Guided Pure Power meditation. Use this meditation both awake or sleep meditate.

Guided Pure Power meditation. Use this meditation both awake or sleep meditate.

Sawadee Krup! Hi, how are you? This is ongpor spiritual guide. Welcome to my channel and thank you very much for listening to this video this video is to guide you Into the basic of meditations called the pure power meditations of Palungjit Dharma Jakarwan one sanctuary So what is pure power? The pure power is basically mean the pure power of our own spirits there are The Pureness within us but we do not journey into them and this time today we are going to teach you how to journey into yourself. So with this pure power you can Combine and join with the peel power of the nature It’s like the river behind me is the river of our sanctuary that located in the u.s so anyone who wants to come here and join me and this is the place that in the future You can do the pure power meditations in the location of the such a river The pure power of the nature is a very important charge Because the spirit belongs to the nature Spirit is the knowing element and the nature is also a knowing element that is why when we get into the nature and You don’t know why you feel so good you don’t know why you touch the energy of happiness It is peaceful it is the place that you can charge immediately So why is that Because your knowing element Communicate with the knowing element of the nature there is no word. There is only the feelings that you captured so when you get into The nature like this you can do the pure power meditations by joining your soul and the soul of the nature and the Third energy is the pure power of the universe The pure power of the universe is the power of The the Creator the power of God the power of something that we call the singularity or the the place where Universe has happened so we can join our pureness of our Soul with the pureness of our nature and the pure power of the universe so within these three levels we call our meditations the pure power meditations so now Follow my voice and I will guide you journey into yourself and this journey will slowly teach you How to How to guide and evade from the busy mind and how to how to get your busy mind back into the focus of the pure power I Want you to clear your mind If you can sit in the lotus positions Which is mean? Your right leg on the left leg and your right hand on the left hand. We put it on the lap Close your eyes and for the person who is in the pure nature, you can sit in the positions of The energy receiving this is the energy receiving positions put your hand and put it on your lap for The people who cannot sit in the meditations or the Lotus positions you can Use a chair, but do not sit in the couch where your body might be swallowed by the couch The trick is you need to sit with your back straight and no leaning of any kind so you don’t lean You need to have a back straight to know how to balance yourself When you are in the meditation mode you will You will need the balance. So You will be able to touch when the mind and your body are synchronized these balance might make your spine or the whole body swings This is if you experience the swing it means that Your mind and your body are trying to align with one another So don’t worry So this is the natural way That it happens to everyone and after that It will happens stage by stage There will be three words that I am going to give you breathe in normally breathe out smoothly Relax your muscle you have to do it in real time in when I guide you I will slowly guide you through the process and For the person who are ready. I Will put the sound of the river the sound of my voice Will be guiding you from now on Sit in the meditation posture Close your eyes There will be only three words from now on Breathe in normally breathe out smoothly relax your muscle Breathe in normally breathe out smoothly Relax your muscles You need to do it in real time in real time means that When you think about breathing you breathing when you think about breathe out you breathe out Relax your muscle if you find that any muscle that is tense in your body Either from trying to sit straight back your Muscle might be tense. When you feel that those muscle is tense used your mind to that piece of muscle and release them Once your muscle is released your body might drop a little bit do not worry Continue to do your breathing Breathing normally breathe out smoothly relax your muscle At this time the relaxation of the muscle will bring you The blood flow That we introduce the realignment of your molecular structures that is distorted in your body This will heal the basic problems of your health At this stage you will continue with the breathing Anywhere that you find things We relax and release them Breathing normally breathe out smoothly Relax your muscles Breathe in normally breathe out smoothly relax your muscles I want you to do it in real-time by your own Try to find the rhythm of your own breathing For the person who just start the meditations For the first time You will find that your mind will not correspond to The concentration of just three words It will jump out in every window that your mind sleep It will jump out immediately to things that you are worries The voice the noises around you which also are distractions The mind is a delicate and powerful receptor You’ll receive and it create the informations from every direction within and without your body and the mind will lose concentrations in no time This happens to everyone Every time That your mind jump out Follow it Sees where they jump out and bring it back to the breathing Breathing normally Breathe now smoothly relax your muscle Breathe in normally Breathe out smoothly relax. You muscle This is called the stage three the stage of the self defeating You must try to defeat a busy mind After your mind has been defeated You can control the singularity of a mind to the three words The whole metabolism of your body Will be slowed down You will know it because your breath will get lighter Lighter and lighter this is how You will feels that while your body Do not need the oxygen Am I still breathing Yes, you are still breathing But why you are breathing so light? This because The mind consume too much energy when you think When you stop thinking The whole metabolism of your body is at rest At this moment it is called the hibernation stage Who has passed stage three entering Stage four Keep concentrating Once your breathing get so light you can no longer use the long word You can Shorten your world to empower relax in our relaxed At a certain stage When your breath gets so light Until there is no Feelings of The heavy breathing anymore you can stop all the worlds You can focus on the peace inside of evil Ready – feels that Your body will feel so light so peaceful so Happy from within without knowing the reason Some of us Might be floating Let it float. Let it go where it brings you If you have that you are entering the fourth stage or the stage of internal happiness This is because When the mind took over the control of the body The mind Command the subconscious To release a hormone called endorphins into your blood streams You will feel Happiness from within Without any reason At this stage You can Finds that the body you also create some kind of healing Healing all the problems inside of you slowly Place by place it will make it automatically healing Do not push it just follows it At this stage before we wake up from the meditations I Will guide you to stage 4 Slowly open your eyes And wake up from the meditations I am guiding you until this stage I hope that you will do the meditation up to stage four every day to keep your body and mind healthy before I leave you today I Am asking the power of God to bless all of you that join the pure power meditations to fill your life with good health and Fill with your enlightened may these meditations guide you into the pure power within you and merge your pure power within the nature and may you discover the truth of your spiritual life and prosperity Within your life. I Bless you with success Anandajid Hi everyone, thank you very much for coming to support my channel on post spiritual guide for more than 10 years I have been searching throughout the world for the spiritual knowledge with my experience I am trying to run this show to show you The evidence that we found and at the analytical part that we’re and about of the spiritual knowledge this is to give you the Searching of your own spiritual path to gain your own enlightenment. If you like my channel, please subscribe Please like and share it to your friends and for those of you who want to create the great merit with us by building the sanctuary of Pdj, or planted tomato on in the US, please follow this donation channel I hope that every one of you who join me will have a good health good luck and prosperity and energy

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