Indirect & Direct Spiritual Attack, Silent Wave, Deflecting Frequencies & More

Indirect & Direct Spiritual Attack, Silent Wave, Deflecting Frequencies & More

I really liked when you were telling the CI T's where it's like sometimes you got to be the eyes for someone else when they don't have the eye and like pretty much like not only yourself like catching your ego in action but also like you know catching on brothers ego in action or sisters ego in action being able to identify the snake when it's coming up and like seeing it through like different symbology and stuff and like a little subtle things that that may pop up because like I was even seeing that for myself like after I did the concoction– it really built a lot of momentum and it really gave me a good a good amount of energy in my path and like I was seen like different symbology like um the other day I got like caught up in the rain like while walking to work and I was like I was drenched I was soaked and like then like the next day or whatever these people come in and and then they're like hey you want to become like a volunteer firefighter or something and it's like even see how it's like they're trying to burn out the fire it's like you know just seeing certain symbology like that how like you know right now you've got the fire so you got to make sure you're maintaining it because there's gonna be certain things in your reality that want to burn that out yeah it's definitely symbolic for sure and it's good you catch things like that because a lot of people they're not aware of like those little subtle things that happen that you know would slip by most people you know like when you're talking about like oh do you want to volunteer to you know be a fireman and put the fire out and you were seeing the rain and everything like a lot of people they're not able to make that connection you get what I'm saying and you made that connection which is really good because it shows that the level of awareness that you have it means that you're actually aware of how the agents use not only you know like kind of direct wording but you know indirect wording so people have to recognize that because a lot of the attacks come indirectly sometimes they are bold and they'll just come up and really you know basically let you know that they're attacking you like I had people I actually happened today really um yeah like so basically I went up to one of my co-workers and I said I said bro like what is your intentions cuz like he was just looking at me and like he was giving me like a certain type of smile and I went up to him and I was like I bro what's your intentions and he said he said I'm the Viper so you better watch out I said I said I'm gonna be boldly said that he was you know in tune with the snake so at that point I was like you know I'm the Hulk and I eat the Viper be bold like that and it's like they'll let you know who they are and what team they're on cuz sometimes they're a little bit more hidden and have that hidden hand or they're kind of playing sleight of hand with you but then sometimes they'll just let you know straight up and some people even then they don't even get it you know they'll just play all that guy's weird and it's like no that dude is definitely telling you telling you that he's raging like and he knows what he's doing you know I'm saying like it's not like he's being like controlled in some type of way like he knows what type of energy he's working with and he's proud of it he's he's wearing that badge on his shoulder you know what I mean like he's letting the world know that he's you know he's that Viper energy so you got to catch that you know for sure and be able to tell like okay when they're directly saying it but also indirectly because they will be sneaky like even when I was talking about those silent wave attacks I noticed how they were using that and and they're still kind of using it but they were using me pretty heavily for like three or four days in a row and it was like you could see the effects of the attack happening but then there was no sound coming from anywhere there was no like color schemes no lighting schemes like nothing physical going on and that's what I meant by a silent attack that you couldn't physically you know see it going on but then you would see the effects of it like somebody all of a sudden getting angry for no reason and then it's like why are this why is this person getting angry and it's like you know they got hit with an attack but there was no nowhere to you know tell that the attack was coming from the physical room so you had to be in tune with the non-physical to really be able to tell like okay the attack is coming in you know and and the thing is is that a physical attack in a silent attack are essentially the same thing but our physical senses are limited to certain frequencies so it still might be a frequency that's coming in or a certain energy but physically you're not able to you know pick up on it you're not able to get any data and information you know from a physical sense but from a non-physical sense you can pick up on it and detect it and you might even see sometimes like like a wave of energy that comes in and it's like the wave has like the sequence of waves that come in after it kind of like a tidal wave comes in but then there's other waves that come in crashing behind it or like if you ever seen one of those videos where like a big explosion happens and eventually you know the sonic wave you know comes and hits them but it's like ten seconds after the explosion all of a sudden like 10 seconds later boom you know everything shakes up that can happen sometimes or like an earthquake that has an aftershock and you'll see like okay I see one part of the attack happen the first wave came in but now I'm seeing the second wave come in and then maybe even a third or a fourth wave comes in and in it might descend or uh send you know where it's like the big attack happened first and then there's little ones that follow or little attacks happen and then there's a big one that follows that so there's all sorts of things that happen with the tacks and they can come in different waves they can come in sequences they can come well I won't get into this right now because we're getting a long time but then also I am gonna cover this in artino TV in the new season I'm gonna be getting into hypnosis in hypnotic States because you can have somebody put you under hypnosis temporarily where it just lasts for a day or you might have somebody put you under hypnosis where it lasts for years you see like you could have a family member that puts you under hypnosis and hypnosis is basically then putting you in a state where you're basically