If I Was God

If I Was God

If I was god, I too would create a universe
if one did not exist. An act that I could not state with honesty
or accuracy could be motivated by anything other than my want.
A place necessarily born through my desire to create it, and not for the purpose, benefit
or function of anything within it, for all else is simply the product.
An unbelievably powerful act, but only if viewed with anthropocentrism in your eyes.
To me, it would not be powerful, or anything else. It would do nothing to denote my strength,
for I, and it would have nothing of contrast. As all adjectives concerning me and mine must
suffocate in my incomparable void. It would simply be an act of which I’m capable.
I too would create stars and planets and oceans and time and matter. But will do so in perfect
knowledge of their inevitability. Life will be created not by the click of my
fingers, or the plucking of ribs, but in the same way all the universe emerges. Through
the meticulous reordering of energy and matter. Everything constructed with character, stewarded
by laws and rules to distinguish it. Gravity attracting, time flowing, atmosphere generating,
life breathing, life decaying. Simplicity becoming complex, inevitably, and
slowly. Slow to you, but an instant to me, as the last moment of time was fashioned in
the same instance as the first. Time appearing as a mystical, unpredictable
force, but is as prescribed as the mass of particles, and the force of gravity. It is
not distinct, but is engrained within everything. Future and past sharing with dimension, and
colour, and temperature and all else. A perfect arena in which infinite possibilities
appear obvious, yet I know not to be true. Only an incompetent watchmaker could create
a watch, and be surprised by its function. If I was god, I could not escape the knowledge
of my design. Life hasn’t invented the wheel, or cars, or
computers, they are points that have been arrived at, as water arrives at the sea by
following its nature. But life will continue with glee to unearth and piece together the
building blocks laid out, following an enthusiastic path of preordination and instinct.
If I was god, I would not contemptibly create a life that I know would inevitably do as
I designed it to. Then punish it for doing so.
I would not extend punishment to all who follow, generation after indebted generation.
I would not entrap stooges in desperate attempts to convince people of myself.
I would not appear to people in one discrete part of the world, then rely upon flawed,
fallible natures to disseminate my apparent word. An edited word that can flip between
literal and metaphorical depending on need and interpretation.
I would not visit you, adorned as flesh and blood to evoke your emotion, or blackmail
those who draw caution, or reward those who don’t. Emotions and belief change, but they
are not choices, they are inevitable products of programming and environment.
The universe I create would manifest many species throughout its process, one not being
inherently superior to the other but simply being of a different branch. But their design
will necessitate them to rival. All species exhibiting and exploiting niches
in my world, but the journey is a convoluted one. In one instance a species will find favour
and fortune within the environment, the next they will languish terminally behind. But
they will all be connected. Despite the objective parity, some will arrive
at the ability to place themselves at the centre of my creation, but they are not. I
would offer no greater bias or favouritism to them, than I would to any joule of energy
or arrangement of atoms within my creation. If I was god, I would not be impressed by,
or find favour with demonstrations of ritual, nor commitment to credulity.
I will not become teary eyed and succumb to the impassioned pleas of the dying and persecuted.
Not because I wish to see suffering, or to sadistically toy, but because the concept
is vacuous. Morality and emotion is cultivated by brains
and bodies throughout life’s journey. It is important, but only if you are embedded in
life’s interactions. Why would I exist as anything more than an
impassive entity? A human in all but my ability to create existence and to provide answer
when one is yet to be found? Morality is a perspective. It cannot be enshrined
in stone, but will sway and move as time moves. It comes from the blueprint of interactions
with others over the entirety of evolution. If I was god, acts would have to manifest,
inevitably, nothing more. This is the nature of the universe. Energy
must transfer and will do so without prejudice or discrimination.
If I was god, I would question my own existence. I would question why an infinite universe
had not preceded me. I’d question why I preferred to instigate a universe than maintain nothingness,
a universe in which I can be offered no surprises and will remain impassive towards.
If I was god, I’d be perplexed to the necessity of my purpose.
If I was god, I probably wouldn’t exist.

