I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

45 thoughts on “I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

  1. Wow, finally found one of the best i am affirmations while sleeping, she has a very soft voice, this is perfect Thank you!!!

  2. Great video! It has inspired me to try and make one for myself. I have a new YouTube channel and I hope to reach as many people as you to make a positive message like you! I have been using affirmations for a very long time. And they have changed my life. I made a video of the affirmations that I use.
    Feel free to check it out! And I hope that it works for you as it does for me ❤️❤️❤️

  3. When I'm smoking cannabis while listening to it….is amazing. It was the best decision I had ever made.

  4. This was really awesome I didn’t sleep I just sat up & really listened to the words and I feel very good rn I feel very positive ❤️

  5. Thankyou! I'll trust in this one. Bought so many digital products and no success on change. I just might not end myself…

  6. This is amazing I am starting to see a nice cash flow now. It's kind of crazy. Wealth will come your way!

  7. Do I need headphones for this to work? Or can I just play it on the nightstand without the loud volume?

  8. I don't know if it's just me but the audio quality is very spotty it goes in and out at 25 minutes roughly

  9. This helped me so much thank u for all this i appreciate the time and effort u put in this for other people to thank u so much 🤞

  10. Knowledge becomes power when it is put into a action. Revelli Ashok Kumar Lawyer and Motivational Speaker

  11. I wish for everyone’s dreams to come true! Please help support my dreams aswell! Please support my YouTube Channel! God bless you all!

  12. Thank you universe for the success you have given me through YouTube! Thank you for my financial freedom, and the ability to make 30,000 dollars a month!! Starting now! Thank you universe thank you thank you thank you!!! I love you I am blessed thank you!

  13. This is the only manifestation I trust listening to at night. Since listening it has really changed my life. I was so depressed about my brothers death and found it hard to commit myself to anything. Now I’m achieving everything I have ever dreamed of. This does work. Commit to it and you will see the difference within sixth months. Thank you rising higher meditation. 🙏🏻

  14. Hoping someone has a suggestion that might work for me.
    I’m going to bed tired enough to fall asleep within 5 mins, which is what usually happens.
    However, I’ve been a Mum for the past 21 years and have 7 children. Therefore a lot of voices all the time and my ears are Mummy trained.
    My mind is staying too active with the talking and I just can’t drop off to sleep because I think someone needs me I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ve been doing this meditation for 2 days so far and get to about 30 mins before giving up and putting on some non speaking meditation.
    Any ideas please from someone who has also experienced this? 💖

  15. The first night l listened to this I saw blue lightning in my mind and felt an energy in my room. In fact, I jumped out the bed and turned on the light. I got through it but It was a different experience. It was like I actually felt my brain shifting. This is by far the best. I tried other ones but my mind is drawn to this particular one!

  16. How do people sleep with these noisy affirmations in the background?
    I can't. It keeps me awake. As soon as I turn it off, I fall asleep.
    Does anyone have any advice how I can sleep with these playing?
    My mind wants quiet.

    I have been doing affirmation tracks for over a year and nothing has changed.
    What is wrong?

  17. I listened to this in my sleep and had a dream… I went to an old wardrobe cabinet and it started screaming at me to “stop doing this mother F….r!!” Needless to say, I woke up very frightened. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  18. Nip use to go to sleep with audiobooks playing so I figure I go to bed with positive affirmations talkin to my subconscious

  19. This is what I was looking for, since I learned that, no matter how much you study, how much you want to take action towards your goals, in order to effectively reprogram your mindset, you need to rewrite your subconscious mind.
    Thank you for creating this. Can I ask you for the list of affirmations?

  20. The combination of listening to this while I sleep and waking up every morning everyday and saying out loud that I will achieve my goals has completely changed my life.

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  22. Very difficult to listen to a 6 hour long video but if I thought it will make a difference in my life then I will listen to it, are u supposed to listen to this many times??

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