How to Develop Spiritual Mastery

How to Develop Spiritual Mastery

You know what I mean.So it’s
one thing after another. We have to find a way to create a household under
spiritual principles not just well let’s see my parents did this so I’ll do the
opposite or my parents did this so I’ll do the same thing we’re not supposed to
be the same nor reactive we’re supposed to say okay dump all that start over
spiritual principles applied in our life so at unity of Sedona we’ve pulled that
up and and there’s a handful of people that depart you know every couple years
a handful you know over the years you’ll see some people disappear because they
don’t like that they don’t they want us to be more political or more traditional
or or even the opposite sometimes they want us to just be airy-fairy and you
know it’s not gonna happen we’re not going to do anything that people want us
to do we’re going to do our best to serve God first and then how can being
in the presence the center of God become a helpful experience to others picture
and figure out how to do that in your household in your workplace or whatever
even if you’ve got it your I’ve said this before your own little work cubicle
that would be a drag I mean you know I’d rather jump out a window then to have to
work in a cubicle at a out of business that wouldn’t be my style it might be
yours but if I did have such a job I would have to totally make it my thing I
know I couldn’t burn incense because that’s insensitive to the people around
and I believe in doing the greater good but man man I would I would have to I’d
have to hang my spiritual pictures and just have a nice clear vibe and you know
I’d have to have a couple crystals in there not because I worshipped these
things I just love the vibes I would have to have colorful things you know
and pinned to the wall and so on and so on it’s just my style and I just think
it’s beautiful and I’m not saying that my style is better than anyone’s I’m
saying that I try to be true to my style so figure out what is you what you’re
about you know and go from there you know and and besides the close areas of
your life like your household remember we’ve got friends of Michael Muir dad
Facebook group you can join that become part of that and you know then you can
join us and share feedback and gain some insights it’s cool you know because you
got lots of people corroborating collaborating to to teach to learn to
share to heal it’s you know quite beautiful we’ve only had it happen a
couple of times where according to the staff that take care of all that sort of
thing you know if they see if somebody gets too preachy or too opinionate it if
somebody sneaks on to the site that happens to be real fundamental beliefs
in one way or another and starts even if they’re their new AEG airy-fairy and
they just think they’re better than everyone else or criticise it like if
you know a fundamental religion you know they they won’t keep them on there very
long it’s kind of interesting because instead of looking for how to bring more
people in we’re just as happy and just as active to be aware that if people
don’t belong there we have to let them go and that’s exactly what I teach and
what you’ve heard me say if people in your life on your own children your own
parents whomever or just people you remotely know if their behavior isn’t
healthy it’s probably okay you know to think about that and say love and
self-worth is my mantra and I need to kind of stay congruent with that every
time I forego love and self-worth then I’m not going to be able to even love
others if I forego my own value how can i really value others now if you say
well no but I learned to value others you know and that teaches me to value
myself that’s called codependence when your value for yourself is
contingent or built upon by what you do for others it’s it’s actually
codependent so please rethink that if that were your philosophy I know that I
know that a lot of folks struggle I had a session just recently and somebody was
was sharing health I mean horrible things that happened to them and it
happens to a lot of people I know and it may apply to you but it just they
brought up how and a lot of people have brought this up for months now but they
brought up how politics is really shaking them up you know I brought that
a couple times to share with you guys but politics is shaking them up we need
to really understand this at a deeper level please be patient whether you are
one of those hard-nosed people saying you know I like that the guy wand this
election or one of those people that you know oh my gosh you know and women are
always abused and and you know whatever extreme you might be just get out of
that if you can and sent her into an open mind big but this is really big
stuff it’s very deep and big stuff because to a lot of people they’re not
even thinking about who those candidates were they’re thinking about what they
symbolized to them even if you don’t realize it we’re always making choices
based on what things symbolize to it to us I’m never upset for the reason I
think says of course in miracles’ that means I ever even know what I’m thinking
I don’t know my own best interest of course says I don’t know what anything’s
for the core says and that’s all relevant to this concept that I’m
sharing here which is you know we we have an event we have an election we
have a job we have a partnership we think we know what it’s about but we’re
not really seeing it at its deepest level many of us have fallen in love for
that for reasons which I would not even know we thought it was for because we
get along and there’s an attraction that’s not actually a thorough reason to
be enough we have to look at all this at a much deeper level and when you go and
you you think you’re supporting a candidate you know do you even know what
they’re representing well they’re representing you might say really good
values that well that’s a little more healthy to go that route but a lot of
