Hinduism: On Different Genders and Sexual Orientations

Hinduism: On Different Genders and Sexual Orientations

Is Homosexuality a Sin in Hinduism? In Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity
and Islam – Homosexuality is considered not only as a sin but a vile form of fornication
punishable by death. Throughout history, it can be seen that Homosexuals
were persecuted by religious people because their “Holy Books” state that it’s an
abomination. The Bible and the Qur’an are filled with
verses that explicitly state Homosexuality is a sin that is punishable by death. For example in the Qur’an – Ch. 7 V. 81,
in the Old Testament – Lev. Ch. 20 V.13 and in the New Testament – 1
Corinthians Ch. 6 V. 9-11 explicitly state that Homosexuality is a sin and God doesn’t
approve of Homosexuality. The fundamental problem with these verses
is a lack of understanding of basic human biology. However, if we look at Hinduism it is not
the case. Hinduism is one of the oldest philosophical
systems in the world. There is no central authority in Hinduism. There are many varying philosophical systems
and practices within Hinduism. In spite of all these differences there are
no scriptures that outright condemn homosexuality by calling it a sin and telling all homosexuals
will go to hell. Let’s take a look at various Hindu scriptures
over time and their attitude towards homosexuality. Hindu scriptures don’t pronounce statements
condemning homosexuality. They simply state the facts of nature as they
are. In Hindu scriptures, people apart from straight
males and females are differentiated into various categories based on their characteristics
than just simply homosexuals. If we read scriptures like Narada Smriti,
Sushruta Samhita and Kama Sutra many terms were used to describe people with various
sexual orientations. Some common terms used to denote these people
are – Sevyaka, Irshyaka, Askeya, Kliba, svairini, shandha and kumbhika. In Kamasutra we can see that the third gender
is described as Tritiya Prakriti, which literally means the third gender and explains in details
their nature. Many later authors have also talked about
the third gender. The Hindu scriptures acknowledge the third
gender as a natural occurrence and are accepted in the society rather than punishing them
like Abrahamic religions. Several Hindu law books protect homosexuals
and other third gender citizens from abuse by general public. They state that third gender people should
never be fined and parents must provide all the necessities to their third gender children. Homosexual behaviour among consenting adult
males and females is not cited as an offence at all. Hinduism is much more understanding of these
natures than Abrahamic faiths which consider homosexual acts to be sins that are punishable
by death. Even among the Hindu deities, there is a remarkable
gender diversity. There are deities that are male, female or
third sex. There are some that are transgender, cross-dress,
born from two males or two females. The epics like Mahabharatha have various instances
of third genders. In Mahabharatha, Arjuna himself spent a year
as a transgender and was given a respected role in the kingdom. The other famous example is of Shikhandi who
is born a woman but later turns into a man and is respected by Krishna himself. All these examples prove that homosexuals
and other genders were not only accepted in the society as normal people but are respected
as equal human beings. Krishna teaches in the Bhagavat Gita that
every person’s character is determined by individual behaviour, not body-type and everyone
can reach the supreme destination. The bhakti scriptures further emphasize qualities
such as love, compassion and kindness towards all beings. This is the reason every human being irrespective
of their sexual orientation must be embraced and not persecuted or hated. In contrast to the enlightened principles
of Hinduism there are negative attitudes towards Homosexuals in the current Hindu society. This is mainly due to the influence of Islam
for 600 years in Northern India. The Islamic rule introduced the horrific practice
of castration of homosexuals. However, the most significant and lasting
mark on Hindu attitudes toward homosexuality was left by the Christian British. The British penalized homosexual behaviour
in India first by hanging and then with life sentences. They also incorporated Section 377 into the
Indian Penal Code in 1860. They also constructed educational facilities
that indoctrinated very dark and criminal view of homosexuals as “sodomites”. They called homosexual behaviour as “unnatural”,
“perverted”, “demonic”, “mental illness” which are all Christian ideas with
no foundation in traditional Hindu scriptures which considered it to be natural. Unfortunately, many of these harmful misunderstandings
and attitudes have become ingrained into the modern Hindu psyche. In today’s world traditional Hindu teachings
on Homosexuality and the third gender shine new light whereas they are intolerated and
mistreated by other religions. Nevertheless, higher qualities such as love,
kindness and compassion should always be emphasized above lower qualities propagated by Abrahamic
faiths such as hate, cruelty and fear.

54 thoughts on “Hinduism: On Different Genders and Sexual Orientations

  1. Well said ! It is utmost important to bring out the truth from Hindu scriptures to show the world how great the Sanatana Dharma!

