HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique Reveals How To Manifest What You Want INSTANTLY  (Law of Attraction)

HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique Reveals How To Manifest What You Want INSTANTLY (Law of Attraction)

This prayer technique was kept hidden
throughout all of human history in religions and institutions to keep you
from connecting with God or the universe in order to harness that power to
attract anything that you want and live in your highest potential they didn’t
tell you how to use this and that’s because if you knew it was going to be
way harder for you to be controlled and for us to be controlled this is Jake
Ducey with JakeDucey.com and warning! Use this knowledge and prayer wisely
let’s dive right into it here’s how most people think of God hey
gob can you please do this for me can you please have some money show up
to help me get my house or pay my mortgage or please God could you fix me
they like think God is a vending machine in the sky that they need to beg for it
to fix their life stop thinking of God stop thinking of the universe and stop
thinking of the creative force of our world in an intellectual way most people
have been conditioned to think of it in an intellectual way so they’re trying to
talk at it and plead with it to get the things that they want people say that
the real way to pray is through field the real way to pray is to talk with
your God is to talk with the universe in fact just before this video here’s how I
pray something like this thank you God and dear God
I am so grateful now that the the creative force of the universe
speaks through me and that I am able to touch the lives and hearts and spirits
of people and connect them to their true power in the creative force of the
universe I’m grateful to be an instrument for your love for your glory
for your beauty and I’m grateful that the Spirit of God is allowed to be
touched in my viewers and my listeners and I get to be an instrument for you in
that and I’m grateful that you’re speaking through me and allowing me to
inspire millions of people every single month amen I’m coming to God as a
co-creator I’m coming to God saying look I don’t want anything from you I want to
be an instrument for I want to be an instrument and when
you’re coming from that feeling of of knowing that you’re one and connected
with God and you’re giving the thanks for the things that have not happened as
if they already were like it says in the scripture that to call the things that
are not as if they already were most people plead for the things that
are not and they wish that they were but they think that they’ll never get them
so they try to plead for them No so here’s what you do
dear God and if you don’t like that word dear universe but it’s not the word
water that gets you wet right if I dumped water on you wasn’t the word that
got you wet it was the energy of what of what it is so it’s this energy this
beautiful loving all-powerful energy that’s created us that beats our heart
that’s built our world our universe that lights the Sun and the daytime and the
stars at night it’s that so dear God dear universe and then you insert
whatever it is you just connect to that heartfelt place within you you close
your eyes and you talk with it and give thanks for things as if they already
were dear God I’m so grateful that I now have my beautiful multi-million dollar
dream home and the financial freedom to live there with ease I’m so grateful
that this gives me the peace of mind in order to focus on my art or my work or
my business or my spiritual mission in life and I can give my love for life and
creation wholeheartedly while living in my dream home being creatively
stimulated and having the financial security to not have stress and worry
interfering with my true calling in life to be a mother to be a father to start
that business to help my church to focus on being the best shape I can be in
whatever it is that’s how you talk to it and you can list and talk about anything
that you want but you do it in the present tense and you truly just like
you’re talking to me you truly connect to that you say thank
you thank you universe thank you thank you thank you that I’m
healthy today and I know that I’ve had a really tough time the last week I’ve
been stressed and I’ve been worried and I’ve been doubting the beauty of life
it’s been really tough for me the last week but right now I can see clearly and
what I see clearly is I’m so grateful that you always support me and you
always attract more abundance and prosperity in my life and you know
lately I’ve been struggling with this problem or that situation I haven’t
noticed the beauty of this life and right now I’m so grateful that I’m able
to drive my dream car and you may not even have your dream car yet but
describe it right see you are an expression of God of the universe of
spirit you are an individual ization of that god the universe spirit it created
you for an individual experience God wants you the universe wants you life
spirit love it wants you to have all the things that you desire because it wants
to experience them through you for fuller life just like the the the tree
wants to continue to grow for fuller life it’s the fruit that it grows it’s a
natural expansion of its being and for you to experience the few the fruit and
the beauty of life is a natural expansion but the way for you to get it
isn’t by pleading for it because that’s not teaching you anything that’s
teaching you to be a beggar so go to that spirit go to that universal
intelligence and communicate with it in the present tense in gratitude so give
this a try and before you do that make sure you download my free success of
gnosis is Jake’s hypnosis calm right there down below
Jake’s hypnosis calm use that to train your subconscious mind for success and
abundance when you use this just for 30 seconds or
sixty Seconds to use this prayer in the morning before you drive to work before
you go to bed talk out loud connect to it a genuine connection what happens is
you evoke the feeling of the Spirit of God the of the creative power of the
universe and you can feel it walking with you and that’s when you can say
mountains move that’s what it means in the Bible they say and you can tell
those mountains to move that’s what it means you connect to that place and
that’s what you can do so give thanks for the financial
situation you intend to manifest get into the details of it speak it out loud
give thanks for it give thanks for your health your love your happiness your
dream home your dream car your dream life get into that dear God dear
universe enjoy yourself hit the subscribe button and the bell
notification right over there the Bell notification is what notifies you for
new videos so make sure you hit that like this video to support the channel
please share this share this with the friends share this on your social media
anyone who’s done that I love you I appreciate you thanks for spreading this
message thanks for spreading on this this this positive vibe out into the
world and have a beautiful day make sure you download my free success hypnosis
JakesHypnosis.com I’ll see you on the next video enjoy yourself come back and
comment back your story or experience of using this prayer technique have a
beautiful day hashtag down below pray in oneness pray in one stop pleading for it
but in oneness with the universe with God pray in oneness have a beautiful day
see you next video you