71 thoughts on “If I Was God

  1. If I was god, I would not want to know what is to come, but live every passing moment in amazement.
    See everything in the universe for the first and only time.
    But if I was god, I fear even that would feel small and insignificant.
    The instant I thought of something more. Bigger or more intricate. I would know how to make it, how it would be. My creation loosing its grandeur the instant I created it.
    If I was god I would envy every sentient being in the universe and in despair create another one

  2. I once believed in a god like the one you would be.
    Until i realized i didn't need god anymore, to explain anything to me at all.
    Good video, good to see you're still here.

  3. Domone , great artist and great thinker, please share this video on social websites so it goes viral.

  4. Many times I've contemplated what I would do if I were an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent god to try to understand the idea of such a being. I arrived at the conclusion that if I were, I would create a universe with my own being and remove my own omniscience and omnipotence, allowing myself to observe my universe in wonderment and experience myself, eternally.
    I would quickly take the role of observer if offered godhood.

  5. Ha ha 😀
    Yes guilt is a terrible thing. I'll take this opportunity to encourage all viewers to think about the happiness of those orphan children…and most importantly, their own consciences.
    Thank you, and much appreciated!

  6. If there was a God who knew every single detail of every single possibility of anything he created, there would be no point of creating anything.

  7. great video…but I had my problems with understanding your accent. Probably missed out on some good sentences.

  8. If I was god, I'd see no other choice by make myself forget that I was god, to make myself something that is no longer god, just so I could have, what a god can't.
    Joy of existence, joy of not knowing the answers, joy at hope that in my lack of power, I feel compelled to search and grow, to attain what I do not already have. For a god, there is no purpose, no reason for it to exist. This is why the concept of god fails by the very definition people attempt to attribute to it.

  9. Great Job DomOne, your intellectual ability can be compared to Richard dawkins, sam harris etc., I was originally Hitchens fan, later dawkins and now yours.
    I think you might want to share this with dawkins's website so they can easily disseminate and yours surely will soon receive 100's of thousands of views and these videos need to be seen by as many as possible

  10. if god is all-knowing, he has no free will, as he already knows what he will do before he does it, and what he will think before he thinks it.

  11. Amazing…simply beautiful while encouraging a way of looking at this I hadn't considered before. People like you who make videos like these make me realize that I love learning so much that when I learn something new I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I literally feel high. Thank you. BRAINGASMS 4 EVERYONE!!

  12. an all knowing god :
    would have no doubt of intentions and therefore embark with passion, there would be no difference between thinking and acting.
    would be aware of what was not completed.
    would initiate a process that would self manage.
    would make no distinction between any form of life.
    would be able to set in motion events that would lead to humans through evolution.
    would know the choice of any mind before it existed and therefore not be able to create freewill.

  13. How would you know for sure that your perception of yourself is accurate and that you yourself are not an existence with another existences realm of power. Another entity that is able to control what you consider yourself to know.

  14. I was basing my comment on imagining that this god is suppose to be all powerful, all knowing. If he's all powerful, all knowing, then he would know everything. There would be no need for "him" to question.

  15. I am aware of that and I was too. I am adding the importance of self perception; considering the possibility of inaccuracies. If there is no need for "him" to question he is unable to prove what "he" "knows" – for it may be inaccurate. "He" is unable to test the possibility of realms outside of "his" perspective. "He" is accepting what "he" knows. Not questioning and knowing sounds robotic ie programmed.

    Being all powerful "he" would be able to test what he "knows"

  16. Wow, some of the best imagery I have ever seen!! Thanks. Seriously, where did you get all this stuff???

  17. By the way, if you notice my name, it pretty much sums up my belief about this whole thing, we are part of waves of energy that transit the universe, viewed in that light, you can set aside all the emotional stuff the humans have laid down in writing over the years.

  18. I watched this for about the 4th time, one of the more awesome videos I've seen on youtube, my only dismay is that the audio is a little "muddy" at some points, so I don't get to take in the audio as well as I should.

    My other dismay is that you only have 2200+ views. This thing should have about a billion views.

    It's a think starter, and the world needs more of those.

    So cheers to you and your talents, but do another where the vocal part is easier to take in as we watch the pictures.

