to stabilize the climate take responsibility for your decision already admit that this is a biogenic decision and then go after climate stabilization technologies yes try removing carbon from the atmosphere see if it works but in the long haul we are on 12 thousand year passage what's climate has been relatively stable that's not normal the norm is rapid climate change much more rapidly than we've seen and ice ages and they alter so we better damn well learn these things now when I was in Japan a few years ago in a conference about harvesting solar power in space and transmitting it down to earth which is carbon neutral and a source of such tremendous amounts of power that it defies description there was a loan from the European Space Agency and she said well if you guys are going to build these giant solar harvesting farms these five-mile by five mile arrays of photovoltaic panels when you see a hurricane heading for Jamaica send down a laser beam lays the outer edges of the hurricane so that you change the heat at a certain point on that hurricane and redirect it so it doesn't hit Jamaica so it goes harmlessly out to sea well that's the beginning of harnessing these things harnessing disasters as energy opportunities now have we ever done that well what about fire if you've been the first one to start playing with fire your mama would have told you look you see all those dead animals in there that have been roasted and barbecued by this forest fire you want to become one of them put that back where it belongs and fire saved us at the heart of a jet at the heart of a piston and the piston of a car what do we have explosions explosions that's one of the most devastating catastrophes we can imagine an explosion what causes this very rigid it's not I don't want to say scientific dogma but dogma in terms of the way you're allowed to talk about climate change well there are certain aspects of science that our religion because we science people are built with the same super normal responses in us that the Flying Saucer people have in them hmm and that the Christians who still believe in the coming of the kingdom of God you can't debate this is not something like even said so far is yeah lute Harris like people would get angry yeah well one person did there was an astronomer who would go on up to Canada for god knows what reason he wrote a book on the evolution of the cosmos I thought it was brilliant my friend Sheldon Jacob my colleague who was the head of the physics department at the University of Tel Aviv and the head of the physical Association you know the association of all physicists in Israel where they have some pretty good physicists said Olli will talk to you and he's very open guy and when I got hold of Lee I forget his last name but you would recognize it Lee sent me a note saying well it's a pleasure to meet you but that article at York no Wall Street Journal about climate was unfortunate it was something a little harsher than that meaning you have sinned and and I watched this movement developed from the beginning and it developed by using conformity enforcers well that Al Gore movie tipped it over the top it helped a lot of important truth that just people had they realized they had I mean if you want a virtue signal you gotta back on board well what really put the environmental movement on the map was Earth Day and the guy who pulled that off really pulled off an amazing PR stunt that was just an astonishing PR stunt and if that's what started off yes yes because in the 1950s when I was the head of the program committee at my high school I programmed in a guy who talked to us about what was being done to whales and the pictures were horrifying this guy was a giant he was about six foot two and and in those days that was really really tall and he was most severe person I'd ever met he walked in without acknowledging me I had booked him at all he had a frown on his face that was unbelievable he walked out with that same serious frown uncompromising without saying goodbye without saying thank you without any of the normal social graces and he didn't have a name for what he was doing conservation was the name of what he was doing back then and it was Earth Day that put another on the map environmentalism and that got environmentalism into first grades and second grades and fourth grades when kids are at an imprinting age when their brains are literally being fashioned around some of the key things that they absorb at that age when we talk about impressionable we're talking about a certain element of the morphology of the brain that wraps itself around certain things and then never lets them go and environmentalism was built to get into the brains of young people and never leave and eventually environmentalism developed its own end of the earth scenario it tried to develop one in 1968 when Paul Ehrlich who was a butterfly specialist said that by 1980 which rumor in 1968 was 12 years away so that's like my talking about something that will happen in 2030 it seemed a long ways away and he said by 2019 80 we would get to the point where there are so many people on the planet that we'd have to stand on each other's shoulders there would be no room for us we would vastly outstrip the carrying capacity of the environment meaning the food supply would run out it would not be able to keep up with our population growth and as a consequence in the early 1980s people would die by the hundreds of millions in India and China and even the United States now remember back to those days Joe I don't know if you know the history of it you were probably born after it but did remember all the hundreds of millions of people dying in India and China and the United States remember how your parents had a stand on each other's shoulders in order to find room to live no I don't recall that you don't I just what's wrong with you I don't understand so much like the apocalyptic cults they move the goalposts yeah exactly and so now it's climate change and originally it was global warming and then they smarten up to the fact that they better cover their ass just in case we had an ice age instead of warming and glass what is the planet of global warming and climate change this one yeah big time so they are right and they are wrong right we need to do these climate stabilization technologies we must I mean we've been doing them you said it best we've been doing ever since we invented the fur coat which allowed us to get out of Africa and go to the forest ends of Asia when we were still far from being humans modern humans that the technology of the cave and beyond that the technology of the hut all these are climate stabilization technologies on a small scale now we need to do climate stabilization technology on a big Sol scale no that does not mean that we have to put sulfur droplets into the atmosphere to keep the Sun from warming the surface of the earth that will be so stupid it's ridiculous it's not a reversible move but if you have a laser from harnessing space solar power and you use it to redirect hurricanes you can see what worked the first time and try something different the second time in the third time until you perfect it you can't do that with sulfur ducks the droplets and the atmosphere it's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of my life but that's the first solution technological solution to come out of all of the climate people's smells but we need to do what they're talking about we just have to take ownership of it