times we’re triggered by people before we even walk into an election booth if
that’s the kind of thing you do so all I’m saying is please don’t just act and
react based on news try to Center in and see what’s really happening for you
about those kinds of things those of events because some people don’t like
the mail just because they have mail issues that’s the wrong reason to not
give the guy a chance when he’s in office and people did that to the
previous president because of his race because of his gender or whatever else
some people never even gave him a chance before he even started his period you
know his time period in office and so does that sound really does that sound
fair does that sound right does it sound like something god it would advise you
to do don’t give the guy a chance because he’s black don’t give this
person a chance because they’re male or female or whatever
we’d better kind of grow out of that if we don’t grow out about the easy way
it’s gonna happen the hard way which means the universe the world is going to
act out some things to kick our butt to get us to see things at a deeper level
if you don’t see the real value of taking care of your body then your
body’s going to rebell if you don’t see the value of putting boundaries on your
children the children are gonna repel you know so why do we do what we do and
we have to learn to wake up a bit more and on that note and possibly the last
major thing I’m talking about here and by the way I want to thank you guys for
even being interested in somebody sharing like this you know I know a lot
of people that do things on the internet or these live feeds they’re they’re kind
of it’s like they just like to hear themselves talk or or they just like to
be controversial or whatever they do on the Internet that’s why it took me years
to do this because that’s all a turn-off to me so I had to make sure it’s right
and I really appreciate that you guys are helping me sort of co-create a
feeling that that seems right so this this last thing I think I’ll go into
right now that’s coming to me is mastery you know I teach a five-day intensive
which is coming up so you can go check that out on my web site on living
mastery but notice the words living mastery not telling you about mastery
not the way of mastery not masters of masters
high-dimensional masters not ascended masters it’s living mastery meaning
don’t just talk it don’t worship it don’t channel it become it and I’ve had
that workshop oh my gosh I don’t even know I’ve been doing it 20 years I think
the living mastery step up to the plate here are some of the concepts of mastery
now would you like to live those could you step up and try to live that no I
channeled it I’m gonna channel the Masters to you I might even wear the
garb so that it really looks cool or I might just tell you that while I’m
channeling I can roll my eyes back and I can do all kinds of cool things to make
it seem so cool real you know we’re gonna channel the
ascended masters now everybody I can chant chance I can change my voice to a
different voice and pretend it’s coming from a higher dimension or whatever but
you know and there’s also talking slowly because masters always talk slowly and
methodically and sweetly when in fact Jesus didn’t Buddha didn’t he didn’t
actually he didn’t actually just honk oh so I’m like it you know Buddha masters
Jesus you know Mother Teresa she wasn’t impressed with that kind of crap mother
sir Teresa would just say what I don’t care how much money you have I don’t
care who you are there’s some teachers on this planet big big name the biggest
names the only way you can see them is if you pay enough money to their
sidekicks you know to their their handlers you know and these are big big
names big religious figures as well as the New Age um one of me you know big
big spiritual figures yeah you have to pay enough money to handlers then you
get to have a sitting with them or you have audience with them as though
they’re God or whatever and it’s just ridiculous I wouldn’t pay I wouldn’t pay
$0.10 you’d have to pay me and I even then I’d probably turn it down to see
some of these people they some of you folks go out and and and go through all
this rigmarole to to sit at the feet of these people it’s like weird but you
know Mother Teresa she’s like people would show up and can I
meet you can I see you she’d say well I don’t know start washing dishes with me
you know here here hold these bandages you know and these you know people are
like what you know I’m a big shot I’ve come to meet Mother Teresa because I
heard you’re a big shot or peace pilgrim they wouldn’t have it and that’s real
stuff that’s I love that that’s mastery so the people that have to sit in the
finest garb and I’m not shaming to find his guard Jesus had a seamless garment
that was gifted to him and he wore it till the crucifixion it was a valuable
garment which is why the soldiers cast lots for because it was actually a very
valuable linen so that we mustn’t think that Jesus was like you know just in
shunning prosperity it’s that he had no value on it one way or the other
he didn’t value poverty nor prosperity somebody gift him to Roby wore the room
because he respected the people and said thank you that’s all but the the idea is
that mastery you have to live it so you it’s not by the value of the robe that
you wear it’s not that you know you’ve heard of some of these teachers that
have had numerous Rolls Royces is it wrong for them to have it well it
can’t be any more wrong for them to have it than it is for them to not have it
technically spiritually it would be they were both an illusion but we must look
at our intentions if i were gifted x-number eat one rolls-royce or 50 Rolls
Royces if I were gifted such things first I can’t drive them all second of
all as soon as I Drive them I have to worry they get an identity repair it and
I can’t even afford to repair it so it’s not worth it to me so my questions gonna