very open to suggestions so they can put you into this hypnotic state where now they're like kind of getting direct contact with their subconscious and then that gets embedded in you and then you start doing that the rest of your life that can happen on a very short-term level where somebody comes in and puts you in a hypnotic state and just maybe for that day you know you're kind of in that consciousness or if it could be for a long-term but when it's long-term it has to be somebody that was close to you or somebody that you've seen often because they had to repeatedly put you in a hypnotic state and keep putting it into the subconscious over and over and over again that's what the TV relies on it's putting you in a hypnotic state and in program you over and over and over again so that the effect lasts very long and it's hard to break that spell short-term the spell will probably break on its own unless somehow you end up making it a habit yourself whatever it is they programmed it with you but then uh usually the effects won't last long so you could run into somebody that you never met before in a grocery store or something and they could take you through a certain sequence of events that gives them access to your subconscious mind it like opens up a portal to the subconscious then at that point they can just put whatever they want in there like if you've ever you've experienced this before where like let's say somebody was talking crap about you like a bully or something when you were a kid and they said something to you and it hit deep into the subconscious mind where you thought about it for years after that like they could have been like oh like your ears are too big and then you know five years later you're still tripping about your ears being too big like that person was able to get deep into your subconscious and implant basically that that trigger for you so now it just keeps pulling up for a very long time so sometimes even the temporary ones can last for a long effect if they really hit it and also activate your emotional streams at that point then it can last even longer but you got to be aware of that because you know sometimes the hypnosis it can happen in a way where they only have to be in contact with you for like one minute and they could do something that brings you into a hypnotic state and then they say some type of key word or something that sticks in your head that day or somebody comes along and you start hearing I'm singing a certain song and then next thing you know that song stuck in your head for like two or three days and it's like man and because that song is stuck there maybe those specific words in the song are talking about a certain thing and then you start noticing that's affecting you in your life and that type of way or sometimes it could even be a certain type of rhythm or a certain type of you know instrument for example just to kind of give you guys something to think a little bit deeper on this basically think of like everywhere in the world right in nature they had their own type of like instruments and sounds based off of the nature that they had right so if you go to India it has a certain type of sound right if you go to Africa it has a certain type of sound if you go to the Native Americans they have their own type of sound and their instruments are built off of what they had in nature right but when you hear that sound it puts you into a certain type of frequency right like when you hear the Native American sounds it puts you into you know you start feeling that energy right and it's not that like oh you know we're programmed to think of Native Americans when we hear that sound it's like no that sound is part of being a Native American like that's their frequency because a Native American only means that this was the environment that you were born into and grew up in basically you go I'm saying and those sounds are apart are basically a part of that environment you know and everything built off of it like you know you might hear in the Native American you know music you'll hear that they'll use a rattle and make you sound like a rattle snake because over here in America there's a lot of rattlesnakes in certain areas that Native Americans live so you see how all that you know it's UN's into that right so imagine you know if there's a certain music that puts you into a certain type of frequency puts you into a certain type of energy right and if it comes in subconsciously you won't be able to filter it out or transmute it into something that's working for you so they could even use like they're certain music in India that they use when they're like training a snake and you see the Cobra snake and it's like you know you could literally play that music you could literally play that music and it makes your body actually move this way this is why you might see like belly dancers they move to a certain type of music right because that's the type of energy it creates so somebody can put that type of energy inside of you you see through a subconscious you know tone or you know even a ring tone because they'll be sneaky and sometimes they won't even have a phone call coming in but they'll just turn on a song and act like it's a phone call and they won't even pick up the phone or they might pick up the phone and there's nobody even on there and they're just like hey hello like that I'll call you back later you know and they weren't even really on the phone with anybody but that was how they were able to get the song in there and the tune that they wanted you to be tune with you know and sometimes when they put out frequencies you got to put out your own frequency to cancel it out you see so they might come in and play a little ringtone or something and then after that you might have to go ahead and whistle and put your sounds of vibrations to block out those sounds and vibrations that they're putting out you see it's like you're kind of deflecting it you know you're using your vibrations oh you do that really good that sounded real yeah like even using something like that you know and and even tuning into the birds the birds you know like even the hawk and they'll give you a lot of different information about what's going on you know they're kind of like the eyes in the sky when you're not in the sky you give them saying like they'll tell you what's going on in the ground if there's a bunch of like you know crows or Ravens sitting on a power line right on the court in the in the air and all the sudden they all get up and fly away it's like why did they get up and fly away you know like there might be something going on there that's causing them to move I saw these I crows the other day like they were like no I'm