HILARIOUS Bestfriend Yoga Challenge!!

HILARIOUS Bestfriend Yoga Challenge!!

Hello, welcome to a new video I’m joined by my favourite person in the world, Jemma! For today’s video, we’re filming… We’re really excited to do this challenge as we love to do challenges together and we think this challenge is going to be so hilarious, let’s see if we can do it or not. Jemma: I think she will lose because she’s clumsy. Jazzy: Yeah as usual. I’ve seen this type of video on YouTube ages ago, why not bring it back again! Woo! Jemma: Gold but old… is it old but gold? Jazzy: I think it’s old but gold. Yeah, it’s confusing. Before this video starts, make sure you give it a big thumbs up if you want to see more challenge videos. Let’s try… Yoga? Jemma: Let’s do spiderman challenge! Jazzy: Spiderman?! Both: Let’s do yoga challenge, woo!! We will look at images on Google and pick which yoga we want to try, wish us luck. Jemma: I think we will be lost anyway, it’s fine. J: Let’s see. I think the first yoga pose we’re trying to attempt is… this one this looks very challenging but let’s see if we can do it… this image looks like they’re going to the sky. So, who do you think should lay down me or you? Jemma: What do you think? Jazzy: I think I should lay because I’m heavier, you’re lighter than me, right, let’s try! Teddy is joining our yoga! Jemma: I moved her so she can watch us. Jazzy: You’re almost there! Both: Yay!! Jemma: I’m surprised you’re heavier but you did it. Jazzy: We were successful this round woo!! Both: What’s for round 2. Jemma: I don’t know… yeah this one looks easy let’s try that. Jazzy: So, for round 2, we’re going to attempt this one. Maybe holding hands will help. Jemma: The duvet slipped. Jazzy: Ow ow!! My legs are hurting! Jemma: I can’t stretch my legs. Jazzy: Did we get this one? Jemma: Let’s find out, I don’t know. Jazzy: I will decide when I edit this video. Jemma: I’m not sure if we passed it. Jazzy: Round 3, we will try this one but it looks hard. I can’t even do a handstand. Both: We failed in this round. Jazzy: We’re going to try… oh this looks hard well, it looks easy to us but I know it’s going to be hard. What? No, I can’t do that. Jemma: It’s dangerous, do not try that at home you might bang your head on the wall. Jazzy: Next one we’re going to do is, it seems easy but I’m going to try to hold it for 5 seconds. Are you ready? This is really hard. Jemma: Ow, my neck. Jazzy: It’s impossible. I didn’t realise how hard it can be, I thought it would be easy. Jemma: I think it’s because we didn’t do it in a relaxing way. Jazzy: We’re like that. Jemma: We did it in an energetic way. I will try that, I think I can do that. Nope. Jazzy: This seems easy but I think it will hurt a bit because our body is heavy to stand on. Let’s see. Jemma: I’m scared to hurt you. Jazzy: It’s fine, I’ll tell you if it hurts. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all. Jemma: I thought it would because of the pressure. Jazzy: Teddy should do some yoga. Now, this is the last round, we’re going to attempt this. Jemma: I think this might be easy. Jazzy: Yeah we’re going to try that, it looks both easy and hard, let’s find out if we can do this yoga. Let’s see if our last round is successful or fails. Both: We did it! Jazzy: Ok so, this yoga challenge is now over, I feel so hot now. Jemma: And me! I need a cold drink. Jazzy: I’m looking forward to a cold drink after this. What do you think of this yoga challenge? Jemma: I think it’s really hard, it was not what I expected. When you look at pictures, they seem easy but when you actually do it, it’s really hard. Jazzy: We had a lot of fun filming this video, don’t forget to give it a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed this video… stop copying me. I hope this video made you laugh just like it did with us, so I hope you enjoyed this video, thank you for watching byeeee!

42 thoughts on “HILARIOUS Bestfriend Yoga Challenge!!

  1. Omg this was so funny!!! Plus for a moment I thought teddy was literally going to be just standing on Jemma’s back the first one I was so scared 🀣

  2. if you think social traits are learnt and not inherited, think about how they know how to laugh like everyone without even knowing what it sounds like

  3. They is amazing for yoga but I know this is difficult for yoga, I really enjoy watch your video, I love your video πŸ™‚ ❀️

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