be if I have ten Rolls Royces I wonder how many other things I could buy with
those that I could give to people I only need one car probably not a Rolls Royce
either okay III I’d only need one car so I I kind of believe in that frugal miss
master II to me is not proportionate contingent on what you have externally
it’s by the following a master does the following they connect with God not just
higher dimensions not just pretty colors not just by the clothes they wear God
first is what makes you a master not the the degree you have or there
you have not by how many worshipers followers you have you either are or are
connecting with God as your first priority and if you say well I don’t
call it God you’re already done for me you’re baked – you’re gone done and
you’re coming back to other lifetimes because without God you don’t have
anything well I don’t call it God I call it you know
holy wrapping paper in the sky whatever its you it once you have to make it so
generic or so ridiculous to not use the name God by some at least some form
directly of calling it God it means you’re afraid
and of course miracles is always telling us we’re actually afraid we’re afraid of
God we’re afraid of love or as you’ve heard it many times we’re afraid of our
true brilliance and that’s true or a more afraid of our light than our
darkness that’s true so on that note if we’re afraid of our light isn’t it
possible we’re afraid of the light of Lights God so all I’m saying is ask
yourself why if you can’t say God or spirit something more direct of a name
why do you have to call it something other than that just ask yourself if
that applies to you if you have a teacher that that applies to why follow
them and then ask them excuse me how come you don’t call it God and and
find out what bizarre reasoning they have because it’s it’s all too often
afraid now they’re not gonna say well I’m afraid to use it but watch the
nervousness watch the avoidance it happens with spiritual teachers who who
you know find themselves kind of stuck and sort of caught so to speak they sort
of squirm and they don’t know what else to do you know and I’m not saying we
should try to pin people down I don’t believe in that at all corner people but
people are that afraid of just you know God
they’ll channel higher dimensional beings and they’ll say you know the name
Jesus there’s somebody who’s very popular who channel’s about you know
material they’ve had a few books and they’re on the movies and so is it and
most of you are really into them and then you ask them why don’t use the name
God see what they say the same people are asked in their channelling what
about A Course in Miracles oh it’s just another fine
book really okay that tells me something right there what about Jesus Jesus’s is
a wonderful teacher that tells me something right there I’m not pushing
Christianity don’t get me wrong you know but when masters can understand that
Jesus happens to have been the master of masters he ascended to a level that
nobody else had attained so Jesus attained Christ consciousness Christ
consciousness is synonymous with divinity how much higher can you go
beyond divinity that’s that I mean that’s it you attained divinity now
don’t assume that every yogi who says I am attaining Nirvana is the same as
perfect enlightenment oneness with God it’s not the same divinity not just
enlightenment there’s a difference not just awareness there’s a difference not
just wisdom there’s a difference not even prosperity there’s a difference
divinity is above and beyond all of those those are like little windows in
the household called divinity so I don’t want a little window I want to kick the
doors down I want to be in their incompleteness of that divinity so
honored the divine talk to the divine you know and connect with the divine and
let it be your source of channelling when you hear a channel saying and
avoiding words like Jesus or Christ or whatever you should be very aware of
that and just you know turn on your with your wits you know wisdom you know turn
on your mind your consciousness and see through those kinds of games I think
that those teachers are great in that they’re teaching people at a certain
level well are you wanting to be only at a
certain level or do you want to go all the way that’s up to you I’ll teach you
I’ll share with you I’ll help I’ll talk like this to people at any level I don’t
mind I don’t judge you know that people don’t want to go all the way with the
levels you know and all that but at least know that it’s available and know
that I’m going to talk about it once cuz that’s my main thing so let’s not
just talk about masters let’s not just talk to masters and let’s not just
channel masters let’s not even just read books that have the word master in it
how about this how about we work on becoming living masters does that mean
I’m saying we wear robes and you know blah blah blah no there’s not a master
diet that I would tell you there’s not a master clothing that you wear there’s
not a certificate I give you Master 101 or a master level 1 master level 2
that’s all you know the tactics of hooking people in and making money and
all that so it’s fine for some it’s not my thing what I want to talk about is
mastery what I want to teach be is master mastery living mastery so it
comes by connecting with God first how could it not be God first seriously God
first that is my goal that’s my connection I pray to God meditate we’ve
got that’s my first and foremost secondly as I connect with God God
awakens within me the Christ so in a sense Christ is God God is Christ in me
the name of God in me is Christ in you is Christ so I go to God and God awakens
Christ in me now when I say God awakens Christ when Christ it’s almost like
saying the body of Christ Christ is a consciousness way beyond this world but
when it suits itself up in a body and goes to live it’s really hard to live
the Christ frequency constantly it really is in this world so what I’m
