How Mindfulness Empowers Us

How Mindfulness Empowers Us

Like many of us, when I first heard about
mindfulness I thought it was weird and unnecessary. Now in the present day, everyone is more open
to the idea of mindful living because of the vast benefits it provides. In this video, I will go over what mindfulness
is and 7 ways it empowers us to live a better more fulfilled life. Mindfulness is the practice of being present
and attentive to what we are doing. When someone is mindful, they are fully immersed
in the activity. Someone that is in this state usually feel
less stress and perform better. They are super aware of what is going on around
them like how something feels, tastes, and its other features. All of your focus is directed only on the
event happening in front of you. An example of a time someone could be mindful
is when say that person sees something breathtaking like the grand canyon and they are absorbed
in the moment. Think of it as the opposite of zoning out. It sounds pretty easy but with all the distractions
around us today, it is harder than it looks when you are trying it for the first time. We all have the ability to be mindful but
you have to practice and cultivate the ability. The best proven technique for this is meditation. Meditation is basically sitting still and
focusing on your breathing. If you find your mind wandering, focus your
attention back on your breath. The basic idea of meditation is to be mindful
of your thoughts and let them pass. There are many types of meditations so choose
what you are comfortable with. If you want to understand what mindfulness
is better, you have to try it out for yourself. As for the benefits: Mindfulness reduces anxiety. People are usually anxious because they are
trapped in the past or are constantly worrying about the future. By being mindful and staying in the present,
it prevents you from worrying about the past and future. Your mind is focused on the present and the
experience in front of you so there is no room to worry. Mindfulness will also help you adapt to the
situation better by giving you the ability to let go of the thought which I will explain
further later. Mindfulness reduces stress. Stress is good for you but too much is bad
for you. There are a lot of things that stress us out
in our day to day lives. While mindfulness may not reduce the number
of things that stress us out, it can help us respond better to stressful events which
will help reduce our overall stress. Mindfulness helps us see our thoughts as they
are beginning so you can choose to let go of it. You can tell the stressful thought is coming
and just let it pass. Mindfulness improves focus. There are distractions everywhere ranging
from your own thoughts to the technology around us. Mindfulness is like a super power that lets
us focus our attention where we want. It gets rid of the distractions in our head
that prevents us from focusing by just letting it pass. We are then able to put all our focus towards
one thing and get more stuff done faster with a clear head. Mindfulness helps you fall asleep faster. Even though you might be exhausted, sometimes
your mind just wont let you go to sleep. The problem is that there is something bothering
you from within. You may be physically tired but your mind
is overactive. By being more mindful, you can clear your
head faster and go to sleep. You can choose to let go of those thoughts
that are bothering you and relax. If you ever tried meditating before you go
to sleep, you might find that it helps you sleep easier. When I tried meditating before I went to sleep,
it definitely helped me sleep easier. Mindfulness helps you lose weight. When we go through life on auto pilot we often
just eat freely as we wish. We might eat that snack we are not supposed
to and consume extra calories. If you are more mindful, you will be more
self aware and you can stop yourself from making bad food choices. You are more in tune with the world around
you and yourself so you can choose to not eat that snack. By being more mindful, you can prevent impulse
eating which will help you lose weight. Mindfulness helps control your anger. Unchecked anger will be a problem in all areas
of your life. Mindfulness lets you know that you might feel
a certain feeling ahead of time. Say someone cut you off on the road. You are most likely pissed because its the
normal reaction. If you are not mindful, there is no buffer
between the stimulus and your emotion – it just happens instantly. If you are mindful, you might notice your
chest is buzzing or your teeth are clenched and you then realize you are angry. But now you dont have to act on it because
there was a buffer. Mindfulness is not there to make you non judgemental
but it is there to help you respond better to things that happen around you. Mindfulness improves happiness. People who meditate and are mindful are often
more happier. They get to enjoy their moments to the fullest
and feel satisfied. When someone goes through a certain experience,
if they are not mindful, they usually end up craving more and it leaves them feeling
a bit empty. If someone were to be mindful, they can be
fully immersed in the experience and there is no more room to ask for more. The constant feeling of wanting more is one
of the biggest reasons why most people are unhappy and mindfulness helps stop it because
it helps fill your brain up with just the experience so you dont have the feeling of
wanting more. Are you often mindful or do you need to practice
it more? Leave a comment below and if you enjoyed this
video check out my other videos.

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