– Ableton Live is a number
one worship leading software that will drastically improve
the musical and production quality of your worship ministry. I’ve been a worship leader for ten years. I’ve been using Ableton Live
for only three years now. My only regret is I did not
begin learning it sooner. In this video I wanna
give you in depth look at my Ableton Live worship set. This will give you an idea
of the power of Ableton to not only run a click
and tracks in worship, but how it can also automate
lyrics, video and lighting in your worship gatherings. So, keep watching this video
because by the end of it you gonna have a firm
grasp on how Ableton Live can benefit your worship ministry. And at the end I’ll tell
you about a cool opportunity for you to begin learning
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out my online course, Lead Worship with Ableton. So in the rest of this video, I wanna walk through the
gear and software set up I use every Sunday at
Mission Lakewood Church. We’re a small church
plant here in Colorado, so Ableton Live has
been incredibly helpful, not only in enhancing
the sound of our band but also automating
our production elements where we frankly just
don’t have all the manpower to run lighting and lyrics to the level that we want them to. But Ableton Live takes care of that. So the rest of this video,
I wanna show you my set up and how it works. So here in front of me I have
all the gear and software I use to utilize Ableton Live to its fullest potential in worship. So I have two computers, this computer right here
is my Ableton Live laptop, this one sits on stage, usually
right next to our drummer, and then I have my other computer which is back in our tech booth that’s running Pro Presenter for lyrics and video on our screens and then also our lighting
software, myDMX 3.0. And then the third piece
of major hardware I use is the Looptimus MIDI foot controller that I have right here. And here’s kind of a general overview of how all this stuff talks to each other and how this all works during worship. So at the beginning of worship, when the countdown gets to zero, I cue up song number one
by pressing this button and then I press play on my
Looptimus mini right here and then what’s gonna happen, this is gonna send the
signal to Ableton Live through a USB cable, and remember this computer is on stage maybe about 15 feet away from me so the USB cable goes from
the Looptimus to this laptop and then this laptop runs our click track in Ableton as well as our backing tracks, so I’ll also have an audio output that goes to our digital
snake on our stage that then goes to our sound console. Then another thing that happens is once I trigger a
song using my foot pedal and it starts playing in Ableton Live then Ableton Live sends
midi signals over wifi to the other Macbook Pro running
Pro Presenter and lighting and that’s how Pro Presenter and my lighting software are automated. I also have a Samsung 256
gigabyte solid state drive, I store all of my Ableton Live media on, I love how small and
compact this hard drive is and it performs really fast, and because it’s solid state
it’s gonna be reliable, I don’t have to worry about
it failing anytime soon. And then right here I have my Looptimus and my Looptimus mini foot controllers and what happens is I have
these foot controllers near me when I’m leading worship and then when I’m ready
to queue up the song, I press the button to queue
up the right song in Ableton and then I press another
button on my Looptimus mini to play the song, and
then the magic happens. So now let’s dive more into Ableton Live and what’s all going on any
given Sunday when I use it. So what happens is when our
band is finished rehearsal, I’m gonna press a keyboard
command on Ableton, it’s gonna bring me to
this locator right here and I’m just gonna press play, that’s gonna bring up
our pre-service settings in Pro Presenter and in
our lighting software, so you’ll hear there’s
some background music we have playing softly, we just have the logo up on our screen, so this is what the look and
feel of everything is like about half hour leading
up to the worship service, and then we do do a five
minute countdown as well. And you’ll notice, it also triggered up the right lighting scenes in myDMX 3.0, so we have pre-service house lightings and then we black out
the stage, pretty simple, but you could really
configure it however you want and then at the beginning of our service, this is what happens. We have a countdown in
Pro Presenter going, and let’s just drag this to the end of the countdown right here. So there’s five seconds
left in this countdown, and our band is on stage, ready to go, so I’m gonna let this play through and then I’m gonna make
sure song one’s queued up and then when it hits zero, I press play. You can see the play head advancing, it starts fading in our tracks, it blacks out the screen,
brings up the first song. And then we’re in business. So this song was Glorious Day, you can hear the actual lyrics here. (Glorious Day by Passion) So look what’s happening here
as the play head advances in Ableton Live, on the top track, I have my markers track which
is just some empty midi cues to label different parts of the song, then I have tempo clip here
