Hindus of Bangladesh: A quiet case of ethnic cleansing – Richard Benkin

Hindus of Bangladesh: A quiet case of ethnic cleansing – Richard Benkin

On February 28, 2013, the international
crimes tribunal sentenced Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, Vice President of
Jamaat-e-Islami to death for war crimes committed during the 1971 Bangladesh
Liberation war this led to large-scale and nationwide violence against Hindus
led by activists of the Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir in which hundreds of Hindus were killed more than 50 temples demolished
and 1,500 Hindu homes destroyed. Now, a few months before that in December 2012 Bangladeshi Home Minister
Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir had questioned my right as a foreign citizen to raise the issue of
the abduction of a 23-year-old Hindu woman, Eti Biswas, Bagerhat in
southwestern Bangladesh. Her family had been told to abandon their small piece
of land and leave Bangladesh. On his request,
I sent the Home Minister all the available evidence of the case. Eti remains
missing to this day. She was probably converted raped and maybe even murdered. It is unlikely that we will ever know what really became of her.
Pakistan’s 1951 census the first taken after the large population transfers
that accompanied partition found Hindus to be about a third of the East
Pakistani population. When Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971 they were just
under a fifth. 30 years later less than 1/10 and today an estimated 1 in 15, all
of this despite increasing movement of Bangladeshi Muslims into West Bengal,
India. Apologists for the Bangladeshi establishment often say that “Oh! Hindus
leave Bangladesh for India so they can find better matches for their children.”
But as someone who has spent several years working with refugees from
Bangladesh I can tell you that none of them ever said they left their home
country for better marital prospects. The disappearance of Bangladesh’s Hindus
has come about through continuous human rights atrocities that regularly include
murder, rape (including gang rape), child abduction, force conversion, religious
desecration and more. At the time of Bangladesh’s liberation from Pakistan
Hindus bore the brunt of one of the largest genocide of the 20th century. 2.4
million Hindus were brutally killed and most of Hindu home businesses were
destroyed. Since then, the remaining Hindus of
Bangladesh have been at the receiving end of incessant and horrific violence
at the hands of the Islamists, a constituency that’s gained a lot of
power in the country. Every year since then different parts of Bangladesh have
witnessed organized violence against the Hindus. According to BJ HM an alliance of Hindu organizations in Bangladesh: In 2017 alone,
107 Hindus were killed 31 abducted, 23 underwent forced conversion, 25 Hindu
women were raped and 235 temples were vandalized. What’s important to know from
a tactical perspective is that the Bangladeshi government did not do these
things and that’s one of the things that makes this so hard to get across to
people. There are no concentration camps in Bangladesh… no gulags, no killing
fields, no Hitler or Stalin. But do you think that matters to the millions of
victims? Of course not. The Bangladeshis are guilty because government after
government has created a culture of impunity that allows crimes against
Hindus to go unpunished. A country where you are likely to be killed if
you voluntarily change your religion from Islam to something else and your killer
will not be punished for it but also a country where forced conversion to Islam
is applauded. A country whose police and lawmakers act in accordance with that. In
other words, killing the person who left Islam and abducting and forcibly
converting a Hindu child to Islam both will win you praise. I have termed
this human rights atrocity a *quiet* case of ethnic cleansing because even though
it has been proceeding for decades and victims number in the millions, very
little have been said or done about it. Governments on every continent have been
silent, so have their intelligence agencies. What is most puzzling is the silence of
the next-door Hindu majority neighbor India. Why Indians don’t care is deeply
unsettling. Equally bewildering is the silence of the global media. If I can
verify these things with my meager resources, imagine what the major media
could do but where are the BBC CNN or others? Nowhere. Why are they not leading
the charge to expose these crimes against Hindus? It surely is a quiet case
of ethnic cleansing. But it need not have been quiet,
if only Hindus of neighbouring India were more empathetic with their
co-religionists across the border. Now, I say Hindus and not Indians deliberately
because Muslims of India have always stood in solidarity with Muslims from
other parts of the world like “Palestine” or Myanmar. For example, in 2012 a protest
march called by Muslims of Mumbai against the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar
led to the Azam Maidan riots, resulting in two deaths and injuries to
45 policemen. The indifference of India’s Hindus is impossible to explain. Even on
the grounds of pure self-interest, India must work hard to protect the interests
of Bangladeshi minorities lest Bangladesh turns into a replica of
Pakistan and the whole point of liberating it in 1971 is lost.
Moreover, increasing India’s involvement with Bangladesh is particularly
important now as India is negotiating a free trade agreement with Bangladesh.
Negotiating for equal treatment of all citizens under the rule of law must be
included as part of trade negotiations. India must protect Bangladeshi Hindus by
asking the Bangladeshi government to: 1. Repeal the vested property act that has
legalized the seizure of most Hindu property in Bangladesh. 2. Prosecute and
punish all those who commit these crimes against Hindus as they would other crimes,
even if the leader is an imam and 3. Sack any police or government employees who
participate in cover-up or in any way refuse to prosecute or punish the
criminals. What is happening in Bangladesh is a quiet case of ethnic
cleansing. As people the same blood, it is morally imperative on India’s Hindus to
raise their voice and force the political leadership of *your* country to
take action. I am Richard Benkin for Upword.