saying is that God awakens the Christ in us and the Christ in us lives on earth
as masters not as mere mortals and humans when the divine lives through us
it lives through us as the inner master the personal right here the master the
best I can be how so the next step is this in as many ways as possible so
there’s God Christ the master in me living the Christ the
Christ living in me is called a master and it’s not male it’s not FEMA it’s
it’s beyond that it’s not black it’s not white it’s not that it’s not skinny tall
short it’s not what country what it’s just the Christ in anybody that’s
choosing to say God first asking God to help awaken the Christ
now the Christ gets awakened if you don’t integrate the Christ and live it
if you do it’s called living master if you don’t
it’s called incongruent and hypocritical and you will implode because when you
try to use the name Christ as or even if it’s unconsciously you’re using it when
you’re trying to awaken the personal Christ self it doesn’t just softly
sweetly kind of enter your being and you just become all wonderful it has to kind
of connect so imagine like a Space Lab out in space and this rocket that’s
supposed to emerge with it it’s supposed to come in and lock in it looks like
this and it ports it connects beautifully done so here comes the
Christ and here comes my humaneness God connects to the Christ Christ comes in
and has to lock in to my humaneness and I become a living master how look at the
number of fingers in many ways I’ve become a better person a better teacher
a better healer a better parent a better a customer in a store I’m needing to
become better in all areas of my life and this is totally not the typical way
we do things on earth so it will make you feel kind of odd and different I
don’t own the copyright on this I only know that there’s a lot of hypocrisy
around this people think they become students of Christ or Jesus or Christ
consciousness by reciting quotes from certain holy books or by the old saying
accepting Jesus as your personal Savior as if repeating reciting that sentence
you’re in you’re you’re just done you’re good to go and you can now be a complete
jerk and you’re somehow just fine if that doesn’t work that way it you know
it’s a matter of living this that’s how we re-enter we never just go from being
a jerk on earth to being one with God it doesn’t work that way
we have to no matter what level we are at
earth no matter how nice or not nice we are God first and you know if if I were
to die tomorrow and had all the humans that have ever known me sit in some sort
of tribunal and and judge me they could say anything they like me they don’t
like me they like the way I say things they don’t like the way sane or not but
one thing they would never be able to remove is Michael goes to God first I
even on a bad day my tendency is still my intention is still God first and that
would be enough to carry me through can we all say that that’s all I’m saying
man God first but instead of just living by that that knowing that well I always
put God first if you want to now integrate that more into your day-to-day
life instead of just the hypothetical if I pass away
how am I looking on the other side God first God is awakening the Christ not
when I go into the other side not someday in heaven God’s actually I’m
choosing preferring that we awaken the Christ while we’re here so I connect
with God and I wake in the crowd you know God awakens the Christ in me and
then I have to integrate it meaning live the Christ life and that’s called living
mastery Jesus awakened the Christ and was called a master wasn’t he and I love
I love when beings angels Archangels I love hearing them say all of us no
matter hi how high we are angelically speaking we all serve the
Christ and that Christ was embodied on the earth as Jesus so they acknowledge
him as that figurehead that that personification but he’s just one we all
will become that at some point I also love when people have channeled the
highest dimensional beings from Ashtar an ascended master to saint-germain and
so on when they really tap into the real ones
I love consistently to hear those beings say we all still serve the Christ Jesus
is the man Jerome masters I sometimes you know you
don’t hear me push that and promote that preach that all the time for various
reasons but one of the reasons is because it’s such a scary thing for
people to hear and I’m sorry about that I know we’ve had some wicked back to
past lives and childhoods and and lifetimes with Church and Christianity
and other religions but he has nothing to do with any of that you know Christ
is the remembrance of love and we all have that love within us we are that
love we just forgot so we have to get over our amnesia what is that how do you
do that healing how do you heal well you have to first of all recognize there’s a
problem don’t you you have to recognize wow I I have issues with Jesus or God or
spirituality I could go to another level of spirituality you could even just own
you know I’ve been really good at it at concealing the truth but I can see where
I was really getting more into fairies and angels than Christ itself and that’s
it’s not bad to be into fairies and angels but understand they too are
serving Christ so they are not lifted nor are you when you worship them they
would rather you worship Christ and celebrate Christ consciousness with them
because then we’re all lifted when we worship something that’s a lesser
dimension then we’re only able to take our consciousness to that particular
dimension and you could say oh yeah but it’s fifth dimension it’s great yeah you
know what God’s beyond all dimensions wouldn’t you rather have that so you
know let’s let’s remember the humility of prayer let’s remember the beauty of
just saying you know what I know a lot I’ve read a lot I’ve learned a lot I
healed a lot and so on but even then I still acknowledge I don’t really know
