How Do I MEDITATE? – Freediving Mental Training

How Do I MEDITATE? – Freediving Mental Training

somebody asked me how do you meditate
how do you prepare your mind for the things you do which is in my case
freediving hello hello this is Gert from
Peace in Every Breath so last week somebody asked me a very
interesting question how do you meditate because you’re making videos about
breathing and how to relax and get rid of stress and fight anxiety and how to
prepare for free diving so how do you meditate I find that a very interesting
question because actually my meditation is about organizing my life now that’s a
very different kind of meditation it’s not the typical meditation you would
expect but for me meditation is being in my rhythm I think
you could call it discipline so when i do the things that I want to do then I
feel happy it’s when I get out of them it’s when I start doing things that are
not supposed to be done i start feeling bad about myself I made a post about
this and I think it went like this my goal in life is to feel so freakin
awesome it feels like I’m on cocaine and I really mean that because when I wake
up in the morning and I feel like I’m Superman I feel like and I can take on
the world that’s when I feel at my best but I got a work for this I mean this
doesn’t happen without putting in some work so how do I achieve this mental
state and physical state it’s by doing the things that I believe contribute to
this high energy levels which is paying attention to my nutrition of course for
a couple of months I’ve been on intermittent fasting so for those who
are not familiar with intermittent fasting
I eat during a window of eight hours that means the other sixteen hours I
don’t eat nothing at all I drink water not coffee not tea not a
cookie nothing now what else contributes to my high levels of
energy sleeping yes sleeping I need a minimum of eight hours and I already know it’s
actually nine when I work out I take a nap afterwards when I do a free diving
session I take a nap afterwards when I do pool training which is swimming laps
under water in the pool I take a nap now what else contributes to this great
feeling I gotta believe in what I do the moment I start doing things I do not
really believe in I feel like I’m tricking myself and at all times I need
to be honest with myself and authentic so in the past I have done jobs that I
didn’t really like but I did them because I thought I was supposed to do
them or at a certain stage in your life at a certain phase in your life you have
to build up or you think you have to build up an image so you do things that
you think you’re supposed to but deep inside you know you don’t want to do
them that’s a recipe for disaster so coming back to this question how do
you meditate well by following a lifestyle that I believe in by waking up
in the morning by doing my intermittent fasting by eating healthy by doing the
things I love traveling the world taking time for myself and especially not
trying to put up an image like so many people do it’s more like a lifestyle for
me meditation for me is doing the things I want to do to feel happy and I’m a
happy man so this might not be the answer that you expected but for me this
is meditation I hope you understand my point that’s it
hope you like it if you have any questions let me know in the comments
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peace in every breath

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