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  1. I am surprised after the numbers of bangladeshis were allowed to take refuge in India during East West Pakistan war? Fanatisisam is a sign of mental depravation.

  2. All are welcome to the Arabian prophet YouTube channel.
    Someone please come to save Islam from this channel.

  3. All are welcome to the Arabian prophet YouTube channel.
    Someone please come to save Islam from this channel.

  4. I cannot conceve how unaware and biased this man is. There is unity in Bangladesh on the basis of Bangali nationalism. Something you won't find almost anywhere is Asia. Only us Bangalees have fought for our freedom and language. I notice that this channel is a Hindu propagandist channel with a paid white actor. But I can't expect better from Indians. Many of my best friends are Hindus. And they would be infuriated if they ever saw this sort of lies. Look at the torture Muslims face in Asia. But I can't expect better from liars like yourself. So I'll not waste another breath.

  5. If you have verified these with your meager resources and the major media hasn't, well then your verification is completely wrong.

    Bangladesh is a peaceful country for all. And we don't bother people who want to live in our country. Around 5 million Indians live in Bangladesh legally and illegaly. They live and study and work. Majority of them are Hindus.

    Your claims have no basis. And you should be ashamed for your misleading remarks.

  6. A completely false propaganda!!He is completely giving wrong information. The people of Bangladesh have zero tolerance in religious biasness. Hindus are brothers of us. We are same and Bengali.
    He said in this video..most of the hindus are going to India for religious tension. Its false.I can assure you..95% people go to india for better living(economically). Its an ugly truth. When people go india,,they say it(religious tension) for sympathy in indian society. Here in Bangladesh,, Hindus are more save than Even India. Remind it. Our government are more secular now than India's present gov.

  7. The fact that you hate Islam shows the problem with your country. You don't have any unity. Nothing Unites a man from Kolkata to a man from UP. Or a Tamili to a Bihari. You have no nationalism. Which is why you need Hindu Nationalism based on fear of your own brothers.

    It took just 17 Muslims to conquer India under the leadership of Bakhtiar Khilji. Under the leadership of Muslims India flourished. It was a secular India with religious freedom even back then. But under British rule Hindus abused their power to rule over Muslims and butchered Muslims. This is the ultimate form of betrayal. And now these lying Hindus who are oppressors are trying to play the victim.

    I hope we call can condemn lies unite as one. As we once were before the British destroyed our brotherhood. Our faith matters less, we have to unite. No hate, only love.

  8. this video is true to the core… the % of hindus in bangladesh has decreased from 30% in 1947 to 8% in 2018. loot, rape and arson are committed everyday in bangladesh against the hindus. The bangladeshi govt. enacted the enemy properties act to annex the properties of hindus by dubbing them as enemies of the state. My grandparents were thrown out on that pretext. The mullahs in bangladesh have a derogatory name for the hindus called " malaun". In 1946 in noakhali alone, nearly 6 lakh hindus were butchered.. after that also there were numerous pogroms against hindus in 1948 1952 1960 1964 1970-1971.. in 1971 24 lakh hindus were killed in the worst genocide against hindus in modern times.. these are all true facts.. but i will urge my hindu brothers not to feel revengeful as they will reap their own karma.. they are already paying heavy prices in syria, iraq, yemen, libya & egypt.. and i will also urge hindus still living in bangladesh to come to india.. we cant promise u much benefit economically but we can promise that u wont be killed everyday because u worship maa kali..