anything it doesn’t mean literally it means it’s it’s a it’s a statement of
intention it’s saying I don’t know enough to completely awaken to my god
self on my own in this split second so you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna say
since I don’t know how I’m gonna humbly surrender and ask you God to show me how
you just take it from there and when you ask that it’s really the Divine Mother
aspect of God that’s going to take care of us
the divine mother is the one that’s going to come in and and wash off our
knee that we scraped you know and it’s all a metaphor but the divine mother is
going to feed us and take care of us and hold us and that means she’s going to
help us have better income I’m going to switch the metaphor from eating and the
bloody knees and all that it means the divine mother when we say Here I am
film me she comes in and then she gives us the God life
it means prosperity greater healing abilities greater teaching abilities
please understand how uneducated I am please understand that this guy that’s
talking to you just the same as Buddha and other you know people I really
respect st. Martin a mystic in the Middle Ages and all that I love that
they said whatever we’re teaching we did not learn from books you know and so
academics Taoism says the same same things put away the academics I don’t
mean there’s a problem with being an academic I’m saying if that’s your god
that’s as far as you go it all it means is you’re good at memorizing data so
you’re looking at somebody that’s you know very uneducated and illiterate I
can’t say I’m as much as Edgar Cayce sixth grade education I’ll just say that
I made it to 12th grade because for fear of my life and my family but my
education is probably pretty similar to KC’s I would hazard to guess that even
with a sixth grade education Edgar Cayce knew more math than I did I don’t think
I ever went past multiplication you know I just it’s not my thing and and partly
because the schooling was about a linear form of schooling I’m not dissing
schooling unfortunately my brain wasn’t going to be conducive to that kind of
teaching we’re learning if somebody would have been able to say Michael it’s
like this and used concepts and metaphors because that’s what Jesus used
to teach parables concepts that’s how I’m a bit more right brained I’d like to
think that I’m kind of balanced but definitely there’s a part of me that’s
more right brained and it’s the educational part so I didn’t do well in
left brains and that’s the way it goes so if that
suits you if that fits you that description please know that there’s a
reason why you didn’t fit in and I think a lot of your children are gonna find
themselves in the same boat where linear teaching doesn’t fit but more
right-brain conceptual teaching is easier for us and so now I feel more
balanced where I can learn maybe but from both sides if I were back in school
as a kid but as a kid I didn’t get it that way I wasn’t going to be able to
get it that way so you’re looking at somebody who’s highly uh no history or
geography or whatever what I teach them to a degree is is pieced together from
things that that maybe I still got a piece this and that if I tell you a
story of history maybe I did hear something somewhere but for the most
part it’s that the piece together when it’s right but it’s also and some
learning in books and I’ve read some metaphysical books here and there but
also the third aspect is just it comes to me and we can have that we can all
have that you can be a mechanic and guidance comes to you that tells you
where that problem is you can be a surgeon whose hands work magic because
not just you’re not just going from the textbook of here’s what the problem is
all of a sudden you get this feeling to try something different
so that’s kind of how I am as a teacher and when I first taught it started that
way it just started things just would come to me all the way back when I was
in middle school things would just come to me but nobody understood it nobody
explained it and when I tried to bring it up people didn’t have really very
nice warm answers about that so I understand your struggle if that was
ever your background what people didn’t teach us is what you’re really doing is
your awakening the Christ and you’re becoming a living master not master as
and you’re better than everyone else master is the new name for the new human
it’s all of us are heading that direction and so respect me or whomever
including yourselves if you make that choice to live like a master because it
means you’re really dedicating and it’s always good to honor people to dedicate
themselves about whatever they dedicate themselves
at whether it’s yoga tennis or fine eating or whatever it is but dedicate to
something and what could be more important than dedicating spiritually so
that’s my take it’s living mastery it’s not theory anymore I never believed that
I it’s to me it’s always been why would we just talk about it why wouldn’t we
live and embody it you know so think about that and I know many of you are
already onto that so then enjoy hearing the the
corroboration the support the the verification that that’s right and dig
that and hear what I’m saying and then let it turn up the flame if you already
knew this let it turn up the flame even brighter and be more adamant about it
when you share it with people you know share with people you know like you know
in your own way sometimes I get a little bit strong about it and say oh my god
give me a break you know and and say I’m tired of hearing people talk it not
living it um I never actually hate those people resent those people have issues
with those people really I do not I’m just aware that what they’re doing isn’t
real it isn’t authentic and then once in a blue moon sometimes out of humor and
sometimes out of being to the to the point I will I will call it out but I
don’t name names and I don’t get hurtful and I don’t pin people down and tell