underneath this second track and a tempo clip is an empty audio file that simply sets the master
tempo of Ableton Live so that the metronome
here is at the right tempo so this will switch when I
go to different tempo clips for different songs. I also have a track for just
the plain old audio file click that sometimes comes with multi-tracks, I have a guide track to give us cues to count off different
sections of the song, for example, if I were
to zoom in here for you, you can see this is the guide that’s gonna count off the intro. – [Intro Track] Intro, two, three, four. Verse, two, three, four. – It counts off different
sections of the song so my band never gets lost. I put an MP3 track in here so I can hear the original arrangement, I’ll solo that for you. Then I have these green tracks here, which are all of my Pro Presenter cues. So I create a couple of
tracks for Pro Presenter in case if I wanna stack
cues on top of each other like I do here, and then I have my lighting
cues midi-track right here, so you can see I have
my house lighting cued, my band stage lighting cues, different cues for LED lights for the different colored looks that we have throughout worship, and as the playhead advances,
it’s gonna hit those cues and then it’s gonna queue
up those right scenes in my lighting software and the right lyrics in Pro Presenter. And then I have a couple
of cool tracks here for running pad, so sometimes, like at the intro to this song, I just wanted to have a little bit more of a beefier pad sound at the
beginning kind of fade in, so I have Churchfront pads right here, and then I also use pads, like sometimes we just wanna be able to spontaneous in worship, so what’s gonna happen is at the end of the third song we have in our set, the song’s gonna fade out and
then it’s just gonna be pads playing in the background
with our click track, and I have a loop marker right here, then I have a midi cue that
triggers the loop locator so watch what happens when the
play head hits this midi cue. It’s gonna loop back to the beginning of that section right there, so it could keep going on and
on for however long I want it. When I press pause, the pads fade out, I have lots of reverb applied
to the pads track right here, then I have a stop track down here, so that’s whenever I want
Ableton to stop by itself. A good example of this is when I queue up my
pre-service settings, I wanna press play and then not have to worry
about pressing pause, it’ll just automatically stop
right there on the stop cue, so Ableton’s really powerful
in how you can map midi cues, like from the stop cue track right here, up to the actual stop
button and transport. And then of course I have
all of my backing tracks. I’ll zoom way out here for you so you can see what’s going on. I have song one, song two,
song three is A Miracle, song four, Spirit of Living
Gods, song five’s Reckless Love, and then we have a post-loop, and it’s all set up in arrangement view so it’s a chronological timeline. I think arrangement view is the best way to set tracks up for
worship, and then it’s cool because I can perfectly
time my transitions here, so you can see how the
tracks of this first song, Glorious Day, are fading out and then I Lift My Eyes will be fading in. – [Computer] One, two,
one, two, three, four. – And then if I wanna go in, say like I’m looking at Reckless Love here and I want to mix the
sound of my backing tracks, that’s really easy to do on the fly. I’ll turn off the MP3 for you. These are all of my tracks, this is the mix that I
used this past Sunday. Our band doesn’t have a bass player, so I made sure I kept bass in there. We have our electric guitars, I can of course adjust all
of the different levels, the volume of each track, really easy. Let’s say if I were wanting
to change a key of a song, really quickly, all I’d have to do is select all of the tracks for that song, I probably don’t need to select the percussion tracks though, and then what I’ll do
is go into warp mode, and then I can just say,
let’s transpose this up two semi-tones, so here’s
what it sounds like first. And then if I wanna go up two semi-tones, let’s go up six semi-tones. But I’m gonna undo those because I don’t really need to
transpose the song that much. Let’s pretend that I
wanted to actually speed up the tempo of the song, I don’t really know why
I would wanna do that, but that’s also easy to do on the fly. So I’ll select my master
tempo clip I have over here, that sets the metronome in Ableton Live but it’s also gonna
adjust all the audio files and speed them up without
distorting the sound too much. I’m gonna go down here and I
will switch the segment BPM, it’s at 83 beats per minute, let’s switch it to 100 beats per minute. – [Computer] One, two. One, two, three, four, five, six. Intro. – So it’s super easy to
adjust both the key of songs and also the tempo of
a song in Ableton Live. Lastly, I just wanna kind of show you one of my favorite ways that Ableton just kind of makes the different transitions
in worship really seamless and this is when we’re coming
out of a sermon message in our service and at our church, we do two songs after the sermon. And towards the end of the sermon, what I’ll do is I’ll enable some pads, just kind of have some soft, subtle pads, playing in the background underneath the end of our pastor’s sermon and then when he starts praying at the end and of course, the pads