  19. Because God gives man the freedom of choice, he does not know what man will choose until after the choice is made. However, God is not in time, so he knows the choose before it has been made it. Still, he does not charge man with the offense before it happens like the Tom Cruse (Minority Report).

    We cannot get our minds around this because we can only understand temporal concepts, or better yet, cannot understand as God understands.

  20. Consider the story of King Solomon. Certainly God knew the actions of King Solomon before he even made them, yet he did not charge him until they were made and even warned him multiple times. So here us a riddle for you Dom0ne. If God new that King Solomon would forsake him and eventually serve other gods, why did he give him wisdom, peace in his kingdom, & great wealth? Why did he warn him against the very thing that he knew he would eventually do?

  21. "We cannot get our minds around this because we can only understand temporal concepts, or better yet, cannot understand as God understands."
    Or, perhaps, because it's complete poppycock, generated by people who desperately *want* there to be a "god"–even though the concept makes no sense and there seems to be no evidence to support it.
    "It's a mystery, it's a mystery, it's beyond our comprehension"–an "explanation" that you would not stand for, were it offered for any other self-contradiction.

  22. Thank you for your support, truly appreciated!
    I'm sure I'll make a new video eventually, but I'm finding YT seems to be a ridiculous amount of effort with little reward these days.

  23. The branching clip at around 3:37 is one of the most beautiful representations I've seen. Where did it come from?

  24. i would like to meet the person whose thoughts were presented in this speech, look him in the eyes and give him a hug.

  25. We humans made up the word "God" or "gods". The big bang is another thing that we made up, in reality the Universe did not have a beginning. God is   "Consciosness" is that simple. We made up all the religious books to try to give an  explanation to many lost questions.  The Bible states very clear that "We were created in their image". Clear and simple.. We were created by conscious beings just like us , but the difference between them and  Us is that they had the ability to create matter. We lost that ability as soon as We became humans. They never became humans that's why they never lost that knowledge. That's why the bible say that We were created in their image and likeness, because we are just like them but they had the ability to take their consciousness to another  level where they could think and create solid matter…all this by using their vibration…When We humans die our consciousness separates from our bodies, then our consciousness travels to other dimensions or vibration. If you got knowledge you will be able to elevate yourself and receive more knowledge and even create your own reality. But if you did not get any knowledge you will not get elevated, you will go down. SO you will have to come to earth and do everything  again and again until you learn  "Knowledge". Knowledge is Power. The knowledge that they had from the start never had a beginning(As humans perspective), but continues forever.   They don't know what is to be a human but We do, that's what makes us different but our likeness is in our consciousness that never ends. What happen if you never were a human, would you understand the human condition? If We humans talk about aliens a lot, the aliens will become real. Our Consciousness is very strong when is united as One… The Universe is Mental. I don't think that they created us to be their slave but to work hard to get "Knowledge " that leads to freedom. The book of Thoth says that Knowledge is Light and We must become free from the bondage of the body. The body is the bondage.  How about  the evil things in the world? The evil things are created by us and by low vibration. If you have a low vibration you will never be elevated until You learn "Knowledge".

  26. Just checking in once again, this is still my favorite of all youtube.  In five minutes he lays it all out.

    Matter is energy, and energy flows in waves.  Hence, EnergeticWaves, my youtube channel name.  

    I wish you all the best, Dom0ne.  You are a genius.  And don't let anybody tell you different.

  27. So now I just watched it AGAIN, and this thing is beyond brilliant.  

    But I am only typing this to put Dom0ne on notice that although everything he says here is true, D is living in a world full of idiots.  It matters not the level of melanin in your skin or your facial features.  NOBODY, wants to hear this message.  Why?  Because it is true.  Humans don't seem to care about truth.  If they did would the world be the way it is?  Case closed.

  28. wow.. I just found your channel today. All of your videos have really amazing thoughts behind them. Thanks for sharing such amazing videos.