them because then then what we’re doing is we’re preaching and then we’re now
going to slip off of our own Center so be careful with that
I’ll share a story that that’s happened to me the other day since it’s sort of
relevant um this is a weird thing to be sharing but I might share it on Sunday
as well I don’t know but something happened I was in sleep and in the wee
hours of the morning where you’re in the twilight zone and it was about four
o’clock and so I’m partly waking up for the morning and I’m partly still in the
in the sleep zone a little and so something you know really unique
happened and what it was was I was I was talking to the Holy Spirit and I was
very very viscerally there with God it was really beautiful and you know
guidance remember guidance comes to us in different forms it could come as an
inspiration and insight a feeling alight all kinds of things so I get guidance
and I feel God’s presence really consistently it’s kind of nice but you
don’t hear me saying this is Michaels channeled books of God and God said this
to me you know you sound like a dangerous preacher right God has told me
this and that because most of them never said anything really good most people
that ever said God told me didn’t go well after that Moses did pretty well
with it but most of the fundamental teachers on TV and in their little you
know ministries it usually didn’t go well or or people that were kind of cult
leaders it’s pretty screwy so I don’t do that I don’t try to end
for a reason partly cuz it’s screwy that’s the spiritual term for it
but also because I don’t really I can’t and don’t distinguish between okay wait
wait oh here here comes a spiritual sentence I’m going to share from what my
last one wasn’t spiritual my job is to try my intention is to try to live that
all the time I mean really and whatever we do I tried to you know do my best to
be in the zone if I were watching a biography of program on TV I’m watching
for amazing things like miracles and connections and ‘has that I end up
sharing in a talk later so even that is going to be a spirit maybe I’m not that
high dimensionally when I’m watching The Simpsons or something but still that’s
still when I laugh and so for me that’s still God so my point is that you know I
don’t distinguish from this to that I don’t say this is God this is because
it feels to me like I try to live in that especially when counseling teaching
healing and so on because more so I get in that zone but it’s not black or white
it’s not in a minute I just try to be in it all
the time so this happened the other morning where I was in this zone and and
was very clear that this is the Holy Spirit that I’m talking to and it’s
identifying itself as my teacher and my teacher is the Holy Spirit the Divine
Mother it’s called so I’m aware that the Holy Spirit is there and as I’m talking
in my conversation with the Holy Spirit was and I’m just telling you you know
Holy Spirit I’m really sorry about some things and the it doesn’t communicate
with words it was more like a knowing you know a feeling of knowing thought
asking me well why what and I said well you know I’m a teacher and all that and
and yet I’m quite illiterate you know I’m quite uneducated and it’s
interesting because it knew before I did why I was saying these things do I think
that it’s a bad thing that I don’t have like some major education of something
no I don’t I think it’s actually healthier but but it was a way it’s what
we do sometimes when we’re in the light of God we we sometimes are you know what
are you gonna do say hey hey juicy here read my new book no you you come up with
something to say and it’s beautiful because it comes from our heart some of
our little humilities and insecurities and whatever so I was just saying you
know from my heart it you know how am i doing and with that comes my own answer
which is you know I’m sorry if I’m not this enough that enough because that’s
what the human part does and again the the response is just love and that’s so
cool about the Divine Mother there’s just this love now you folks mostly
respect what I do so you might not think that this was a normal kind of a comment
from me but it’s when you’re in this the nakedness of the humanists and the soul
and you’re in the light of God you know like I said you don’t say did you read
my new book what do you say in the light of God what do you say when
you’re in that vulnerability it’s kind of like when I get that close and into
the light like that it’s like opening up the soul and saying am i doing okay
because I know I’m here serving God so all I’m saying is am i doing okay but
with that comes the little edgy pieces such as am i doing okay
you know because I’m not real educated I’m not really and that’s the human the
human self leaking out a little bit and all it does is respond with love and it
didn’t say oh no Michael you’re doing really it didn’t have to because that’s
stroking ego so it doesn’t answer for the ego instead there’s just this
feeling of love and I’m kind of kind of going well okay but and I’m looking for
an answer but at the same time I know why I’m not getting one and I love that
and appreciated that and the point is as I came to the end of this experience
when I was saying you know this and that and I said hey I said you know like even
with grammar and when I write books thank god I’ve got editors I know I do
pretty well but the only reason I write well and speak well is because I’m not
doing it I try to stay out of the way and let let the human that doesn’t know
much fall away every day more and more and let the Christ self speak for me
which is why Jesus said even if you’re ever called into the courts don’t worry
about what to say let me speak for you he didn’t mean one time he met awaken
the Christ and it’ll lead your life so this person you see teaching you like it
or don’t like it that’s fine it’s me doing my best to be transparent so that
