Is The Altar Still Relevant To God? (Ep 105 Uncommon Christianity)

Is The Altar Still Relevant To God? (Ep 105 Uncommon Christianity)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Church buildings are
set up in such a way that the front,
what they determine as the front of
the building where a staging area would
be in an auditorium, they call that the altar. And it is the place where
all the service of God is supposedly done. And in some cases, unless you’re
a sanctified individual based on whatever religion it is,
you cannot even stand on it or approach it. We invite people, when it’s
time, or when we say it’s time, or when we believe God’s
saying it’s the time, for God to do something
in people’s lives, we ask them to come
forward to the altar area. First of all, altars, in
ancient days, and by definition, are a place where we sacrifice. Now, for people who understand
Christianity and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, it’s
very clear in the scriptures that when Jesus hung on
Calvary, on Golgotha’s Hill, this was the last
altar of true sacrifice that will ever be
needed forever. The cross of Jesus Christ
is the final altar, or it is the place where
the ultimate sacrifice would be given, and Jesus was that. John the Baptist called
Jesus the Lamb of God who taketh away the
sin of the world. And that lamb went
on that cross to be the sacrifice for all
humans, for mankind from the beginning of time
until Jesus comes again. And there’s no need ever
again for a sacrifice of blood or of any sort in
order to appease God, to make God be in touch
with mankind again. For us to believe that
these rooms or these church buildings, these sanctuaries
that we call them, the front of that room
is some sacred altar where special things happen
with God is a foolish thing because God is available to
reach any human at any time wherever that human and their
faith in God can be connected. There is no special power
that is at these altars, yet it is so embedded
in the mind of people that if they go to this altar,
if they stand in that place– so we’re sanctifying a
place that we call an altar in all of these churches
as a place where something will be specially done
for you by God is foolishness. Now, I’m not saying God has
not met people in that place. But it has nothing to do with
that being called an altar. It just happens to be that
individual and their faith touching God. They could be standing in the
middle of the Brooklyn Bridge and their faith can touch God. You can be on an ocean liner
in the middle of the ocean and your faith will touch God. So the idea of having
a sanctified area called an altar, it’s
just good for the idea that we want to feel closer
to God, but Jesus said, don’t have any gods before me,
don’t build anything before me, don’t make idols before me. We shouldn’t identify
any physical object or place to say it’s
sanctified where God will act better
in that place than He will somewhere else. That is idolatry, and it’s
a problem in the church because people think they
need to be in a building, or need to be in
a church service, or need to be involved in a
moment where holy sanctified men or women can call Him
forward to stand in that altar so God can do
something for them. That is untrue and unnecessary.

8 thoughts on “Is The Altar Still Relevant To God? (Ep 105 Uncommon Christianity)

  1. Many things in the New Testament are fulfillment of the Old Testament.
    All of those are so relevant and connected one each other.
    I'm so happy to know it.
    It proof that bible is the truth, undeniable.

  2. Truth…Great word Peter. This is exactly what I understand it to be. God is not limited to a building, though the building can be included however, we as a body have a limitation in our thought process about our experience with God.

  3. Jesus was sacrificed for all of creation, not just humans. Col 1 and various other places in scripture address the salvation of all of the creation

  4. wow , what an eye opener. GOD BLESS YOU, this is straight from holy spirit the church needs to hear this. Glory to GOD.

  5. The altar is still relevant today. You are mixed up. When God instituted the Passover He said – Do it for all eternity. When Jesus came He fulfilled the Law & the Prophets. He gave the true meaning of Sacrifice of the Lamb ie Himself. At the Last Supper He showed that He was the Lamb in an unbloody way. The actual sacrifice would be the next day. And He INSTRUCTED- Do this in remembrance of Me. NO option. Remembrance is not reliving or a re- enactment as you probably think the word means. It goes far beyond that. You with your limited knowledge are you trying to contain an Umlimited God? In John 6, Jesus says umpteen number of times to EAT His Flesh & DRINK His Blood. Was He just joking? He WAS very serious. He DID NOT STOP those who left Him. In fact, He asked His DISCIPLES – Do you want to leave too? Those who left, Jesus DID NOT GO AFTER THEM and saying I did not literally mean you to eat my BODY & drink my BLOOD. The very same situation EXISTS today. As it was only Peter who said it then – to whom can we go Lord, you have the eordswords of RternslEternal life. So today, committed people Echo the SAME words of Peter. You obviously DO NOT BELONG TO THAT SAME GROUP which was known as – the Way, then at Antioch as Christians and later as Catholic, meaning universal. In 107AD St Ignatius of Antioch used the term "Catholic" in place of Christian. With your limited knowledge it's dangerous for you to go against the things of God and taking others away from God. You will be held accountable my friend.

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