  2. Thanks. We would like one by one verses or examples from our scriptures to know so that we can explain to others when talk. 🙂

  3. Hi, just trying to understand here, I am not as learned as all of you guys, but isn't the third gender ..what we refer to as eunuchs ? Who can choose what they wish to express as they develop ? As in them is neither the male or female sexuality expressed to it's full potential. Which is not the same as as a homosexual who is a fully formed male/female. Homosexuality is an expression not a physical gender/trait.

  4. Sexuality according to our scriptures is not an attribute but an consciousness. Our scriptures treats created ones with respect in due regards that they are of the plan of the creator.
    Our scriptures of Sanatanam Dharma doesn't discriminate sex infact the word Lingam : लिंगम or लिंग : Linga which in current date is interpreted as gender doesn't mean so. लिंग : Linga means symbol. Our scriptures gives emphasis to the potential we carry to contribute to the creativity plan of nature and not only the visible usage or purpose of organs.
    Hence we don't have any word for Gender in Sanskrit or Hindi or in many other profound regional language of India.

    Thus the vision of this homosexuality or heterosexuality never arises in this culture. Because our divine knowledge doesn't see sexual connection as entertainment or reason of joy but as a part of Sharir Dharma : शारीर धर्म which is a part of vatsalya : वात्सल्य or wastu dharma : वास्तु धर्म . We see the same derivative in modern science and reproduction is called there as a life process.

    Our scriptures gives equal rights to all genders. Hence Shiva and his spouse Shakti manifests themselves in the same body bringing a new vision of ardhanarishwar : अर्धनारीश्वर .
    Hence it also comes to argument that every woman has 50% quality of a man and every man has 50% quality of an woman. Thus men and women are not different but equivalent contributors to the system of creativity, maintainance and a bit destruction of the nature we live in.

    This is truly a great awareness which is getting promoted through this video. This shall empower India towards a better humanitarian consciousness.

    Good morning.

  5. Thankyou for making this video. It is a very big shame that modern Hindu beliefs have been infiltrated with homophobic justifications. its shameful that modern Hindu culture promotes "peace and compassion" and yet they seperate spiritually worthy people from non worthy because of the way they express LOVE. The REAL spiritual gurus are the ones who see all beings equally, and all having spiritual beauty. All else who say otherwise are very, very lost. It's so simple.

  6. First of all transgenders or third sex & Gay or Lesbians are two different things. Third sex were given equal rights in Mahabharata are true because Every soul have right to be equals. But there is no reference about the gay or lesbian marriage & sex in the scriptures. May be people in the ancient time were in love with each other, but they never do sex or marriages. People in those yugas (as scriptures say) were much purer in essence, there only goal of life is to attain self realization or to be one with the god, that why there is no reference of homosexuality and they didn't give any strict rule against it. But my friend the prophets (Moses, Jesus etc.) of modern times or Kal Yuga (as we know god is one many prophets came to earth.) knows the lustful minds, perverted thinking of the people. People in these times cannot think beyond the bodily pleasures. this is the reason they give darker & very strict rules against homosexuality.

  7. How do you have so much of knowledge regarding religions and their holy books???? Btw congrats for having 50k+ viewers on one of your video!! 🙂

  8. Hinduism is my life. I ask from Lord Shiva my God who is my Father,Mother,best Friend,Brother, Sister,Teacher to make me a Hindu in my next Life and every Life. I Respect every Religion. I was born a Buddhist and I'm not denying it. i became a Hindu because both Buddhism and Hinduism have similar beliefs, Practices and Teachings but i chose Hinduism as my Religion because i Loved it and to honour my North Indian Ancestry and i Love the Practices, Traditions and the Beliefs. SRAVE JANA SUKINO BHAVANTU ! ( may all living beings be happy!)

  9. Its a shame that India and Hindus have forgotten their own roots and what their holy book states… We should learn from other religions how they follow and respect their holy book … Bharat Mata ki Jaii…

  10. Very interesting video. I have always been greatly interested in Indian culture and Hinduism and learning more about both. Though I am not gay, I have friends who are, and this was very eye-opening, insightful and useful information. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. see one funny replying…. let me put it clear considering homosexual as only lust instead of love and heterosexual means pure love is THE one most incredible thing ……. the only reason for some ancient religion that so against homosexuality is it‘s not for reproduction so REPRODUCTION = LOVE ? interesting…. in modern time because of the advance of medical science people have much longer life expectancy and mortality of infants and women is super low already that leads the human population boom and this planet doesn‘t need so many human beings recognising the legitimacy of LOVE between two men or women is actually not against the nature but along with the nature in fact homosexual behaviour exists in all kinds of animals and that is the NATURE‘s rule to prevent over-reproduction they are of course minorities but they are natural and do no harm actually they are silently helping the whole balance of NATURE

