How to Label Thoughts in Meditation

How to Label Thoughts in Meditation

Did you know that when you increase
mindfulness of your thoughts and of your feelings, you can create an opportunity
to pause and instead of reacting – choosing how you’re going to respond? In this video we’re going to do a guided meditation on mindfulness of thoughts
and feelings hi I’m Shirley Archer your mindful living coach I’m here to help
you say no to overwhelm let’s begin start with three conscious breaths inhaling deeply exhaling completely You can breathe in and
out through the nose or through the mouth. whatever is comfortable for you you may close your eyes or if you prefer, look downward with a soft unfocused gaze bring your attention back to the breath make no effort to control the breath but simply observe the breath as it flows in
and as it flows out draw your attention to where you feel
the breath most perhaps in the nostrils or the back of
the throat perhaps in the chest or the belly with each
inhalation and exhalation simply observe how your body is moving each breath make
no effort to control the breath rather we be with the breath experiencing inhaling and exhaling feeling the rhythm and the steady flow feel the sense of stillness from the base of the feet through the
top of your head fully alive yet calm and centered if you notice any thoughts
arising in your mind allow the thoughts to emerge make no effort to stop but also avoid becoming involved with
the thought see if you’re able to simply observe can you label what comes up? is it
is it planning? is it thinking? is that perhaps rehearsing a past event? replaying a past event? or is it imagining things that have not yet
happened? you can label thinking planning, imagining…
and if you find yourself starting to get caught up in a thought simply bring your
attention back to the breath is it an in breath, is it an out breath? where are you feeling the breath? bringing a quiet curiosity to the breath and as you feel yourself becoming still
and centered see if you can observe any thoughts or feelings that arise again labeling if you find yourself getting carried
away by a thought as so often happens bring yourself back to the breath
inhaling perhaps exhaling steady calm ever-flowing and as you continue to
observe the breath perhaps allow the sides of the mouth to curl up gently
into a half-smile noticing if that brings a feeling of happiness? does that
change the energy in your body or in your mind? stay with the observation coming back to the breath feeling calm, centered, confident, in your ability to
pause as thoughts and feelings arise creating that opportunity to choose how
you wish to respond enjoy again a deep conscious breath slowly rotating the wrists open and close the fingers drawing the energy back up into the body if you have your eyes closed you might want to open them now bringing your
awareness back into the room allow yourself to enjoy whatever feels good at
the moment you might want to roll your shoulders or bring the shoulders forward
and back big exhale feeling calm centered and ready to face whatever Life
brings to you thank you for sharing this time with me today I hope you enjoy it thank you for your time

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  1. Learning how to label and observe thoughts helped me and continues to help me improve my mindfulness. It is not as easy as it sounds! Let me know if you have any questions. Always happy to help

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