How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes and See in the Spirit - Part 2

How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes and See in the Spirit – Part 2

we began to teach last week on basic things that you can put in place in your life that will help activate your spiritual eyes I want to continue that same teaching but I want to pick up with job 22:28 once again that says you shall decree a thing and it shall be established for you there is tremendous power in you speaking the truth of God's Word over your own life numbers 23:19 says that the Lord is not a man that he should lie because God does not lie when he tells us that if we decree a thing it will be established in our lives than his word is truth so we can either believe God in his word or we can believe our own thoughts or our culture or our societal mindset this whole teaching came because so many people around the world as we travel are continually asking how can I begin to see in the realm of the Spirit and so I'm trying to give you some tools that you can begin to apply in your life that will accelerate this process so I want to give you some things this week that you can begin to practice between now and next week and you will see a difference the first thing is prayer you pick something in your life that you really need or that really needs a focus of prayer I want you to pray exactly the way we shared with you last week be fully engaged with all of your senses you pray with your thoughts you pray with your emotions you pray with your will you pray with your imagination as you're praying see that prayer coming to pass and being active in your life keep your whole being your spirit soul and body engaged in prayer at first as you're learning how to pray this way it's best to just take a few short minutes but as you continue it gets easier and your prayer life expands the next thing is intercession if your me there's there's somebody in your life that you really have no inclination or desire to pray for just consider for a few minutes where this person might end up throughout all of eternity this could be a person who's greatly offended you or wounded you or hurt you in the past specifically ask God to give you a burden for that individual in prayer now as you pray for that individual it might be by the spirit it might be in your known tongue but ask God to bless them and redeem them and bring them to the light of the glory of the knowledge of God and the third thing is make declaration decree a thing consider any problem or any challenge that you're going through and in your life and begin to decree or declare the victory over that every time this challenge comes to your mind decree the answer according to the Word of God for instance those of you who are in business can begin to decree success and prosperity into your business those of you who are facing physical challenges begin to decree and declare that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus decree and declares many times a day is you think of it that your eyes are open and you can see in the realm of the Spirit listen declare over your home that home you are a bethel a gateway to heaven you're a habitation of angels you're a place where the revealed will of glory of God is now remember I'm giving you principles that help you activate your spiritual sight these are things you should do every day in these exercises these principles I've given you be aware of the spiritual atmosphere around you as you're praying and as you're declaring as you do these things this week by next week you'll begin to see a change in your home and in your life the next thing is is we must learn to exercise our spiritual senses I personally have never had much revelation or visitation just hanging out or watching television it's when I lay those things aside and I choose to come apart with God and his feat is when revelation and these things begin to activate during that season when I choose to go aside with the Lord that's when I have visions and visitations of angels and visions of heaven and the things that are coming upon this earth you see it's my choice whether I enter into this or not it's your choice whether you're going to enter into this or not now listen all of these principles it took years to learn and to glean from the Word of God and from this journey in Christ you're receiving the whole package today for free don't be one of the 90% that because they receive something for free they put no value in it rather grab hold of these principles and begin to put them into practice in your life daily and you will see as I said before within a week you will see a change begin to take place stillness is a key it's very difficult to feel or sense or see anything if you're preoccupied or distracted with anything in the natural realm you have to take time to do your spiritual workout 5 minutes here or 2 minutes there all throughout the day you can do this consistently I heard another man of God teach this principle he said if you learn to look with the eyes of faith eventually you begin to see ripples in the atmosphere around you that's a removing of the veil between two realms look this is a key I'm giving you an exercise to begin to practice that will strengthen your spiritual vision for instance if you're sitting in your backyard or sitting somewhere and there's an object like a tree in your backyard rather than look at that object or that tree look at the space between yourself and that object look there by faith and in concentration and understanding that God is activating something and a transition begins to take place as you practice this it won't be long before you're seeing the spiritual atmosphere right alongside the natural realm and you begin to stand with greater clarity what it truly means to see in the realm of the spirit see as you wait upon the Lord here's one of the things the Lord taught me I use all of my senses to to try and engage the realm of the spirit the way the Lord taught me is as I closed my eyes I would focus all of my senses all of my heart all of me upon piercing the veil between the natural and the supernatural I would say quietly under my breath Lord Jesus I love you and I would I would focus everything about me upon him it wasn't long before I was piercing the veil and I'm beginning to see with greater clarity every time because practice makes proficient another key is to relax just be at rest don't strive don't be anxious don't worry just just rest scripture says that if you ask your heavenly father for a fish he's not going to give you a stone we're asking the Lord to open our spiritual eyes to activate our spiritual senses he delights in doing that as we come to the Lord and just simple faith believing God begins to break open your spiritual senses for you you must earnestly desire these things and then you must honor God for these things so practice always be looking always in your own understanding stay father I'm exercising my spiritual vision always be looking you don't have to take a break from this I mean how often do you have to take a break from your natural eyesight the truth is as long as you have a need to see in the natural you can use your eyes in the same way we have a need to see in the realm of the Spirit and so we can see at all times we'll continue this next week but between now and next week take these principles and practice and you'll be amazed you know I don't believe in coincidence I don't believe that you're watching this by accident I believe God wants to do something in your life let me pray for you father opened their eyes that they might see release the grace in their life to put these principles to practice each and every day father I thank you that those who are watching this and listening to this will have their eyes open and they'll begin the adventure of a lifetime and I thank you for this father in the name of Jesus amen

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  1. It is not possible to completely edit out the Chinese interpreter from the videos. If the "flashing lady" bothers you go to the Playlist (link below) and select the WO version of episode 1, 2 or 3.

  2. Could you explain more on stillness/quiteness? Is it the same as waiting for the Lord after prayer? Another question, I tried to pray with my imagination but at times it's hard to do both. What advice would you give me. Thank you!

  3. Someone sent me 1 part of this teaching and here I am watching all 3 parts and downloading them as well. Hallelujah!!!!!!

    Thank you for your obedience to the Father Dr. Bruce !

  4. @Ben ShimonΒ  Thank you servant of the Lord Jesus for sharing these deeper spiritual tools. God bless you mightily

  5. are you serious, does this really work? I have heard of any as of yet that can see the spirit world, is this what you are saying is possible? I am going to spend more time in pray practicing these principles for sure, and watch part 3

  6. Pastor your teachings are profound thanks for having a deep relationship with the Lord.

  7. You know, Dr. Bruce, I admire your God Given desire to want to help the Body Of Christ, "go deeper" in the things of God. I happened upon your teaching yesterday, and had to watch all three parts again-TODAY! It is THAT Good!! God Bless You, and Thank You.

  8. Amen thank you very much for sharing this, I have been begging God to open my spiritual eyes and ears, I didn't know about this…..will be back with testimonies…

  9. Amen to that great teaching. Thanks so much Man of God. Please pray for me. I'm an evangelist here north east India

  10. Once Again….Thanks Mr Ben …Episode 60 was a real eye opener…and wake up call …literally speaking for me…😊…and was looking forward to this Episode!

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