Herb Shop ASMR Role Play, Soft Spoken, Relaxation, Sleep

Herb Shop ASMR Role Play, Soft Spoken, Relaxation, Sleep

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100 thoughts on “Herb Shop ASMR Role Play, Soft Spoken, Relaxation, Sleep

  1. High there. I'm 55. I have dated Russian women since before you were born. What a charming voice you have, my dear. Candles and​ a bottle of wine. Dining on game hens and a salad with Russian dressing. You reading Tolstoy, Kafka, Solstenyitse to me. I will serenade you on my guitar. I will woo you with an indulgent massage. My darling, let the romance begin!

  2. I watched her ad for the website more then once because the voice over was so tingly for me 😀 useful site to

  3. The sound in the background…….it reminds me of 1989's Batman movie when the Joker dies…..the repeating laugh played by the recorder in his pocket after he falls to his death. Or is just me?

  4. I almost wish all ASMR artists could whisper their ads and get paid a bit more to do it just so we don't get yelled at when we were in a deep sleep. 🙁

  5. Oh my Jesus…. her voice during that ad was amazing!!!! Sooo many tingles!!! I LOVE her accent!!!! Wouldn't be the same without it.

  6. One of the best videos you have done. Super relaxing. Thank you. Love the voice over to the ad. What is that noise in the background 😂

  7. This video, like all of your videos, is wonderful, but the ad you did at the very beginning was absolutely magical! Please do a video that sounds like that 💗

  8. I rewinded the AD bit at the beginning because I just loved the way it was recorded! I could just listen to you speaking in this way for ever! xx

  9. This video is SOOOOOO tingly!!! You are so lovely and you look very pretty in red. Thank you for making videos 💕

  10. The Filmora advertisement you made at the beginning gave me so many tingles! Would you consider making a whole video with that kind of voice-over?

  11. you are my absolute favorite and this is your strength! you have done a few voice over type videos that I greatly enjoyed ….I remember you describing hotel rooms and banquet facilities. I know they would be great whatever topic you chose.

  12. You should do voiceovers more you were amazing in the ad!! pls do more voiceover videos cause your voice is lush!! i hope you get more ad requests too xxxxx

  13. The way you sound at the very beginning doing that ad for the editing package is AMAZING! Please do more videos like that! Love you Oleysa!! 💛💛💛

  14. I hope the voiced over ads are a sustainable way for you to earn off your videos because it was 10000% amazing and way better than a traditional ad 🙂

  15. What a treat. This girl is very pleasant, very soft spoken and very relaxing. I love the Reiki master role play. I get into the video and forget that she's doing a role play and its like a POV video with a Reiki Master. Very soothing. In this one she's doing the Herb Shop. Have any of you guys seen the Herb Shop with ASMR Requests?

  16. OMG! when your hair touched the flame of those candles I got scared for a second. LOL, then I realized the candles were not real. Anyone else freak out?? hahaha

  17. Omg I just started working ina herb shop and was thinking it would be a great place to do same same on random people but I don't think I'll be as good as you!!! Thankyou!

  18. Your voice during the ad was AMAZING! I replayed it like 3 times it was so clear and relaxing! Whatever microphone you used, it was amazing and please please please use it again! Much love, all the way from Australia xx

  19. Amazing! Perfect! Lovely and oh so gentle! Thank you Olesya. This is definitely one of my favs from you! If you could do a crinkle and/or paper sounds video, I'd be in heaven.

  20. First sees ad Me: I guess this is the new way to promote. Hope it's not too long.
    20 mins later
    Person: How's the new video?
    Me: Haven't seen it yet. Have you heard about Filmora?

  21. This is wonderful! I loved the aura reading, that was my suggestion so thank you!! Perfect relaxation before bedtime 🙂

  22. Волшебное видео. Травы, свечи в бутылках, фоновый звук — всё замечательно!

  23. Olesya, you are the MASTER!!! I get so excited when you post an English-speaking video! Everything from your nails and hand movements to the rate and volume at which you speak shows that you know EXACTLY what makes a perfect ASMR video! Thank you!!!!!!!

  24. You always have every last detail in your videos, perfect. You're the asmr artist I turn to when feeling stressed & all I can say is, simply wonderful!

  25. Many thanks)) But I think … I'm sure that the Russian language and ASMR have more beautiful sounds

  26. For anyone who loved her voice in this ad..Here is one of my favs from her. Its from her other account, just asmr mania, before she added this account, Asmr Mania English. Its an ear exam super up close whispering and counting the pressure points in your ears. Upclose starts around the 13 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpPeshsbyg0

  27. I love the sound of night creatures chirping in the background…a lovely chorus to blend with your soft and relaxing voice 😍 Thank you for making such amazing videos! I tell everyone to watch them 💕

  28. This woman just gets asmr like no other content provider. Her attention to detail and the subtle things, like very slowly picking up something and/or putting it down and away, like the spoons in this video, is something that most asmr providers, even the most popular ones, DO NOT get. Sometimes I want to tell these other providers to slow it down, focus on detail, just talking softly doesn't make it asmr, its a whole package. Olesya is a gem, one of kind, and she just has the gift. LOVE HER!

  29. Oh my gosh, wow that ad at the beginning of your video was so amazing! Filmora will get their money's worth for sure because I will probably watch that ad 10 more times. 😀

  30. Olissa, I absolutely LOVE ALL of your videos, keep up the excellent work my friend.
    JoLynn from
    California U.S.A 👍😀

  31. Please never apologize for your English. If any English speaker ever says something rude, give them a paper with the Russian alphabet and tell them to read it.

  32. Wow, that ad at the beginning was sooo tingly ! You could do a whole vidéo doing different ads, or just explaining how something works.. It's amazing !

  33. I love this video so much! I've watched it countless times and it's still my favorite! I was just wondering what the last herb is that you put in the bag? I can't quite understand how you say it and unfortunately I can't read Russian, otherwise I would pause it and read the bag. I'm just so curious! keep up the amazing work Olyssa!!! (sorry if I spelled your name wrong!) 😺

  34. Russians have some amazing nootropic herbs. Case in point, there was a Russian product called 'Adapt 232'. Google it. No, I am not a spammer.

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  36. I absolutely Love to watch Your Videos…innocent, precious, graceful, beautiful, please continue this lovely work…and Thank You…Blessings…

  37. My favorite part is literally the sponsor ad. If you could make a whole video of just sponsors in this same style as the intro I think that would be my favorite video ever

  38. I am a victim of insomnia for more than two years and I thought the issue cannot be solved. This sleep program “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it) was suggested to me by a cognitive behavioral therapist. It helped me find out more about sleep. I had been able to get a better sleep every single night. I really like sleeping on my bed again.

  39. I loooove your shop role plays! Would love a new dress shop RP, but they are all great because of your deliberate way of moving and speaking. Thank you!!

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