24 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – Environmentalism is Treated Like a Religion

  1. when someone starts an argument out with a story that has nothing to do with the question, its hard to take them seriously

  2. Nature is the original religion. The natural human religion is animism. Being in awe of the earth is our natural setting, not the recent utilitarian abrahamic stuff of recent years that puts all the divinity out there in some abstract place.
    Climate change, regardless of your view, has little to do with the depletion of all resources that goes with endless economic growth. This guy is all over the shop. His examples are unrelated and need to be taken case by case, not piled together in an intellectually lazy pile called 'environmentalism is wrong'.
    He offered no alternative evidence other than to bitch about other people and earth day.
    On one hand he mentions drastic climate change of the kind that causes extinction events, on the other he accuses environmentalists of being doomsdayers.
    I agree climate stabilisation is the way. No need to accuse environmentalists of brainwashing malleable children to make that point.
    I find it horrifying that children are made to pledge allegiance to a flag but hey, I'm out there.

  3. Its so funny for Joe to say that environmentalism is a religion, but this sides with Candace Owen's take that he completely blew up on.

  4. Baboon raising dogs isn't true and was actually falsely added narrative. The JRE podcast is making a legion of listeners into urban legend believers.

    Also, no one denies that climate change never existed. Everyone knows the ice age happened. SMH this guy made no new points.

  5. Learn the difference between climate and weather. The Earth doesn't dramatically change climates with every season.. that's weather

  6. Environmentalism is a positive ideology, I don't really see this guys point. Sure we need to adapt to survive, but why would we unnecessarily destroy what we have in the hope that someone smarter than us figures out a solution? Sure, certain people in every large movement seek personal, economic and political gain but you can't judge a whole group based on a small minority.

  7. This episode is retarded and doesn't help. The retarded old man don't seem to have checked that science/tech isn't able to deliver on his proposed solution. Lol what a f-tard.

  8. I took a online required art class they said in the mid to late 1800's I believe painters painted nature like a religion they made magnificent paintings

  9. Too romantic for something that doen'st affect his life in a short term, as long as europe and america provides good estabilized lives who cares right ? let's just discuss back and foward with this conversation who leads to nowhere.

  10. Even if the sky was falling it doesn't mean that the fox had noble intentions for chicken little.

  11. He's not wrong, and a lot of environmentalists will admit that the earth is going to be fine with or without us, "stopping climate change" really boils down to protecting the habitats and current conditions we have on earth so that humans can survive. So I don't think this is that out of touch with what a lot of people are talking about.

    It is just framed differently, and probably more precisely, but i don't know if saying climate stabilization techniques, has the same shock value for news headlines.

  12. i love all the people who thumbs down this video proving that environmentalism is indeed a religion.

  13. Because they do not want debate on the subject! They know they'll lose on the facts. It's an indicator of an Agenda Item.

  14. term climate change distracts from the pollution of our drinking water, the plastic in the oceans… golf clap to this guy

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