How to Increase the Probability of Manifestation (Guided Meditation Included)

How to Increase the Probability of Manifestation (Guided Meditation Included)

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
a completely new idea with that a manifestation and how you can really
increase the probability of you experiencing what you want and at the
end we’re gonna wire it in with a powerful meditation on this video I’m
gonna be sharing with you that new perspective that I’ve been coming to
understand when it comes to consciousness when it comes to
manifestation in general now let me first off say that this is the new type
of style videos I’ve been doing so what I do is I do 5 10 12 minutes of the
information section of the video and then what we do is in the last part is
we wire it in with the meditation so that we are able to make learning more
of a dynamic experience and something we can really absorb at an energetic level
rather than it just been all inside of the head so this is a new style of in
doing let me know what you guys think of this style it’s something I’ve been
doing for a couple weeks now and I’ve had a great response from you guys but I
just want to make sure that this is the style that I should keep going in so
with that what I’m gonna be doing is sharing with you this new idea of
probable realities now probable realities now this is an interesting
idea because normally I’ve explained that many times before on that of
parallel realities the understanding that there are an infinite number of
parallel realities that exists and that we’re constantly shifting through
different parallel realities that what we think of as time is actually the
movement through different parallel realities but we have memory we have a
way of stringing all of these together with our brain to say oh this is now
this is the past this is the present this is the future but nonetheless they
all exists right now in the present moment we’re simply shifting our focus
to different parallel realities now of course there’s an infinite number of
parallel realities and this is also what quantum physics is showing us and
there’s a different aspect though that I want to talk about today and it’s this
interesting aspect I’ve been studying when it comes to understanding what some
people call a big toe sotto stands for theory of everything so a theory of
everything and they found out is that a lot of times
the scientists have come up with what’s called a little tow a little theory of
everything now a theory of everything a little tow version of that would be it
explains a certain part of life it might explain the reality within we live in
but it doesn’t explain anything beyond that it might explain a certain facet of
why we experience things in life but nothing beyond that now a big theory of
everything would have something that’s all inclusive of all of this now this
might sound a little bit different maybe you haven’t heard this before but
there’s very credible scientists that believe that we live in a virtual
reality now this is this is actually very empowering this might seem kind of
scary like what do you mean a virtual reality well think about it
they have technology and they will especially have even you know more
technology the next five or ten years where you put it on and you don’t know
the difference between what you have on like the helmet you’re wearing you don’t
know the difference between that reality and the reality that you’re in now they
will eventually have that capability maybe even eventually it’s something
that goes beyond that of just some like helmet we put on it could be some level
of consciousness thing or it’s like a simulation but in actuality think about
it what do our senses do our senses interpret information everything in our
lives is consciousness and consciousness is different data streams of
interpretation did it different data streams of information so what we can
see is that our sense is what we can hear see touch all of these things are
interpretations of vibration now what if we exist as immortal spiritual being
still consciousness sometimes when we think of virtual reality we think of
just technology but nonetheless it’s like a metaphor and that metaphor is
that when you are playing a game for example you can get very involved into
playing a game maybe it’s playing some type of video game like Sims right
you’re playing Sims you have an avatar and you’re going around and you’re
playing your game now sometimes what happens is we become identified with
that avatar and we think that that is who we are now in
similar way what I believe happens now this is kind of like a more general idea
but I believe that we are immortal spiritual beings of Anna temporary human
experience now for a period of time we have logged into this game of life that
when we log into the game of life we have these senses these senses we can
interpret information through and we can use these there’s ways of enhancing our
perception there’s ways of enhancing and having abilities like being able to you
know senses beyond that they call that The Sixth Sense being able to see beyond
that of just what we can you know some people can see auras for example which
are just different data streams that’s all they are some people are trained to
see it some people can naturally see it and I think that at a fundamental level
when we’re born we actually all have the ability we just tone it out as we get
older based on our own belief systems but nonetheless that within the reality
that we live in we’ve logged in for a period of time we’ve forgotten who we
are at a greater level we’ve forgotten that we are playing in a way a
metaphorical game now the purpose of this game is to integrate the purpose of
this game is to first off remember that you’re playing the game would call that
spiritual awakening and from then to be able to influence the game in the
reality direction that you want now the way we influence the game is through
that of intention when we set intentions we increase the probability of something
else happening we in a way take think about it as what we experience in this
game is dependent upon the choices that we make and the energy state that we
exist in when we are modifying these things we then are modifying the future
of probabilities we’re making certain things more probable now anything is
possible the question is not is this possible is it’s not possible it’s is
