Health + Wealth POWER Meditation | Bob Proctor

Health + Wealth POWER Meditation | Bob Proctor

So I just want you to close your eyes and I want you to listen to me. You’re going to be totally
relaxed, totally relaxed, just sit and relax, let yourself relax. You’re going to totally relax, totally. Let your body relax,
you’re going to stay awake, you’re not going to go to sleep. And you’re going to be totally relaxed. You’re going to listen every word I say. You just listen to my voice,
listen to nothing but my voice, you only hear my voice. Your body is going to
remain exactly as it is. You’re not going to go to sleep. You’re going to be consciously
aware of everything I say. It’s going to be very clear in your mind, just as the chair under
you is clear in your mind. You hear my voice, you hear
nothing but my voice, all right? Everything I say is energy
that’s flowing from me and it’s flowing through you. We make a very strong connection. I want you to imagine your whole body moving into a very relaxed state. You’re not going to go to sleep. You’ll remain upright on your chair. But your body is becoming
lighter and lighter. Your whole being is totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. I just want you to hear my voice, and you hear nothing but my voice. You’re letting everything I’m saying flow right into your consciousness. It is the most magnificent feeling. You actually feel the energy
flowing in your consciousness. You’re so totally relaxed. It’s flowing to and through you. I’m going to count from five down to one. Each time I count a number,
you’re going to let yourself sink deeper and deeper
into a relaxed state. You hear every word I’m
saying, you hear everything I’m saying, and you’re totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. Each time I go down one
number, you find your body becoming more and more relaxed. You’re totally relaxed,
we’re going down now from five to four to
three, and you’re sinking deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. You feel so good. Now we’re going down to
three, to two, to one. And you’re so relaxed. You’re so totally relaxed. It’s a wonderful feeling
and you only hear my voice, you hear nothing but my voice. And you and I are going
to step on an elevator. And this elevator’s going to go down. It’s going down. We’re on the 10th floor. We’re going down to the first floor. Each time we go down a floor, your body becomes more and more relaxed. We’re going down from 10
to nine, eight, seven. You’re becoming more and more relaxed, your body’s lighter, lighter, and lighter. You only hear my voice, you
hear nothing but my voice, and you’re totally relaxed. We’re going down now. Six, five, to four, to three. You are so relaxed. Two and one, and you’re totally relaxed. As the elevator doors open, you’re going to step
into your room of images. This is like a celestial place. It is the most beautiful
room you have ever been in. There’s nothing like it,
absolutely nothing like it. Everything is just phenomenal. The door’s open, and now you
step into your room of images. This is where you go… when you want to be good to you. Now, you’re finding yourself
in a very relaxed place. You’re laying down. And you’re totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. Totally relaxed, you just hear my voice. You hear nothing but my voice. You can actually feel the
energy flowing into your being. And your body’s becoming
more and more relaxed. More and more relaxed. Now, as I put my hands on your shoulder, you’re going to feel a charge
of energy that is unreal. It’s going to move into your body. Every molecule in your
body is going to become strong and healthy and alert. The second I put my hands on you, you’re going to feel the energy,
just like a rush of energy. It’s moving into every cell of your being. And your body is becoming stronger and healthier and more relaxed. There, just feel that. Feel that energy flowing into you. It’s such a beautiful energy. And it’s charging every
cell in your being. You have a feeling now of health. There’s a dynamic that you’re feeling that you have never experienced. You’re seeing now that you’re
going to move into a place of prosperity, where money
will never be a problem. It’s just going to keep fixing itself and going to keep getting better until you are in a marvelous
financial situation. It’s so good. And your body’s becoming
healthier and healthier, stronger and stronger. And you’re totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. You just hear my voice. This beautiful energy is
flowing to and through you. And understand every word I’m saying is recorded in your brain. And in a millisecond, you can go back into this magnificent state
that you experience right now. You could do it on a crowded subway. You’re in charge of you. You are controlling the
vibration of the body. Your body is moving into a healthier, more dynamic, more powerful vibration, and you’re staying in it constantly. I’m going to put a coin in your hand. And you’re going to make certain that coin is with you wherever you go. One side is E, that’s the environment. That’s thinking the way all people think about almost all things. The other side is the G. And that’s where you’re working
in harmony with God’s laws. That’s the power for
everything there ever was or ever will be, it’s
flowing to and through you, and it’ll give you everything you ask for. You’re so totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. It’s a magnificent feeling
you’re experiencing. You’re so totally
relaxed, totally relaxed. Totally relaxed. I’m going to put this under
your palm on your right hand. And you’re going to feel that, and there’s a feeling come with it. The G is pressing against your hand. Understand, that is a physical
instrument that represents an infinite power,
that’s the Spirit of God flowing to and through you. And it will give you whatever you ask for. It will keep you in an absolutely magnificent healthy vibration. It will keep you in such
a prosperous vibration that your financial situation will continually improve, day in, day out. It will keep you in such
a wonderful vibration that you will find yourself
surrounded by people who are good people, they
care, and their friendships like you have never heard of. This is such a magnificent vibration. You attract all things
to you that are good. You’re in that vibration now. You have let yourself go there. Everything I’m saying is programmed deep into your marvelous mind. Let yourself experience this deep, meaningful feel of gratitude. You’re totally relaxed. I’m going to count from one to 10. Each time I count a number,
you’re going to move up. You’re going to feel
like there’s phenomenal charges of energy flowing
to and through you. They’re just enormous charges of energy. On the count of 10 you’re
going to open your eyes, you’re going to have a smile on your face, you’re going to feel like
you’ve had a wonderful rest. Each time I count a number from one to 10, new energy’ll flow into you. It’s the most magnificent experience. And everything I’ve said,
everything that is programmed into your mind, it’s
in cells in your brain, it’s there at will. Understand the body cannot
be ill in healthy vibration. Understand a person cannot be poor in a prosperous vibration. Understand a person
cannot be alone and lonely when they’re in a gregarious,
loving relationship vibration. Everything in your life is
going to get better for you. Every, every aspect of it, there’s nothing that you can touch that
isn’t going to improve, everything’s going to improve, because you’ve got that touch. You’ve got the magic. You’re going to do things
you never dreamt of. You’re so relaxed. You’re so powerful. So powerful. So powerful. Coming up from one, two, three, you’re feeling
new energy flow into you, it’s just coming in from
every section of your being, every spot in your body. We’re up to four and five. It’s a phenomenal energy, you can feel it. It’s just lifting you to a higher level. You’re up to six, to seven, to eight. There’s a phenomenal
power moving into you. It’s a feeling like
you’ve never experienced. On the count of 10 you’re
going to open your eyes as if, feel like you’ve had a wonderful rest. We’re at seven, eight, nine, ten. (hands clapping) Now, just relax. And let yourself be aware
of what we’ve been doing. We’re asking, ask and you’ll receive. What, whatever you ask for. You ask in the form of thought. Don’t ask, talk, or think
about anything you don’t want. Just ask, think, and receive, graciously receive everything you want. The trick is, willingly give and graciously receive. Every aspect of your life. Now, I want you to listen to this often. I want you to listen to it often. I want you to listen to it and understand this is being directed
with and through you. And it’s going to keep getting stronger. And you’re going to
live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. You’re totally relaxed, totally relaxed. I’m going to suggest you
listen to this every day. Totally relax.

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