  9. ancestors of bangladeshi muslims had such a rich bengali culture and traditions. they erased everything and destroyed themselves by adopting cult religion by 6th cen pedophile

  10. Good initiative 👏 👏 👏 👏
    Jai Maa Bhavani.. Jai Sri Ram ♥ 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩 💪 🚩

  11. Those who are denying these facts first read the statement of Bangladeshi University professor

  12. There is a match going on in India,which many are not aware of.

    The Game is Religion.
    2 players Christian & Muslim.
    What is being played is to change other religious people into Christians and Muslims.

    They are playing Indians…So people beware… don't salivate looking at money….

    Those who want to convert without the intention of receiving money..they are not my concern.

    But those who want to convert just for the money..you need to stop yourself.

    Because if you can be bought today, you will be bought tomorrow and again and again..then your life will be worthless…

  13. The initiative is appreciated. But you are trying to reason with a wall. The only thing that will move those ungrateful wretches is the same treatment they offer others. They are born and brainwashed into that life. The rest is just like the famous Terminator movie line. 'They cannot be bargained with, they cannot be reasoned with, they don't feel pity or remorse or fear, and will not stop' until the world is a utopia for their kind.

  14. Hindus make lower caste member drink holy water before letting them enter their yard. Such low and disunited group. I once bought something from a barman, he refused take money from me and told me put it on the ground and then he picked it up from the ground. I didn't understand back then as I was a little kid but I learned that the money was not directly taken because I was viewed as a lesser human being. Such group only can wait for their destruction. Maybe they won't become Muslim but many will associate with Christianity or atheism.

  15. Such a cowered you banned my previous comments. If you want your information to flow but want to block other. Such principal you have.

  16. He was hanged for what it is. Same the ISIS deserved their fate. What about Cow Vigilantes releasing video of killing individuals. Are they ever going to be declared terrorists? You can paint it with different picture but a killer is killer. So does the one who did fake encounters. Did anyone now comitting crimes in the name of Hinduism declared a terrorist?

  17. These bangladeshis were once liberated by hindus now see what they doing with them in return
    What a shameless community.

  18. The muslims in bangladesh call the hindus by the slur " malaun". It is time for the world to know about this slur. "malaun" is a derogatory term like "nigger". it means kaafir who should be killed.

  19. The root cause of intolerance is Koran along with the systemic indoctrination. ( Kill a non muslim- satanic Allah is pleased!, rape a non Muslim – Allah will reward the culprit!)….Only a Muslim can mock God by attributing amoral virtueless characteristics to God this way- ….. More about these on the ebook "Knowing Islam"
    is available at the click of a button( no need to sign up) at this link


    Please download this , read it, contribute to it , and most of all share it by all possible means, even by torrent – because it is the hardest to reach those who needs it the most.

    Lets stand united against Islam.

    Thanking you all.

  20. Maybe Hasan Minaj will expose what's going on against Hindus in Bangladesh as he exposed voter suppression of illegal Bagladeshi Muslims in India.

  21. Religion is your pivot.Bind yourself behind your back.There's an ocean of unbounded energy from which you have sparked off. Men can struggle only when there is this power behind them,they can struggle and make progress.That's why you need unbounded faith.
    Gumnami Baba aka Netaji

  22. Nice try mr.benkin 😁😁, I've no interest which Abrahamic religion you are belong but let me tell you Paganism was expired back in 6th BCE when Abraham received the holly message "there is One God" wearing a "kurta" only made you a pagan sympathetic joker in social media. Bangladeshi's been ruled and introduced by many religion rulers and the movement of Bangal separation in 1905 we did decided a separate Islamic country. But unfortunately minority litetate Hindus were very much against it, this is the main cause behind anti Hindu attitude here. Indian had many bitter experience (Ghandi in 1946 at Noakhali 😂) with us I don't believe Indian will mess with us anymore. So you can post any propaganda you want but for an advice I think at this age you should be in church praying for your sins else Satan is waiting in the hell, take care 😁😁

  23. this is the main character of islam when a person is concerned into islam, he don't change only his religious concepts. but islam change his everything, his root culture, language, traditions, even point of view, his thoughts. it is a arabization of man.
    this happened in india, when arbi, turki, mangal etc. invaders attacked on india and became to convert indians into islam.
    they had to leave everything which was connected them with india or their own roots. they became so different from india as they were foreners. after all they finished india from a large part of india by creating pakistan, afganistan and bangladesh.
    there was a time when you were indian and hindu, now???
    a very ancient culture and civilization has been finished these lands due to islam. now you have search in google to know about your own culture and language, hindutva, sanskrit, veds, upnishad, ramayan, mahabharat, geeta, ram, krishn, buddh, mahaveer.