Christ is present as the teachers happening doesn’t mean I don’t make a
mistake doesn’t mean I don’t filter it at all but I’d like to not filter and
I’ve tried to stay out of the way even though the finest teachers and authors
they tend to filter the material even if they’re saying the channel in Christ and
that’s that’s somewhat normal in the earth plane but my ideal my intention is
to say but I’m gonna keep going even more I’m gonna try to stay out of the
way and not filter things too much nevertheless when this conversation was
over was kind of interesting cuz I was like
well you know I might am i doing okay is this what you want you know my my doing
your will the response was just kind of like love and then I said I kind of got
playful and said well you know grammar isn’t always perfect like even when I
write and ice and I joked and said you know the in grammar you know when you
put this before that and this you know and you and you’re not supposed to have
a dangling participle you know and you know so I said you know like when I
write I said sometimes I probably leaved dangling participants and I purposefully
said it incorrectly and you know as a joke to God imagine you’re telling God
bizarre lines like that and the only time I heard a response other than love
was I heard God say and you’ve always had a great sense of humor
so it was cool sorry it meant a lot because God laughs
God understood the laughter is a good thing man you know with with as much
stuff as we struggle with from this planet it’s good not to laugh at
something but to be able to see the humor in things to be able to see the
likeness and things so when God said that we laughed you know it was amazing
we laughed and and I woke myself up because I was laughing so hard
but what an amazing thing that you know I’m supposed to to be a spiritual
teacher and tell you and then God spoke to me and said Michael your next book is
gonna be a complete channeling and it’s gonna sell a million copies and you’re
gonna allow people and that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re
supposedly you know that you can seem I’m being facetious these spiritual
leaders that’s what they want man it’s um the the God told me this and
everybody’s good oh this was God that told him and Here I am saying you know
yeah God and I had a conversation I said hey how am i doing and there was a wave
of love love-love-love and then I said hey you know but but I I know I’m all
short a little bit in some areas no ego response no stroking of my ego nothing
but love love love and then you know the beauty of but you’ve always had a great
sense of humor and that’s not an ego stroke it’s it’s God’s Way of saying you
know let me offer a little something a little bone you don’t throw your bone
but let me offer you were a little something that that little something
that some of you folks have written in and said hey thank you you know you can
say make fun of some things and say some funny things I’m not doing it it’s never
staged I never I never make notes and punchlines and so forth that’s never
staged like that it’s never
just in you know insincere it happens because I believe we have to learn to
laugh to the evidence of not taking life too seriously and also the laughter is a
way of it’s like a breath to shake out the the stuff the stuff of life and and
still there’s one more piece to it which is for me understand I hope this makes
sense that was a moment of God acknowledging but not on an ego level
that was as though God sees me and sees that part didn’t say oh you’re fantastic
it wasn’t like that it was an acknowledgement it’s kind of
hard to explain but imagine for a moment any of you
please having that conversation with God knowing it’s the Holy Spirit what would
you say think about it what would you say what
would be your version of Here I am you might say it would be God have I healed
enough of that issue with my ex god have i forgiven my parents I don’t know each
of us is different you know for me as am i doing a good enough job as a teacher I
don’t know what yours would be am I good enough parent whatever it is just know
this in my opinion God is not gonna go oh you’re you’re a trooper you’re the
best it so please for a moment accept that it’s not going to be an ego stroke
answer so what if you don’t get that ego stroked and you only feel this wave of
love kind of like God saying you know what
no matter what you want to sit and talk about and you’re trying to hook me into
there’s inadequacy and you’re not enough of this and you want me to tell you you
are or see that you’re not it isn’t gonna happen just love love love coming
from spirit then what happens inside of you I wonder just check it out and then
take a minute with that if you don’t mind and then just when you think the conversations
over and this wave of love and your just your meditation your night your sleep
you’re ready to come out of that and you realize I’ve just been in the presence
again or if it’s the first time for you that’s fine I’ve just been in the
presence of the Holy Spirit unquestionably oh my god what brilliant
part of you might say oh oh I should have asked for a book to come to know
just sit in the god is love enough let it be enough and then let it heal the
heart and soul in the past but one last piece if then that last bit I had about
the you know the humor what if you were just about you know it’s all coming to a
close and God said one thing to you not from your head right now please not from
ego what would be really amazing to have suddenly took up for God to acknowledge
about you not an ego stroke and not from your head let your heart just give you
an answer out of the blue what would God suddenly do say you know if it
acknowledged you it would be about what by the way my child great job with what and see what comes to you
maybe meditate it maybe a little breathing to let this come to you so
that it’s spontaneous of course more spontaneous or let it come to you in the