will just continue to loop in the background until
we enable the next song. So our pastor gets to
the end of his sermon and then after he prays,
he talks about how, hey, we’re gonna transition
back into worship now, so he invites people to stand
so we can worship together, and then when he invites people to stand and he starts exiting the
stage, watch what happens. I’m gonna press number four
for song four in our set list, which in this case is Reckless Love, it’s going to jump to that locator and it blacks out all the lights, and then it also sets the
house lightings to dim for when we sing our worship songs and then it also gives us a couple measures to do all this, so that we don’t count
off the song immediately, but now, as you can
see, the song counts off and then in Pro Presenter
we have a title slide and the background’s queued up, we have our new lighting scene queued up for that song as well. It’s just really seamless when
you program all of this stuff ahead of time with Ableton Live. Yet despite all the programming
we’re doing ahead of time, there’s still room to
program in flexibility into our worship set,
as I already showed you with those looping pads, but you can go through a song, you can create repeat cues, so that, say you’re
going through a chorus, you want to sing it one more time, you just press a button
on your foot controller and it will repeat that
section of the song, and then it will just keep going through the end of that song, so there’s just so many
different advanced little tweaks you can make to your Ableton Live set to allow for that flexibility in worship. If you’re new to Ableton Live and implementing this software in worship, I highly recommend you check out my free training linked below this video, you’re gonna learn all about the benefits of this software, some I didn’t even cover here, you’re also gonna learn
about myths to avoid, you’re also gonna learn about
the tools to get you started and finally I’ll give
you my ten step blueprint for implementing Ableton
Live at your church. If you’re convinced that Ableton Live is the right solution for your church, ’cause you’re excited about
all the benefits it offers and you wanna implement it the quickest and easiest way possible, then check out my online course, Lead Worship with Ableton. That’s also linked
below in the show notes. In this online course, I’ll walk you step by step through my implementation process for Ableton Live for worship leaders. You don’t have to be a
techy worship leader, you don’t have to have any experience with Ableton Live, even if you do have
experience with Ableton Live or other digital audio work stations, this course will save you a ton of time in developing an efficient workflow that’s gonna fit into your
worship planning routine. So click whatever link
below is best for you, I look forward to seeing
you inside the training or my online course. Thanks so much for watching, if you found this video helpful hit that thumbs up button, share this video with your
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  1. Way to go Jake…great stuff. Question, I lead fro the keyboard/piano, and I am already using the sustain pedal, sound amplifier pedal, and a bluetooth page turner. What is your thought in using a small, 33-44 key midi keyboard to use instead of a Looptimus board?

  2. Just a thought to consider you can do a lot in Session view. I create in Arrangement, but run in session. Like Will Doggett says its not an either or it can be both. It all depends on your approach and needs.The only thing I don't do that you do is crossfades of pads, I have 2 keys players so I have it covered. No need. But I might swap if I did not have live keys players. Its all about your needs. And I do ton of automation. One thing you may want to consider is consolidating you automation to lock it in. This way its the same every time. It also allows me drag that clip into session. I tell people take a look at your needs and let that guide which view is right to run live with, but by all means learn both views to know which one really suits you and your team the best.

    When get into multiple automation and lots of MIDI Routing I find that session view allows you to see routing details and big picture much more efficiently. Krisitan Ponsford the other big name with Multitracks is more of a Session view. So its really just depends on what works best. I also find the Mixer Style layout of session view is sometimes easier for volunteers to run. Its just more intuitive for them since its familiar.

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  5. Hey Jake !
    This great! Your video has inspired us to have our lyrics automated by Abelton.

    In this video you mentioned that you do have spontaneous moments. For the most part we stick pretty close to the arrangements have moments of spontaneous worship or we add some more space before the bridge to allow our worship leader to flow. In those moments who controls lyrics on slides? How would you coordinate that with your pro presenter person?

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