100 thoughts on “HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique Reveals How To Manifest What You Want INSTANTLY (Law of Attraction)

  1. Hey Everyone! Here is the free success hypnosis that I mentioned in the video. It will change your life like it did mine. You can get it here ► ► www.JakesHypnosis.com

    * And Here is the 2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer That You Can Demo For Free too! ► ► www.TheSecondMind.com

    Much love!!!

  2. I'm grateful that you're speaking through me, God. I'm grateful to be your instrument! That's exactly what I was thinking this morning about my existence 🧡🧡🧡

  3. Amen!
    Dear Heavenly Father, Dear God, Dear Universe, thank you for everything! Another moment to develop a better and stronger relationship with you, another breath of fresh air, the blessing of sight to see the beautiful you have provided us with, for waking me up another day, for letting me have more beautiful precious moments with my kids, for giving me another chance to drink cool fresh water, for providing a stable roof over my head, for blessing me with the ability to help others, for the overwhelmingly beautiful heart and soul felt compliment you provide me with last night! Thank you, Thank you, thank you for everything Dear Lord!

    Thank you for sharing Jake!

  4. dear universe, thank you so much for bringing back Arthur in my life in a solid and happy couple and soon mariage, our everyday life is now full of joy and love, thank you thank you !!!

  5. You cannot speak to the universe. Jesus taught us how to pray and if we don't pray usuing the exact words like he said he also told us he would not even be able to answer our prayer thats written in the bible so this dude is off in certain ways.

  6. When dude said forget about God I tuned out.Pray to God people.He created us the universe and everything in it.Anybody can have a channel theses days

  7. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and practice of law of attraction and ypu can achieve anything.You are amazing and unstoppable.

  8. Very wise words my friend – thank you 🙏🙌. We each have our own reticular activating system to connect with the power of God. Blessings!

  9. Dear God and Thank you God in your son Jesus name.Amen and Amen!!!!Thank you for blessing me in all my ways and God for blessing me financially ,and God for blessing me with the money to pay all of my bills,Lord thank you for the money' to pay off my washer and dryer and paying off my bedroom suit too.Thank you Lord for giving me the large financial money blessings, Thank you God and Thank you Jesus!!!

  10. You are right but the creative force is the Holy Spirit, God is God, or if you are born again, He is a father not universe.

  11. Jake, you are truly an inspiration! I'm so grateful I found your channel…. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! 🌈💖

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  15. Yes this is true this thing works….
    Wneever I go out I talk to the universe with higher feelings and viberation to show up my crush… And I get to see him the same day… Things which can help u to mnifest fast……. Ask and let go
    Dont keep thinking abt it
    Be positive… Have the clear intension in ur head
    And blv me ull have a miracle in ur life I bet u.. Loa exist I m following it from one year… And my life has chaged a lot to.. It's like a magic now wtever I want I ask from the universe I m in love with it….. Thanks to the person who made us realize tht loa exists.. Thanks to universe.

  16. Dear universe I believe that if I can work hard I can make the NFL and provide me ways that can make me make the NFL and my dreams come true so I can buy my mom a house what ever she needs or once and can you help me make it to any college I would like to go to and be successful in college athletic and education so I can make the NFL and win a super Bowl and be the best defense of end of all time the college I want to go to UMDand be a first round draft pick and make my mom and family proud and live a happy better life and want to be a billionaire when I retire





  18. You can pray dear God assuming that you know in your heart that Jesus is God . You cannot address the universe as God or pray to it. It might not be the word water that gets you wet but it is only in the name of Jesus that we are saved .
    Roman's 10:9

  19. The phrase, "law of attraction" appears first in Hinduism and in a book of esoteric mysteries written by Madame Helena Blavatsky. Madame Blavatsky is the founder of Theosophy, a religion that worships Lucifer as god plus mankind. The phrase "law of attraction"  Deuteronomy 18:10-11 says, "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,  Or a charmer, or a consulter with a familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer."

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  21. Jake, I've listened to many of the videos that you have posted, so that being said this particular video (in my opinion) by far is my favorite. If only everyone could watch this and truly understand what you really mean in these teachings. HEAVEN on earth is truly an amazing experience.. God bless you. Thanks.


