Home – Day 28 – Nourish  |  30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 28 – Nourish | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Hi, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 28. Nourish. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my beautiful darling,
wonderful, gorgeous friend. Let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat. Way to show up today. Woo!
Here we are together again. Let’s bring the
hands to the belly. And sit up tall. And look, just notice how you
feel when you hold your belly. I tend to feel a
lot of different things depending on the day. But in light of today’s theme, let’s go there. Let’s hold our bellies. Let’s close the eyes. Let’s tuck the chin slightly, just find a gentle,
reverent bow. And let’s allow this time to serve. The journey home
is about simplifying and peeling back
the layers of the onion. Those parts, those habits that we have that take away. And then we create space and
more awareness and even have more energy to notice the habits and the patterns that nourish. Right? So the idea is that we start or continue to build sustainable practices,
sustainable rituals that serve. And that’s not just
your daily morning ritual. It’s in our thought patterns. And literally in the
way that we hold ourselves, hold space for ourselves but also here, a little bit of
metaphor for holding the belly. If you haven’t already,
start to deepen your breath. Send breath down
into the diaphragm, down into the belly. Let it be loving,
let it be full. And then use your exhale to
soften and relax your shoulders. Then gently bat
the eyelashes open. We’re gonna bring the fingertips
slowly now to the shoulders. That’s what that’s called. And here we go. Keep that
directional breath going. So breathe down into your belly as you bring the
elbows together to kiss. And then reach ’em all the way
up and around and back down. Continue.
Inhale to come forward. Elbows kiss and go up,
around and down. Woo! Yes. Maybe those shoulders
are a little crunchy today. Inhale all the way up. Around and down. And one more time,
inhale all the way up. Around and down.
Stay here. Inhale in, exhale,
you’re gonna twist to the left. Inhale through center.
Exhale, twist to the right. Now start to pick up the pace. Find a sharp exhale. Each time you twist. Head, heart and
belly all in alignment. For three, two and one. Release, come
forward onto all fours. Benji, excuse me, darling. Pardon me, pardon me. Spread the palms, knees
come underneath the hips. (chuckles) Benji’s settled. And here we go, we’re
gonna start with Cat Pose. Rounding up through the spine. Cat Pose for
three to five breaths. So think about hugging your
lower belly all the way up to your spine here. If you want,
you can come onto fists. Crown releases to the earth. Navel up to the spine. Breathe deep. And then coming back to
a nice neutral spine, beautiful. Bump the hips to the left, turn your gaze to look
past your right shoulder. Hey, Benji. And then all the
way through center. Bump the hips to the right, turn your gaze to look
past your left shoulder. Hey, buddy. Back to center. Drop the elbows
where the hands once were. Walk the knees back. Really allow your tailbone,
your coccyx to tilt up towards the sky as you melt your
heart to the earth here. Forehead comes towards the mat. Maybe it kisses the mat. Anahatasan, Heart to Earth Pose. You should feel big
opening in the upper back body. Elbows stay rooted, my friends. Don’t let ’em come out. Forearms parallel
like two railroad tracks. Breathe deep here.
There’s a lot going on. Breathe into the rib cage,
feel it expand on the inhale. And soften on the exhale. Here we go, hug the low
ribs in, navel draws up. We’re gonna carve
a line with the nose to come all the way forward. Slide into home, eh? Eh? Here we go, Sphinx Pose. Lifting the chest forward. Careful not to crunch in the
back of the neck, nice and easy. From here, inhale in. Exhale, maybe
grow a little taller. Long through the neck. Good, then we’re gonna
interlace to fingertips, keep the elbows where they are. Interlace the fingertips here,
curl the toes under, inhale in. Exhale like a
rocket ship navel draws up. Hollow front body as you
come in to forearm Plank. Strong and steady here.
You got this. Building strength, full body
strength here mindfully. So elbows are right
underneath the shoulders. Okay, we’re gonna just kiss the
right knee to the earth here, just the right knee,
and then lift it back up. Kiss the left knee to the
earth and then lift it back up. Right knee and then left. Gaze straight down,
right knee and then left. Now, listen carefully,
both knees kiss and back up. Reach the heels back, way back, both knees kiss
and then back up. Reach the heels back.
Last one, you got it. Both knees kiss and
reach the heels back. You’re here for three, two and
slowly on the one bend the knees bring them underneath you. Good, curl the toes under, sorry, and send
the hips back. Ah. You can come to a steeple
grip here if it feels right. Index fingers pointing forward. So what could it mean if someone
invited you to send breath to the soles of your feet. And you feel like,
“That means nothing to me.” That’s all right. Everyone try to
press into your pinky toes. We’re here for one more breath. Beautiful. From center
navel draws up and in. That’s where we move from as we come all the
way back to all fours. Walk the knees back
and when you’re ready, peel the hips up high,
Downward Facing Dog. Claw through the fingertips. On your next inhale,
lift the right leg up. Exhale, bring it
all the way through. Back knee lowers. You can walk it back
for a deeper stretch. And here we go, we’re gonna
bring the palms together and rise up here. Nice low lunge
with the palms together Anjuli Mudra at the heart. So, pay attention. Are we just kind of dumping
all of the energy in here or can we kind of create an all
systems go effect using our training, our practice
thus far to find support? Alright, inhale to
reach the fingertips up. Exhale, think up and over as you
bring the outer edge of the left elbow to the outer
edge of the right knee. Palms can come back together or
today you can take the bottom hand to a fist and
bring the right hand on top. And that just creates a little
nice fulcrum for you to find a push and a pull
here in your twist. Stay here. Breathing into your
belly loving, loving breaths. Or we can start to lift. Pay attention, Adriene,
find your center. We can start to
lift the back knee. Really reaching
that left heel back. Just like we did
in forearm Plank. Final option here today might
be to layer on opening up your wingspan, bringing the
left fingertips to the earth and right fingertips
up toward the sky. Play, breathe deep. Breathe into your belly. And then float it all back down. Take your time,
come back to your lunge. Take a deep breath
in to look forward. And then exhale
right back to Downward Dog. Great work. Second side.