  12. My parents are devoted Hindus, and I hate how even though they have a very open and progressive religion, they can't get it through their painfully thick skulls that it's OKAY. Oh gosh. =_=

  13. I 'm thinking of converting to Hindu the more I learn of it the more beautiful it is to me vs the other religions.

  14. Too bad people following the philosophy of Hinduism ( very wrongly termed as 'Hindus') round the world have not understood Hinduism.
    Hinduism is NOT a religion. You can be an Atheist and still follow Hinduism. Hinduism is probably the closest thing to science and extremely non discriminatory towards anyone regardless of anything. The modern 'Hindu' is just as bad as any other person because of the openness/acceptance of Hinduism towards other believes which in turn has shaken the beliefs of people following Hinduism and have taken a form of radicalization and ignorance. We, the so called "Hindus" of modern India should be ashamed of ourselves that we fail to realise the true meaning of Hinduism and just rely on money making priests for religious advise.

  15. LORD JESUS CHRIST may his Glory be honoured.
    LORD JESUS CHRIST told me to share this with u.
    Love of an idol is Lust this is a sin and the wages of sin is death but
    God Jehovah Loves us all so much that he gave us his only begotten son LORD God JESUS CHRIST to pay the price of death burial and Rose again on the third day according to scriptures in Isaiah53 the Holy Bible king James versions red lettered .
    God JESUS CHRIST taught us how to love God with all your mind heart soul and strength love your enemies so u would not have any enemies love your neighbours as u love yourself husbands love your own wives as I LORD JESUS CHRIST love my bride wives love and obey your own husbands as my sheep listens to me LORD JESUS CHRIST children honour obey trust love and respect your parents as my church treat everyone.
    GOD is waiting for u to repent from your sinful ways, believe in what God has done and God JESUS CHRIST is coming quickly.

  16. I am gay! But because of religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin and abomination can’t really express myself… I just want to be happy!

  17. I am a devotee of another Lakshmi and she never told me that I am not wrong for being Third Gender. She said to me…this is how you were meant to be. This is how I made you my child. 🦋🌸

  18. I'm happy that Hinduism is excepting of trans and homosexuals.
    But please don't let the liberals invade our religion.
    Cause they will take away our culture and our respects for god and replace it with wickedness.

  19. Such a shame the abrahamic poison infected Europe. Greco-roman paganism was so similiar to hinduism in its additudes.

  20. Homosexuality is completely natural. The Hinduism religion is totally based on scientific knowledge. But some superstitious and orthodox people are acting as social barrier in the implications of true knowledge of Hinduism….

  21. Thank you so much for this video
    I feel a lot better
    It's so weird how Hindus actually just took up homophobia from other cultures
    I need to read all the books related to Hinduism
    Tysm for this video. Very grateful

  22. Hinduism is wrong religion , transgender use to by sexual work so their sinful according Christian sex with illegal person is wrong and those things sin but their God are transgender and they married number of wife's ..they exchanged wife's nd have sex with them ,the god wife suciside in fire the fire taken the body to god the god is use to roam like beggar all the world then tht other cut cutted another god cutted dead body god wife and their vagina is fall on some space and they built temple only place where vagina falls nd their pray for vagina it is very sinful and wrong ful it is full of lust and wrong don't see a book by its cover because Hinduism is wrong faith with lust irespectative with women

  23. Loved this video. I want to clarify one thing though. Translating “tritiya prakriti” to “third gender” is misleading. Prakriti/prakruti doesn’t translate to gender. Doesn’t prakriti / prakruti mean “nature”?

    Being homosexual is a sexual orientation meaning who someone is attracted to sexually. LEsbians, Gay, Bisexual ppl fall in this category.

    Gender identity is the gender you identify with. Cis-male, cis-female, transman or tranwoman.

    There is so much information that is available on the internet. I just wish people spent time to educate themselves.

    Thank you VigilanteTrive for making this video and educating people.

  24. That shows hindu scriptures are corrupted. It is so corrupted that they even have stories about gods who rape somebody's wives. Unbelievable.

  25. I'm not gay but I fully respect these people! Fourty years ago I converted to hinduism – and I'm proud of it!

  26. hey I'm a Hindu and my family is not very religious except for my mom's side of the family and I'm slowly starting to teach myself more about Hinduism and I'm trying to go deeper to try and understand it. My parents aren't very accepting of the lgbt community and therefore I'm still a closeted member of the lgbt community. This video really helped me understand how loving and accepting my religion is though I'm still not sure if i should ever come out to my parents. However, thanks for sharing this :)♡

    ps: i know I'm late hahah

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