Joe Rogan Calls Charlamagne tha God "The Last Great Radio Host"

Joe Rogan Calls Charlamagne tha God "The Last Great Radio Host"

the Joe Rogan experience I've been a fan of yours for a while you I think you're the last great radio host and you will be the last famous radios because I think radio a flying thing you're the last great one you're the you're the one who made a famous from radio who the fuck else yeah in this era I mean yeah I think radio is like one of those uh one of those rare lanes where it's really not a lot of people who prosper in it yeah you know I mean like I don't think about especially in the black radio space I mean you've got the Tom joiners the Doug banks to Wendy Williams yeah you know so it's rare in that Lane but I think I think you've got people that have established good careers and yeah that's a great question when it was the last one he's the last one you're the last person to become famous from radio Bobby bones Bobby bones oh that's nice I don't know who that is I'm sure he's great even nationally syndicated radio but he's on the country stage he just want to merit you wanna dance with the Stars oh okay yeah I'm not I don't give somebody only know Bobby be as you talk about really yeah yeah he's got two national New York Times bestselling books season that's one of those things though it's like comedians like you know used to talk about a comic that everybody loves and people like I've never heard of like amongst comics she's expected yeah Bobby host on Idol now okay yeah then we're on the same age so I would have to give it I would have to put him in that you and Bob you're a gracious man yeah in my opinion you're the Last Samurai guys like you I just want to snatch you up and bring you over to podcast like get the fuck out of there get out of that censored bossman world the hell with interesting guys I know podcast together the brilliant idiot you know we don't you know pod track right you know yeah sure sure like we just cracked five track The Breakfast Club he's number 20 on patre okay so you put that online as well yeah we put it out of the park that's good I feel like we're radio that's what it is like people still listening to terrestrial radio black you have to go where the people are so you have to have the podcast you have to have the YouTube following like you can't wait for people just to come to radio ever I wish I could swear though so that's the probation that's the thing he city they release all the interviews they on Breakfast Club and those things explode yeah you too and they have all the curse exactly that's where most people globally yeah would watch and listen I mean right yeah that's what separates this radio this arrow of radio from other eras of radio like Howard Stern didn't have YouTube you know saying if I was third at YouTube we wouldn't be no question he'd still be the motherfucking guy me even though he is the guy right but he'd still be like super super the guy in this air ride he's in that paywall which is very strange a serious paywall that's the strangest paywall yeah yeah he took the check but then you get financial independence back why is it recheck let's be realistic he's already financially independent so I didn't do it I just the numbers they're thrown at him yeah that was a difference three hundred million right well I think that was just initially it I think he makes like a hundred million every year something crazy like three hundred was flat and then another hundred what stars I got the differ between like your kids beings creating like your great great great grandkids beings great right yeah but serious stock it serious this means like blockbuster stock I remember when Netflix used to have those DVDs that you would get like in front of the fuck it's the right mafia the right like you have to send it back now I was so funny I was home this weekend I was in Montana South Carolina and like there was a Black Panther DVD from the library in my mom's house I'm like what yeah it's like Panthers in the original Black Panthers or I was like oh she was true from back in the day that's an original black got the Black Panther DVD that they checked out from the library and have not bought it back yet you can bring it back to the library yeah now you don't have to like what are they really gonna do why Maddie the Black Panther from the library cuz even wanted it and it was there and you were at the library I'm still trying to understand why you called library what is it library I don't fucking know I didn't graduate got it there it's like library yeah it's one of those words yeah you know actually yeah but everyone even like George Bush when he was president would say expecially yeah yeah yeah I think a lot of it have to do a reason because I still say straight streets wrong okay yeah pronouncing screech screech bro I get it scrumptious pacifically specific specifically specifically yeah everybody knows then it's fun that's the point if you had a person saying I can wrap them right it's a way to dick but it's like dialects like my grandparents were from Sicily and they would talk in dialects and even people that new Italian wouldn't know what the fuck they're saying yeah like just like people that knew pure Italian it's some weird like Pig Latin type shit yeah you know I mean my mom's Scottish like if you listen to real Scottish people talk you don't understand what the fuck they're talking oh that with that accent so stirred the way they roll their words together thick and then they get them drunk oh it's impossible [Applause]

35 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Calls Charlamagne tha God "The Last Great Radio Host"

  1. Did this Charlemagne tha god not get called out one time on this podcast? Dude is a straight up racist moron.

  2. Joe obviously doesn't know that Charlamagne is a big pussy that bleaches his skin while staying feminine. But hey, remember, Joe does research

  3. Charlemagne is a racist, biased, black lives matter piece of shit. I used to like him until he started getting speaking on black lives matter and racism and then calls white men mayonnaise. And also calls the white man the biggest threat to the country. Fuck you. For real

  4. This dude is a racist piece off shit. It doesn't matter if he's black. He is still racist and a clown on the breakfast club

  5. If you line up Joe and Charlemagne 3.6 meters apart and shine an ultraviolet laser on joes head at a 28.9 degree angle from behind joe the laser will reflect off joes head then strike Charlemagne’s head at such an angle that the light will scatter at eye level and result in severe loss of sight.

  6. Agree.. don't always agree with his views but he's open minded honest and this podcast was exactly what I wanted..

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