How True Christianity Is No Longer Common Among Christians (Uncommon Christianity Ep 101)

How True Christianity Is No Longer Common Among Christians (Uncommon Christianity Ep 101)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Christianity today has been
hijacked by the traditions of men and doctrines of devils. What I mean by
that is we’ve come to practice rituals and beliefs
that were not established by apostolic doctrine. In the Old Testament,
God drew a picture of shepherds who all they cared
about was fleecing the sheep. They didn’t care about
feeding them good food. They didn’t care
about caring for them. All they cared about is what
they can take from the sheep. The prophets used this
terminology speaking to those shepherds. They said, woe unto
you, shepherds. I see that condition today. Leadership is doing
all it can to see what it can take from the sheep. But God placed leaders to
heal sheep, to guide sheep, to strengthen sheep,
to build up sheep– or the people of God. I don’t want to make it
seem like we are sheep. That’s the analogy that’s given. My responsibility is to try
to get the voice of reason into the ear, into the
heart of God’s people for how far off
Christianity has been taken. I have not just begun this. I have been speaking like
this for almost 40 years. What I’ve just begun now is
to speak through this medium. So we need to go back
and look at creation. We need to go back and look at
the purpose of why we’re here to come up with the right answer
of what is true Christianity. Because it’s not common. It is not what is understood. It is not what is believed. It is not what is practiced. Therefore, what is
right is uncommon. And what is wrong
has become common. My effort is to reverse that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

15 thoughts on “How True Christianity Is No Longer Common Among Christians (Uncommon Christianity Ep 101)

  1. brother we need more of these direct simple messages of truth false preachers have made salvation a confusing works based process and led people away

  2. when JESUS coming back, he will say to those people who claim he is FULLY GOD like this


  3. Wow! Brother in Jesus Christ, we need more time and more teaching like this to demolish the doctrine of the devil put in place by men

  4. True Christianity ceased to exist when the Roman emperor Constantine became a 'Christian' and was instrumental introducing heathen customs and forbidding the Sabbath worship in the Roman Catholic Church. True Christianity kept the Law that God gave to Moses, including keeping the Sabbath (7th day) holy unto the Lord. Jesus NEVER brought 'another' Law, as most Christians today believe, because that would have made Jesus a sinner. 'Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.' (Deuteronomy 4:2)

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