  24. The phrase "Ethnic Cleansing" is such a ridiculous term. It should be called "Ethnic destruction" or Ethnic Genocide" or something like that. Anyhow, Bangladesh is an Islamic country, like Pakistan. In a country where Islam is all powerful, no people of other religions have any chance of living good lives. No chance. The Quran has very very strong directives against non-Muslims. So Muslims are obliged to follow those rules. Now, if Muslims emigrate to secular countries, say to India, the UK or the USA, they ask for tolerance, but in a Muslim country, they offer NO TOLERANCE. They only offer violence, aggression and death to non-Muslims. Hindus and Christians who continue to live in Pakistan or Bangladesh are taking their lives in their own hands. They cannot fight the system. Either they convert or flee. I believe that India should have an open border to Hindus from those two countries, until the very last Hindu has escaped from those prisons.

  25. WTF! I am Bangladeshi.I am also a hindu.I didn't face those things.I live here peacefully.Many wrong information.😏😏

  26. Death Threat from a Bangladeshi with the YouTube name of "Marvel Tune": thanks to the great Mughal and East Indian Company once again. I have been told Hindus are weak and caward. Hindu never changes while migrating to USA, "you've reported'' this is the best you could do Hindu!!, in fact I've lots of white petriotic friends in USA and I'm always keep them aducating 'how a Indian Hindu is harmful to your country', you've no idea what I'm capable of, next time you hard a poor Hindu pizza delivery boy's rotten corspe found is his car trunk, think about me. Being a pagan cunt you've no right to criticize Islam, Christian or Zudaism. America and their YouTube will not allow their people to worship a dick, a mutant monkey or spend their health insurance on cow urine. There is still time convert to christianism and become a American else don't blame me if you find yourself bitten up and about to kicked off.

    I will be reporting this man to the United States CIA and FBI as a TERRORIST. I've reported him for HATE SPEECH AND ALSO HARASSMENT TO YOUTUBE. Will the owner of this channel please report this sick and dangerous man please!!!! When the CIA tracks him down they will also find his friends and family in the USA and he's getting them into big trouble too.

  27. I am also a Bengali Hindu ..
    My great grandfather-fathers escape from Bangladesh or East Pakistan this time in 1969 to avoid from the torture of Muslims …
    These Bangladeshi people are still doing the same ..
    Even, the Bangladeshi cricketer Liton Das had to delete his durga puja post to escape the threat from these extremist jehadis ..

  28. There is no Hindu uproar in India to crimes and atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh because of securalism, communism and liberalism in India. In India it is a crime for a Hindu to fight muslims and Islam!….whereas in Pakistan and Bangladesh it is lawful to commit atrocities against Hindus and other tiny minorities. Wake up for Bhagavan's sake you Hindu politicians of India!!.

  29. Sir, we are not even safe in our country the how can we raise our voices whenever any one tries to do so the are either lynched or murdered and even raped . Not only this certain groups are also working against hindus as well as politicians also .

  30. Ethnic Cleansing from 1971 was not even mentioned anywhere since then in Major media because of these #Scamgress dogs.

  31. Christians are the main reason. They hold all media, hide news about Hindu-oppression , support terrorism of both Muslims & Christians. As per Christian's advice, Gandhi always called for peace from Hindus but supported Islamic terrorism.

  32. Congress supports anti Hindu propaganda. They have links with Maoists and also jihadis. Wipe out congress.

  33. Good job, the same story of Kashmiri pundits, ethnic cleansing completed in the year 1990, look into making a Video on them, you will be amazed at their history and equally on Islamic invasions and suppression, complete crime on humanity.

