How To Live In The Present – Mindfulness Exercises | Aetna

How To Live In The Present – Mindfulness Exercises | Aetna

The human mind is capable of doing amazing
things. At the same time, it suffers from mind chatter
or monkey mind. The constant stream of uncontrolled thoughts
going on in the back of the mind. The untrained mind depletes our energy, puts
us in a bad mood, and keeps us up at night. And it can put us in a chronic state of stress
reactivity which is harmful to the heart. I’d like to invite you to try a mindfulness
practice that will help you train your mind. Sitting in your chair, aware of your feet
on the ground Bringing your body into an upright and dignified
posture. Crown of the head is lifted towards the sky. Arms are relaxed at the sides. Lowering or closing the eyes. Bringing your attention to breathing. Following the air as it moves in and out of
the body. Aware of where you feel yourself breathing. At the nostrils, chest, or abdomen. Letting your attention rest wherever you feel
you’re breathing the most. Noticing any thoughts that may be going through
your mind now. The mind is typically worrying, problem solving,
planning, and reminiscing. Observing one thought at a time as it passes
through the mind without judgment. Like leaves floating down a stream. When a thought comes into the mind, notice
it, let it go, and bring the attention back to your breathing. Back to home base. See if you can notice your thoughts without
grasping or clinging to them. Where is the attention now? If it has wandered off, compassionately escort
the attention back to this moment. I’m going to be silent while you practice
this skill for just a few moments. Following the next breath in and out. Preparing to transition, remembering this
place of awareness is always available to you because it’s within you. Allowing the eyes to open if they were closed. Noticing how you feel now. Here’s your takeaway. If you would like to quiet the mind, all you
need to do is pause and pay attention to your breathing and your thoughts. This will help you focus, be more productive,
lower your stress level, and be happier.

4 thoughts on “How To Live In The Present – Mindfulness Exercises | Aetna

  1. I am sensitive through mindfulness , that I receive meaning from everything . Especially from conversation ; with stimuli coming all at once .

  2. Of course, I'm sharing this to The Attention Control & Mental Concentration Facebook Group. This is one of the BEST simple and practical instructional on Mindful Attention on all of YouTube – you should be applauded!

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