INSTAPRAY – Your Prayer Network

INSTAPRAY – Your Prayer Network

Life has many colors. There are moments of joy and happiness but also sorrow and hopelessness. Miracles happen and dreams come true but sometimes they break and fall apart. You might think you’re alone. But deeply you know you’re not. Instapray is your global prayer family. Just a click away. It’s a place for the special words
that come to your heart. Making everything meaningful. Making everything powerful. Share your prayers, request prayers and pray for others. Engage in significant conversations and discover the world. Feel connected. Feel supported. Instapray – praying together!

22 thoughts on “INSTAPRAY – Your Prayer Network

  1. Instapray is a free mobile application that connects people around the world through prayers. Request prayers, share your prayers, pray for someone and get connected! Join now –>

  2. The Holy Spirit is turning the world around. St. Andrews School of Evangelization. SASE has been growing in leaps and bounds in over 60 countries and 4 languages. A week end conference is next week in Cornwall Ontario Canada on the 1st 2 books of the Bible. Conference is Moses helping lay people to learn more of the old testament. Created in Mexico. Please keep all the participants and speakers in your prayers.

  3. i miss this app so much.. we need this app this time more than ever before.. why did they close this app thou??? this app is so very helpful.. if they needed money they could have said we might help.. i have so many testimonies on this app there are many spirit filled christians on this app too.. we need this more than ever before.. but im not gonna be selfish if it's their decision to close it then be it.. but really it's so sad.. i miss this app so much there is no other app like this somewhere if there is instapray is still better.

  4. I miss this app I was on it everyday and night I ment alot two me I made friends on this app and so much helpfully app that I have i don't know why they shutdown alot of ppl loved this app it's sad two see it go this hurts me because I follow Jesus and god I'm hurt by this plz reopen this app I feel lost without it

  5. I loved this app. Fellow InstaPray lovers, there's this new app called "uberPray" quite similar to our loved app. But unfortunately it's only available for android as of now. iOS version is probably in the making. I'll totally recommend to go and check it out.

  6. I don't know if I should cry that you are gone. Or continue in faith and pray that you come back. But I keep commenting this everywhere because I want you to know. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE. I got to meet my best friend recently from instapray and I filmed it, and it is crazy! how God brought us together, the video is on my channel, you should check it out.

  7. Please bring this back. I need this now i hope we can retrieve our account too why did you shutdown though?

  8. Make it come back please when will it come back??!! Alternative app such as uber pray app is not enough we need instapray so many inspirations from this app too sad it's gone now we need this app to connect with other people to pray and also recieve prayers from others please make it come back why did you shut it off? I hope it will come back many people like this app i don't have any idea and I don't understand why you shut it down but please bring it back thanks God bless and God speed.

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