this probable and the way that we create an increase in probability is through
our intent it’s through our emotion it’s these two things combined intent emotion
so in a way we are living in what we could metaphorically call a virtual
reality we’ve forgotten that we’ve logged in and science is actually
starting to show that this is much more probable this is much more likely than a
lot of the other theories of everything if you look at a
recent talk with Elon Musk he says it’s very highly probable that we live in a
simulation now this can be scary because we think simulation we think oh this is
this is technology this is like we’re living in the computer it’s more so
about understanding that we are consciousness and that if we are aware
of this we are becoming more aware of who we really are we’re becoming aware
like imagine that you’re playing a video game and you thought that you were the
character in the video game so you were reacting to everything that happened and
everything was so serious everything was so important but then all the sudden you
realized that there’s also an energy that’s flowing through that character
now that energy flowing through that character is actually a different
perspective that’s more expanded that has more ability to influence in a
powerful way that’s what I believe we do when we connect to who we really are we
call this the higher self think of the higher self as the person playing the
video game and the ego self as that of the avatar you know the movie recently
came out when recently it’s been years now but the movie avatar the movie
avatar kind of points to this idea what if we
could get consciousness and what if consciousness could then put itself into
a different quote-unquote you know like the idea that you’re on one planet and
then on a different planet there’s like some virtual reality going on of course
that that’s a great movie and everything but is it far off from possibility
because I believe that at the fundamental core we are consciousness
that our senses are interpreting information that we are immortal
spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and the goal of the
game is to integrate and to feel more loved the vibration of love is the
purpose of playing the game it is the the love is the realization we are
naturally loved but the idea is to move through that of the game and realize
that that is who we are and the more we exude compassion and love for other
people with the understanding that those other avatars are other versions of us
at a greater level the more we expand our awareness to a totally new level so
you see this is a is kind of a new idea but this is something that I’ve been
studying recently I find it very interesting
steam and it’s a very empowering definition because it means that we can
shift our perception to that of the higher self to that of the consciousness
that we are to understand that we are immortal spiritual means have a
temporary human experiences you know when I went to my spiritual awakening
and I had this feeling that in a way metaphorically speaking that life in a
way is kind of like a video game we log in we have challenges we have problems
that we deal with but then we learn how to transcend them and through that
transcendence that creates pressure we end up moving up and we end up learning
more about ourselves and it’s something that we wanted to have the experience of
imagine that in the higher realms we could call it the higher dimensions that
anything you want you immediately get that there’s instant manifestation that
that is the way that reality works that’s natural for you that you live in
unconditional love naturally how much love or how much learning would there be
with that now of course I’m sure they’d be some type of learning but what I
think we’ve chosen to do is to become a part of this life experience to remember
who we are to go through the challenges to slow down the manifestation process
from instantly to then we have to consistently think of something we have
to set the intent and as we do that we then create the probabilities of what we
want to experience I think that that is a likely or a possibility for the way
reality could work and in a way we’ve logged into this game of life and
together collectively we’re also experiencing this reality together in
many ways now we all have our own interpretation of it one of the ways we
also create our reality in the VR type analogy and the virtual reality is
through our interpretation of things because the way we interpret it has a
lot to do with what we experience and everyone will have a little bit of a
different interpretation some people might see the same event and have five
different interpretations for it there’s five different people now nonetheless
they’ll gonna all respond to that in a different way as well but it’s about
understanding that things in life are fundamentally neutral depending on our
perspective we can change things around and when we start to put it in the
direction of an intent that’s what increases probability so set the
intention and how do we set an intention well you literally think of what you
want to experience as an outcome as the outcome what do you
want set the intention literally think I intend for dot-dot-dot and then put
whatever that dot-dot-dot is so you’d be like I intend to go to the gym and have
a great workout that’s what I’m gonna do later on today I’m gonna set the
intention that I eat healthy food I’m gonna set these intentions and I’m
making it more probable and based on the choices I make as my quote unquote
Avatar right now I’m going to then experience the ramifications of that but
know that you at the fundamental core are unconditional love that that is your
natural state of being that’s part of the purpose of life is always
remembering that and always choosing that perspective because choice is what
determines the probable future you experience and we’re always shifting I
think that parallel realities VR they can all interlink together it’s not like
it’s either this or it’s this or it’s this but collectively I think that as
well we have decided to be here for a very important time on the planet
because we’ve all Koch decided to go through an awakening of consciousness to
become aware that we are not the avatars that we are immortal spiritual beings
that are all connected and that when we realize this we expand