  29. I did an "If I Was God" video back in 2009, which I consider to be (probably) the best video I've ever made.
    If you've never seen it, take a look, I'd value your opinion. its on my main page.
    (the sound is ridiculously low on it, headphones at max volume recommended)

  30. You know why you could think like that? Because Allah gave you an intellect, you are using it, but you can use it better. There is no learning without failing, and there is no joy without pain, get over with the suffering.

  31. If I was God everything would happen as I want it to happen and no one will dare to do anything I don't like. Everything and everyone would be superior intelligence and stupid people would't even exist. Everything would be like ghosts and no suffering would exist.

  32. I thank you for your video. It's very inspiring. I'm an ex Muslim and all I wanna say it's a religion full of stupid things"like all religions ", it's obvious that I have to hide my identity as Muslim people r in extreme darkness and even people who might leave an impression that they are sane, they aren't. I gave up on religions, I was an agnostic for a while then I find myself even better being an atheist. There is nothing like thinking that I'm alone in here and I should be dealing with it and not to be a coward. Time has proven to me that our senses aren't perfect specially our brains and logic"not mentioning being in a third world country, where logic doesn't exist". Universe is made of settled laws and facts not running by impaired human logic. For all Muslim people I say please understand that Islam isn't different to any religion. It's full of unbelievable stupid mistakes which a junior science student would debunk them. These kind of enlightening work, we all human beings should promot. I really love this video, it's settled deep in my heart :)!

  33. about 6 months ago, my girlfriend suggested this video for me as she was an atheist and I was a Muslim, I liked how you articulated your thoughts beautifully but I felt enraged that I couldn't defend my stance, I disliked the video and continued my day.
    well during those months I experienced immense doubt that was fed by reason, and I've decided to put my thoughts into words since I felt frustrated that I can't share my doubt's with anyone due to where I live. I remembered this video, and I rewatched a few times, and I can say that how beautifully you narrate your arguments is matched by how convincing and logical they are.

  34. Once a year I come back here to see this video. This is the single best piece of brilliance on YouTube, yet 5000 views. Give me a break. This guy gets it.

  35. If i were god i would have fun creat beings that think they are smart and can reach me yet can t do nothing I would make them think they are special and superior just to have fun and see what they can do If i were god i will never like any being to pray to me cause it s not fun to be watch pussy beings . If i were god i would do every thing to have fun

  36. If I was a god, which I am not and never will be, time would never end. I would also make a multiverse, in which infinite universes exist. People would be judged as soon as they died, rather than at the end of time because if I was a god, there would be no end of time. I would have prophets, and I would be a compassionate god. Any sinners would be cast into hell when they died. Any good people would go to heaven, because I would judge them by their heart, rather than what they did on their planet during their lifetime. All planets would have life on them. I would let history be the history it is, with all of my multiverse knowing all history of every universe, with no details of history left out. Religious freedom would be allowed, and all you would have to do to get to heaven is to have a pure heart. If you didn't, well then it's the eternal furnace for you. People in hell would burn forever, and it would be excruciating burning pain in a lake of fire forever. People in hell would never leave. If demons possessed people, I would send my priests to cast the demons into hell to burn forever. If any demon were killed, I would kill it forever in hell with fire. People who got to go to heaven would live in peacefulness forever. Heaven and hell would be divided by a great canyon, where if one tried to cross over to the other side, they would fall forevermore. Heaven would be protected by a tall golden fence so they damned could not cross over and impurify the saved and heaven. I would not necessarily have a plan for my multiverse; I would let people live the way they wanted to live. Then after they die, it's judging time. Evolution would not happen. There would be trillions upon trillions of species, some older than others, but no evolution because it sucks and I hate it. If someone offended me, I would send him bad luck until he/she repented. Technology would advance forever since time would never end. There would be no 2018 BC or 2018 AD. Instead, there would be -2018 and 2018. More universes would be made constantly and so on. If a species dies, then it dies. I judge it and sentence it based on their kind of heart. If their heart is impure, then I toss the person away into hell like garbage. If it's pure, I welcome the person into heaven like a friend.

  37. Great video, again. My favorite will always be If I Was God, but this is excellent also. You must work in video editing cause I could never make something this well done, or even do the writing, so once again, you are amazing.

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