middle of the night and if it doesn’t and if you don’t remember to do this
it’s not the end of the world I’m just saying play with an idea like
that you know it meant a lot to me did it mean that all of a sudden externally
my life was it was there a pot of gold sitting on my front doorstep or
something did did I see something like that no no mostly it’s a change of
just mostly it’s just a comfort in the soul and I can’t even imagine if God
were to say to me right now Michael you can cash in some of that comfort would
you like to cash in 10% of 20 to 80 percent for some really cool things on
the outside I don’t think so because I know that and this is important to
remember just breathing in see my experience with the spirit yesterday or
the night before whenever it was was not a contentious one it wasn’t being one of
those I don’t believe in you Lord and you know you betrayed me it wasn’t one
of those that some people have had it was just all and it was just the
gratitude and it was just love and it was just beautiful probably put a little
skip in my step probably a little more of a smile in in my life
you know I’m day or days or week or whatever yeah probably but believe it or
not those experiences even if you got anything out of my sharing today those
experiences these experiences we breathe them in and it gives us a different
frequency of different vibration then that new vibration gives us a different
life if we let it that could give us a
different vibration and you can run into somebody you don’t like and it can you
know lock you down right back to the old and temporarily or maybe permanently
seemingly you might lose that that beautiful gift you had a moment ago how
about instead just being in all of it a new vibration of just wow something’s
just happened what is it there’s the head trying to calculate it careful what
just happened I don’t know but it’s beautiful something wonderful
I remember that I never saw the movie 2001 because I wasn’t intelligent enough
to really understand these movies but I know that I saw a part of it or
something like the end and when the computer and the guy are talking and I
guess there’s going to be a new dimension created or two suns in the sky
or whatever it is when he says what’s gonna happen and the
answer is something wonderful and it wasn’t a horror movie ending it was more
like saying something wonderful is coming to humanity like a new a new
consciousness a new vibration or something it’s kind of like that if I
whether I interpreted that movie correctly or not like I said only saw a
few minutes but it’s like that I always hear that same ending the same part of
the movie what’s happening God something wonderful so when you have a
good experience of good meditation a good services a good service whatever it
is don’t just leave it and go out the door take it with you take that with you
as something wonderful something wonderful happen what is it I don’t know
something wonderful people say what is it about you you look a little happy
today yeah isn’t that great what what happened
I don’t know something wonderful you know like have a little mystery have a
little secret a good secret not a unhealthy secret have a little secret
which is I feel the presence of God and that’s what Jesus meant and the Apostles
meant by the good news of the Lord the good news of God the good news of Christ
is mainly this we are and remain as God created us and you’ve always had a great
sense of humor you’ve always been such a nurturer you’ve always been such a warm
person you know we’ve been jerks at times too in our lives but what would
God say and it would be love love love and then maybe something else to
surprise us some little extra and by the way and then throws in that little thing
Jesus did it when he was talking to Helen who wrote A Course in Miracles
he’s talking to he’s channeling through her once in a while he would say
something would just warm her heart the other times he would be careful not to
feed her ego but once in a while just throw it in when we least expect it so
it’s not gonna land on our ego head but instead into our souls heart and so I
appreciate you listening I pray that this made good sense and that maybe even
more than that that it’s applicable somehow
not just that you liked it but that it is somehow applicable so many blessings
too and you know again thank you for letting me share in more ways than one
and peace and love to you all and may you all awaken the the master have
become living masters in your own way just follow that God awaken Christ
become Christ living which is called a living master and then do that in every
way possible your health your finances every way come
out and live the Christ life thanks peace be with you all bye bye you

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  1. Thank you brother for your genuine authenticity it's more than refreshing. I felt god was told I am Christ and like you with your conversation, I laughed for a long time lol.. Still trying to embody my truth I liked all the rabbit hole for awhile. Part of my journey I suppose. Godspeed

  2. My favorite video thus far! I appreciate your authenticity & "rawness". It was so heartfelt and moving; so nice to see that side of you. šŸ’—ā˜ Resonated with me on so many levels. I must admit, it hasn't been/isn't an easy task to get the ego to surrender to mastery, yet it's so worth it! Thank you, again for your teachings! šŸ’—šŸ™āœØ

  3. And God answered: By the way child- great job with – the healing, the wisdom and for choosing the way of christconsiousness <3 Gracias ThanX <3 27 years in spirituality- and finally I Am HOME

  4. Oh Dios, Michael. I'm sorry but I have to write this to you. You have so much wisdom and humor that those "literate" would feel really envy to be able to change lives as you have been doing with mine (luckily you do not know "anything"). All my affection and gratitude to God and you.

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