Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

– I am with Sean Armstead
at Phenomenal Fitness. Now, Sean, I would
imagine the first thing that we need to be concerned
about with belly fat is that it can lead to some
serious medical problems. – Without question. From diabetes, to various
types of heart disease, to some cancers. The fat around the
mid-section is very volatile, so it can create and
contribute to the complexity and the
cascade challenges with cholesterol and with toxins and different things like that. We don’t like to look like that, we don’t like to feel like that, but from an organ
perspective it doesn’t help the organs exist
in a happy place. – So, we really want
to cut that body fat so that we can be healthier. And obviously we’re in the gym so we’re gonna be
talking about exercise but you also say
that sleep and diet play a big factor in
reducing belly fat. – Far more than
people give it credit, the physical activity
is the stress. Once you get the stress
you need rest to facilitate the positive change
that you’re looking for. It’s the patterns, the
patterns that exist that allow us to
look a certain way, move a certain way,
and feel a certain way. – So let’s talk about exercise. What can we do to
reduce belly fat for men and is that different then
something women would do? – I don’t think it’s
so different as it is from men to women
as it is the individual and their structural
integrity or lack thereof. Because a lot of times
we focus heavily on the core but it’s the
hips, it’s the mobility of the hips, it’s the
mobility of aspects of the spine to allow
the trunk to do the work that it’s supposed to
do, for it to serve us. But we have to serve it. – And with that,
Sean showed me how to put it into
practice at the gym. Okay, Sean, some
exercises that we can do to help reduce belly fat. – Yes. – We’re starting on the ground. – The big one is the
plank progression because it’s about stability,
it’s about strength. So you wanna rotate
the pelvis under, which allows me to
activate and involve my glutes a lot more
and very important key aspects of my core,
and then you crunch down. And that creates a
nice, solid connection between the hip, key hip
muscles or backside glutes, and then the front
abdominal wall. And it’s much more effective. – Oh yeah. I can feel it. – So then from there,
you have variations to involve aspects of your hips. – [Jane] We pulled on
some resistance bands for Sean’s second exercise. – Pushing out on the band. – Push out on the band. – And then as you
keep that tension going out, you extend the hips. So you squeeze
the glutes and you tighten up in the mid-section. Then you lower some and then you go back up with the extension. As you continue to push out. Belly fat is challenging
when it protrudes and pushes your spine
forward, like this, and you don’t have
backside help. So we need help from
the glutes to create a proper, or better,
structural integrity. – [Narrator] Last
up, some dead bugs. – Okay! – Okay? – Dead bug here we come. – I curl up, I support
my head to reduce the involvement of
my neck muscles. This dead bug is a
plank in and of itself. Then, I add more work this way. Now, it’s more difficult
when you do both legs but the key is you
have to be able to keep your lower back on the bench. – So Sean, I think the
biggest takeaway is really the lifestyle of living with good sleep
habits, a good diet, exercise, and stress management. – Without question. The
stuff dreams are made of. – I love it. Thank you so
much, great information. – My pleasure, Jane. – For more motivation to move and another exercise from Sean, just head to our website

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