  23. You haven't yet manifested a new tooth? How can I believe a dude clanging on about manifestation who can't even fix one lousy tooth for himself? 😀

  24. 1. God doesn't hide his teachings. We got an example of how to pray from Jesus.
    2. We cannot harness gods power ourselves if he doesn't want us too
    3. The "universe" is not something to pray to
    -false prophet follow the bible and the bible only

  25. Thank you Jake – you definitely have come into my life for a reason. Thank you for sharing this incredible message 🙏😄

  26. Hello Jake, I just want to say that without using the name of Jesus Christ in your prayers, meditations, requests the universe is not the authority. Preach the truth according to the word of God.

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  29. Thank you!! Would love for all of you to join me in a world prayer every Sunday at 8am at your local time for 15 minutes. Pray for the country you reside in and then pray for the world for health wealth happiness love joy peace and prosperity. Bless all of you!

  30. I am so grateful for my life of abundance to be able to help other and make my income off that is amazing and I'm so blessed. I'm so grateful for my family by blood and marriage its fulfilling in so many ways in life. I am so thankful!

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  34. your not here on earth just for material things, if you are praying only for material things. I can sense that you don't have God. this is not the bible teaching. Universe is just a thing. (This is how you pray. Thank you lord my God creator of universe. Thank you for all the suffering and disappointment because I know when I stand the test I will have everything I desires in life. Thank you for all the trials because you are teaching me to know the real meaning of Life.

  35. It's a lovely consideration of someone writing a book. But getting down to this book the real good stuff was deliberately taken out so why no thank you I don't want to buy a book because you advertise something in the book when you already took it out of the book purposely so no one could know the real Secret I still enjoy shows

  36. You NEVER told us how to use power. The power … That the "lost book of Thomas" which they've dug up the scrolls and scientists tested how old it was and it leads all the way back where it was supposed to be. It's real. The title of your video is misleading. POWER – read the book of Thomas people. Research it and you'll see it try YouTube. I was upset this video was misleading by the headline… You didn't tell us how to DO POWERS. It's okay though. One day you'll see me on here. I have a plan in years of research.

  37. Dear God of universe bless me with a home and gd financials it's been tough since I just came home from prison fighting depression and hopelessness PLEASE help me I don't know how much longer

  38. This is absolutely true since I’ve been working like this I’ve manifested stuff and later I think 🤔 maybe it just happened cos things are happening so fast… in a sense you have to be not bothered whether you get it or not cos life is abundant exactly as it is, play with it , 😂 laugh above all don’t take it seriously and you’ll be amazed, I do mirror work also and believe me this is from a non believer… loving thoughts and energy to you all ❤️

  39. Dear god I am so grateful I now have my beautiful soulmate, I am so grateful I am finally at peace, I am so grateful we are messaging once again, I am so grateful I am seeing him this weekend, I am so grateful I met my soulmate. I know I have been doubting the beauty of life these past few days, I have been doubting a lot of things, and I know I don’t always act the way I should and sometimes I seem ungrateful, but god I am truly grateful for everything. I am truly grateful my soulmate is messaging me, today I am open to beautiful things happening to me, I truly believe great things are coming my way today, I am truly worthy of what I desire, my soulmate is messaging me today, I trust good things are happening, the universe wants me to be happy, I am happy, I am healthy, I am confident, I Thankyou god

  40. Thanks you for reminding me, I was praying like this when I first was awakened then I moved to NYC and I still was able to manifest, but then I had to go to a shelter there was no privacy no sleep just a lot of negative energies bad experience. God blessed me now to live at a 5 star hotel in Mid town, Times Square.

    But it’s still a shelter a little room that my daughter and I share. We’re hungry and losing weight, but, we’re grateful for having a roof over our heads. Because we were moving house to house for months after I sprained my spine in a car accident.

    Anyways you get it , i stopped praying. But when I started back my prayers have been more like begging.

  41. Anybody who confesses Christ on here, don't fall into the same lie I did. The devil makes the trap look sweet, I tell you. I was in this for almost another year and when you calling on the 'universe', you're allowing the enemy to put his stamp to destroy you in your life. Search in: "NEW AGE/LAW OF ATTRACTION TO CHRIST'. REPENT FROM LUKEWARMNESS IF ANY OF YOU HERE CONFESSES CHRIST OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! John 2:15 clearly states not to love the world neither the things of this world. WHOEVER IS PREACHING GODLINESS IS GAIN IS FALSE!🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🤚🤚🤚🤚

  42. I love your videos. I manifest quite differently. I ask God to materialize what I want so that can do my job better to help this world. I don't do long sessions of saying thanks because God already can SEE you are thankful. I believe in showing GOD, not stressing in session of thanking GOD. Anything you manifest need to come from a place of selflessness. When you value what GOD has given you, you are thanking him. All your manifest must be connected to a selfless reason. We need to talk to the universe just as we naturally talk, and not trying to mimic the way another person talks to GOD. I don't very real to GOD, sometime very straight forward.

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