our awareness to a higher level of consciousness and things appear
completely differently so this is about having the understanding of who we are
at the fundamental core in knowing that we all agreed here for to be here for a
certain reason and that we’re all going to move this through this together and
create the probable futures that we want in a collective type way as well as
individual but the individual way we do it is to understanding our intent what
is your intention very powerful formula increased intention elevated emotion
feel it within your heart because that heart feeling is who you naturally are
that will very powerfully put you in the direction of what you want and make
things much more probable so with that let’s go ahead and move into a
meditation this meditation is going to help to wire in this understanding of
intention and how we can apply intention in our life how we can understand what
we can experience what we want in a very easy way so what we’re gonna do right
now is take a deep breath in take a deep breath out we’re gonna relax with every
breath that we take we’re also gonna put our hand
over our heart because by doing so we grow the electromagnetic energy around
our body and we start to really feel at the Athan tech core of who we are so
let’s take a deep breath in deep breath out breathe it out feel your body relax more
put your hands over your heart into your heart center and know that the
more you put your awareness in your heart center the more you are growing
the electromagnetic energy imagine the more magnetic you are becoming and
the more you are sinking into you really as you breathe out feel the energy once
your heart center you’re the one thing or you are growing this electromagnetic
energy or you are formed now imagine color that you like
and imagine that this ball of energy is vibrating imagine that this ball of energy being
suspended as it spins you’re feeling the energy in
your heart or
your body relax and you’re feeling any emotions come on motion seducer set the intention now imagine this ball of energy spinning
faster and faster five
by the time I reach one we’re going to feel more an electromagnetic energy in
your heart than ever before five spinning faster and faster
for viewing it now begin to vibrate three more warmth coming
feeling more relaxed too now you’re really feeling all one know now that you are more
immersed in the urine space smile with both your lips also imagine by doing this you feel lightness
throughout your body now imagine yourself could be outdoors or indoors can be at
the beach at a forest a comfortable room whatever it is imagining kind of colors what’s in the environment what do you hear those sounds coming loud er and louder how do you feel I notice you see a chair of this place go walk over to his chair
looks like title brain
and anytime you sit in this chair you’re going to be yourself in a very powerful way
because the theta brainwave state is where you influence very so go ahead and now turn around and sit
in this chair and notice that as you do
even more relaxed you feel a tingling sensation and know that what we are about to do is
going to increase and now understand that everything in your
life as a function of the probability
there’s a probability of you experiencing what you want in your life
and of the opposite it all depends and area motion
and these two things combined will create a higher probability it’s now in this chair notice how easy I think of your desires notice how easy
flowing the thoughts are now what are your desires and your goals think to yourself
I intend – dot dot dot dot dot dot now imagine a scenario
or this intention comes to fruition imagine what it would look like whatever
imagine the outcome of by doing this you are increasing the
probability as you see more of this outcome
you are making it something that is more probable
you feel emotionally and also something that you expect now imagine that there’s a dial on the
side of this chair the dial goes from one
and 10 is the accumulation of both an elevated emotion and that of an
increased attention now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna move the style from 1
to 10 by the time we get to 10 we are gonna feel more of that emotion
in our heart center we’re going to feel that intention very strong throughout
our body we’re going to know and we have influenced our mind put your hand on this dial with every
number I count you are going to feel an agency feel No why few it to feel with every number I count it
doubles that intention three-four-five feel this
energy 7:8 really feeling inside your heart
center now knowing that this is something that is highly highly probable
eight nine ten now feel this energy in your body No the probability of this happening know
that even when you get out of this meditation you’re gonna feel more
connected – this probability that are simply at
having ease and no it’s eventually going to come to fruition before the end of the day this future that will be happening in
the present moment we’re gonna come back to a week
I’m gonna count down from five to one with every or present to the moment more certain
your intentions if I feel yourself now becoming more
alerted present 4 3 2 feel yourself now start to wiggle around 1 now you can
open up your eyes feel yourself present at the moment knowing that you have just
increased the probability of these things happening for you everything and
anything is possible the question is is it probable and what you have just done
is you have increased the intention with an elevated emotion that will now make
it easier than ever for this to happen so if you like this style of videos let
me know also I’m going to be doing more live communities on Instagram so if you
want to ask me questions in Iraq and I’ll be when we do it live meditations
there and go ahead and follow me on Instagram as well I also have a free
guided meditation for raising your vibrational set point that you can
download at the top of description box I recommend that you listen to that for at
least 21 days in a row and I think that if you do you’ll raise your vibrational
set point to a whole new level in other than that as always I thank you
for watching this video feel free to like this video if you’d like to
subscribe if you haven’t already and as always I will see you guys on the next
video peace stay

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