Headspace for Sport | Peak performance starts with your mind

Headspace for Sport | Peak performance starts with your mind

I think for most athletes there’s always been the recognition that the mind is really important you know by the time you turn up an event or a game or race you’ve done everything you can from a physical point of view all that matters is where your mind is on that date. We actually started working with professional athletes for about five years ago before the very first Headspace even even came out before it was launched. I do think sport is just a great example of how we can cultivate and train the mind and then apply to a very specific discipline in everyday life. There’s something about kind of being present being able to drop whatever’s been going on in the past. Being able to drop whatever concerns might be about the race ahead and actually just being present and applying the skill in the way they’ve been trained to apply. First and foremost we’re human beings. And then we are athletes and yes that sport might mean the world to us but the world is bigger than that. Once you look at the journey of sport and activity through that lens it becomes very holistic and we’re not just focused on one thing, on the competition. It becomes a little bit about everything. Mind is mind you know and whether I turn up to a little fun run down the road or whether it’s an Olympic race it actually is kind of, it still matters in my training and in my competition where my mind is when we apply ourselves to sports to activities we want to perform to the best of our ability and part of that. Is not only making sure the body is willing and in shape but also understanding the importance of the mind.

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  2. everytime before I run or think of running, I get this adrenaline rush, and a million doubts go through my mind before I run. Once, I was so engrossed in my own thoughts, I didn't hear the gun go off, signaling for the race to begin. I got 3rd, which is good, but I was dissapointed with myself for not being aware of my surroundings and not being mentally prepared, Headspace helped a lot.

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