  34. i think indian Muslims are enjoying this video.
    sab Muslims madharchoudh atankwadi he hai
    Islam murdabad
    jai hind
    vande matharam

  35. Off course all this is condoned by the Muslim holy book…
    I mean why is ethnic cleansing a common phenomenon in all Muslim majority nations…
    Islam is nothing but poison on this earth…

  36. These are all because of a dictat in sharia named Ghazwa-Hind. Ghazwa hind states that until muslims annihilate the hindus of india, or make them into secind class citizens, their term on this earth will not be complete and they will not be blessed with ascension to heaven and 72 virgins. This fascist concept has been the driver of countless muslim invasions from muhammad bin qasim and allauddin khilji to present day pakistan. But what the muslims fail to realise is that it is Hindus who have stopped the muslim juggernaut. They have spread their poisonous religion eastwards into Indonesia but they could not subdue us. And in another 10000 years the dust from their bones will be gone but Indian subcontinent will remain with sanatana dharma.

  37. Muslim holy book said kill innocent and increase Islam that’s the reason thats way Muslim people killing Hindus

  38. I moved from Bangladesh to America it is harsh REAL HARSH
    I will pray to God that kalki
    Will liberate the poison from the world

  39. Hindus are always confused, divided , hardly know anything and dont help each other or stand up for themselves. They are idiots. I am a hindu and its sad.

  40. A similar kind of ethnic cleansing is also required from indian side then only this Bangladeshi half dicked mullas will stop this ..

  41. Musalman darm ek dusre ki jaan lene KE liye bana hai..duniya Mai Muslim na hote toh ithe katl nhi hote..ATANKWADI KAHIKE SAALE I HATE MUSLIM..DUNIYA MAI SAB DARM ACHHE HAI MUSLIM DARM KO CHOD KE

  42. Hindus are dickheads ..despite remaining slaves for 700+ years .. still divided into 3000 castes .. all those castes think people of their castes .. fights with each other unnecessarily to show their supremacy .. they learnt nothing from history … for Next 20-30 years things may be in control for hindus .. but after that you are fucked .. do something big .. unite , end castes completely , do something at bigger level .. otherwise you know the consequences

  43. Genocide and ethic cleansing forced conversions is the of Islamic fundamentalists since their invasion of the Indian sub-continent in the year 638

  44. It's Islam Vs humanity. Any story with Islam always results to ethnic cleansing.
    Islam is a plaque to humanity. No plaque more arrogant or ignorant has never been born.

  45. I hope Hindu's awake and start raising their voice. I know we haven't been taught to kill any living being. But, if this keeps on happening remember, a wild fire knows no friends.

  46. Well India cannot and will not raise a voice against crimes happening in Bangladesh because of the reason called secularism…we the people of India treat every religion equally and respectfully, we would not prioritize any religion over other be it the most commonly followed religion in India commonly called as Hinduism ( not an actual name). Therefore blaming India for not helping Hindus of other countries is true but as our ancestors and respected leaders based this country on the concept of equal treatment we cannot protest and raise voice as a country but individually we can and we should but not just for Hindus but any atrocities committed against humanity

  47. In Chittagong Hill Track the Bangladesh govt is committing ethnic cleansing of the indegenious tribals. Their population in 1947was more than 90% now they are lesser than 40%. The genocide of the Hilly tribals is still happening and the world is silent against it. So many international celebs visited the Rohingya camps but no one dared to visit the hilly tribals who are getting killed everyday by Bengali Muslim settlers and the Bangladesh army.

  48. Hindus have become selfish, apologistic, holders of fake secularism in India they don't care about the destruction of their culture, values and even of their own people.

  49. Where are the wailing Muslims when it comes to Rohingyas? It calls for a special kind of psychopathy to shed blood for "fellow" Muslims but not for "Hindus" … look at Sikhs, they went through a lot in the hands of Muslims but they don't hesitate supporting the Kashmiri girls: these are human beings and Sikhism is a universal religion.

    And the way the media glorifies Muslims' tragedies while Hindus continue to tolerate pathologically till this day: bring these all out. And look at the Muslims from Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia: their human rights records unto their own people and folks from Hindu is very Dharmic, ehh?

  50. minority Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh ho har desh me use mara jata hai,sataya jata hai sadiyo se minority koi bhi ho majority use marti hai.

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