Stay focused. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Step it up. Lower the right knee down. Go ahead and walk
it back just a bit. Oh, yeah. Mhmmm. Then find your center,
find connection, that support, right? So we’re not just
swinging ourselves up. Right?
We’re using our integration. We’re using all of our
training in the practice thus far to move a certain way so that the
practice brings us the nourishing benefits that
feel good versus taking away. Like, have you ever gone to a
yoga class and then left like feeling really loco, crazy? I have.
Lift the sternum up. Here we go. More on that later. So pressing firmly into all
four corners of your left foot. Here we go. Inhale, reach the
fingertips up high. Find length.
Think up and over. Outer edge of
the right arm comes to the outer edge
of the left thigh. Maybe you take, say, maybe you
take the right hand to a fist, left hand on top. Lots of options here. Breathing deep into the belly. Breathing into that low back. Then maybe we have
everything kind of turned on, (clicks tongue) hey-oh! Maybe we use that connection to
experiment with lifting the back knee, reaching right
heel all the way back. And maybe you work with opening up the wingspan
today and maybe not. Breathing. Meeting your comfortable edge. You got this.
Meeting your appropriate edge. Let’s not say “comfortable.” Meeting your appropriate edge. Yes. Then when you’re ready, float it back down
to the lunge, regroup. Keep that back
knee lifted if you can. We got this.
Inhale, look forward. Exhale to plant the palms. Step it to Downward Facing Dog. Yes. Inhale in. Exhale to let it go.
(sighs) Awesome. Tuck the chin, roll all
the way through to Plank. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to lower to the belly. Inhale, press into
the tops of the feet. Find your foundation. Rise up, Cobra. And exhale to float back down. Awesome, from here,
listen carefully, you’re gonna really find the
pubic bone to earth connection. We’re gonna point the toes,
engage the quads. Nice. Then we’re gonna
come up onto the elbows just like we did in Sphinx. Bus stop one. From here, we’re
gonna bend the left knee, reach the left fingertips
back to grab the left ankle. Then here we go,
bend the right knee, reach the right fingertips,
maybe grab the right ankle. Then from here, draw the
shoulder blades together down the back body. Begin to flex the feet. And as if you were pressing
the soles of your feet up to the ceiling, inhale in,
exhale, kick the legs out. Send the soles of the
feet up towards the ceiling. Gaze is straight down.
Neck nice and long. No need to crunch here. Now, knees are gonna
want to splay out here. Try to keep them
in line with the hips. Inhale in. Exhale, kick. Inhale in. Exhale, kick. Great. Now you can point
the toes here, if you like. Inhale in, exhale, kick out. And one more time. Inhale in, exhale, kick out. Nice. Slowly release. Allow your
limbs to float slowly, gently to the earth. Take a second here.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.
Rise up to all fours. Exhale, walk your
knees together and in. Don’t go to
Child’s Pose just yet. With the toes
curled under or not we’re gonna
send the hips back. You’re gonna come to sit up
tall through the spine first. Take a cycle of breath here. Let the spine be long and tall. And now, Balasana, Child’s Pose. So after the back bend,
take a second to sit up tall and then come
into the Forward Fold. Close your eyes, relax the
weight of your shoulders down and let’s start
to cool off a little. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Let it be audible here. Truly. Find that Ujjayi Breath,
find that victorious breath, that ocean breath even
if it’s just one big sigh. Please, dear one, listen to
the sound of your breath here. Then tuck the chin. We’re slowly rollin’ up. If being on the knees
is not great for you here, you can come to
cross-legged seat right now. We’re gonna take
a twist to the left in the cross-legged
seat or here. A little counter
twist to the left. Notice how you feel. And then twist to the right. Same thing.
Notice how you feel. And then back to center. Can turn the palms face up. Again, come to
a cross-legged seat if that feels better
for you here. Let’s turn the palms face up just in the effort
to receive the benefits. Of our practice,
of our time here together. Close your eyes. And I invite you
to just feel or ask, rather, what if it were
true that the practice or the practices that
you cultivate each day are there to support you,
to nourish you, right? To give back, not to take away. And I think
understanding or considering that as true, as being true, this is kind of
part of the first step because some of us don’t even realize
how we’ve put up roadblocks (chuckles) to not even receive
the gifts of the things that, that give back to us. I love you so much. I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow. As you’re ready,
bring the palms together. Let’s bring it right
to the heart today. Keeping open mind, open heart. Ready to receive the
gifts that come our way. Things that nourish
us and help us feel good. When you feel nourished and good
then you’re gonna be in the best position to serve others. Help them feel the same. Take a deep breath in. We’ll close with a
deep bow and whisper Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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