crow just started like I don't know we were just like like calm to everybody and he went around like the whole neighborhood and got like a bunch of crows together like he was basically getting everybody in formation and then they all started flying and I was like oh she was trying to shield up and when he went into the child like you know 7 7 7 like we gotta get information definitely syncing up with your message too because like you know over here in the grids we're definitely seeing a lot of sounds and vibrations yeah and I was seeing how like even the animals are have been affected by it because like I don't know if you could hear like the cicada in the background that wasn't always like that and for the last couple days it just goes it just keeps you know making it sound and with a whole night it's like it's been affecting the certain animals in the grid like I know you were you had brought up like the hypnosis and I was observing that on my job too because like you know like what I observed was that they really try to use the word play and they'll try to make where like you will agree to give them access to your piece so they might they might make you say like you're welcome or something so like pretty much like welcome them into your like your energy field and I was seeing how like they'll try to create like even like the puppet master we're trying to create like almost like a play and then bring you into the play or then pretty much it's like you you become like an actor for the script and then like I know you were mentioning like breaking the script so like using your own sounds and vibrations and stuff so like it's interesting language is not limited to English you know I'm saying like language can spread into all different stuff like even at one point I know in like Africa they have like languages where they're like you know they use like different sounds so think about it like there's there's electronic devices communicating with each other through electricity you know like Wi-Fi is is one device communicating with another device not physically you get what I'm saying so there's things like Morse code signing you know there's all these different languages that these that are spoken here in the matrix and you got to be aware and understand that okay it's not gonna always come in English you know it can come in any type of language that it wants to come in through and I gotta be aware enough to notice it you know but also be aware of the positive you know when spirits I was thinking up with that because like basically I made that video about like I put in the China everything about like us communicating and everything but then how everything is a communication how everything is like a symbology even like if everything is just symbology it's just information and then you can even signal different things to help each other get information with like a certain type of energy and like that could be on the good side or on the bad sides I'm stuck on the spirit side or signaling strength within the ego so different things can be communicating like we can be communicating with like our totems or something like that with like a certain frequency but then like another thing like would be just us communicating our attention to like a certain area like let's say I this always happens to me in my job like people will try to like get my attention to be in another direction that I'm not really trying to be in like like oh are you hungry right now and I'm like like I'm hungry to get in too much be really hungry like what you're trying to get me into it but basically like I was noticing how everything is a communication in that color everything I'm doing with input and output is like communicating energy so like an energy exchange and like even like the body language and stuff is like sort of communication is like very is one of the biggest things that I've always paid attention to you know I tap into a lot and like I I work on doing certain things that like there's like a mirror communication like people will start to mirror you like and I would talk to you about even so I even talked about this a while all the going like on like in a group hangout where like I was talking to this girl and like I did something with my eye and then she like did something with her eye honest she looked at me as if she like understood the message like I see and I was like okay so like she sees like it was just like it's interesting how you can even tap into like somebody if you're trying to help them turn up like they can be like let's say they're all like down or something like you can take yourself and just bring this up down and then like slowly bring them up so at this way you can like raise up their energy raise up their gods you're like let's say they have their arms like this and then or like you can receive but let's say let's say they have their arms like this and then you do that and then you're like are you can open up to me and then you're like yeah I'm open up and then you can just like bring things further with that for like a lot of stuff like everything is the communication then like even brought booze with like the call like picking up the lonely one sitting up with that – because like even on my job the other day I was experienced seem like this almost like electric battle and it was it was it was actually fun for me because it was like I was seeing another agent I was seeing an agent that was aware of what it was he was doing so it's like fun because it was like I was getting so I was really like incorporate certain tools and I've been working on and basically I went up to the table and he he had he had eaten a lot of food but he looked at me and he was like oh man you don't understand how hungry I am he started rubbing his belly but he put the trance knew on his stomach and he was like China and then like he to Rebecca

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  1. High vibing video haha loved hearong about the hypnosis def boosted my awareness my full love and Gratitude πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ’―

  2. yeah the animals are starting to act different every timei go to get lunar charged i seen either cats or foxes but ive heard secadas start to chirp at night time right next to the spot i go to and there was even a red bird trying to get my attention oddly enough. deferentially an energy shift taking place x3 x44

  3. Syncing up was feeling that πŸ”₯ and came outside and it was raining after I got off work and I hadn’t seen it rain this much here and then decide to watch this videos and Johnny talking about them using the rain and firefighters to bring that fire out

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