Guided Meditation To Heal Hidden Agreements, Entanglements, Family Secrets, And Non Beneficial Joy

Guided Meditation To Heal Hidden Agreements, Entanglements, Family Secrets, And Non Beneficial Joy

Hi, in this video I’m going to guide you on
how to heal hidden agreements, hidden contracts of family entanglements, family secrets to
manifest the freedom to truly be you. And before that, to master the use of the law
of attraction, go and visit my website at One of the things people
carry in their lives and they are not aware of is the systemic trans-generational effects
of their families up to 12 generations in their past. They carry agreements even that
the grandparents may have done, about money, about relationships. They carry all the secrets.
For example, if in the 3rd past generation someone was raped or abused and is not spoken
of, it tends to repeat in the generations to follow. And why it repeats is because the
generations to follow are so benevolent that they will like to stop that. Every energy,
every action that we take creates a ripple in the realm of consciousness and creates
a legacy. So it goes and passes generation to generation. So when you die in the physical
form, you don’t only inherit money. You inherit your beliefs. You inherit your thoughts, your
actions that you took. You inherit all the secrets, all that you did, all that you didn’t
do. You pass it on. And if you didn’t live who you truly came here to be, then someone
else in your future will try to live it. Your grandchildren-that’s why you hear a lot of
the success stories of the grandchildren, but not of the child. Like the father will
succeed, the son will not succeed, but the grandson will succeed because the father was
not able to live up to the expectations of the dad, or was not given permission, so we’re
going to clear that all. So close your eyes for a moment. I’m just going to guide you.
These are particular commands, affirmations, and power statements to release that from
your field. Since you are already an evolved and actualized being, this is going to be
happening instantaneously, and you can watch the meditation over and over again as the
more that you do, the more clear you will be, and the more clear you will feel, the
more clear legacies you will leave in humanity. So just close your eyes and this is actually
a meditation guided with commands. It is commanded by the power of divine love, that 12 generations
past til this day are clear of hidden entanglements, hidden contracts, and hidden beliefs, and
hidden secrets that do not allow you as in this present moment to be truly free. Any
agreements of poverty, any agreements of religious indoctrinations, any unmentioned situations
of rapes, of cheating, of not doing what was right, all of that may be removed from your
energetic field now. Know that as you cut the link with this ancestral legacies, with
the hidden entanglements, with you trying to live the mission of others. The mission
of your dad or your mom or their dreams actually, you are not honoring them. You are dishonoring
them. Know that it is an act of love and honor to cut the links and the ties to that which
is not for your highest good and honor your path and your mission and your own dreams.
So in this moment, it is commanded that that is all released from the pituitary gland,
pineal gland, medulla oblongata, and all the cellular memory system in your body. It is
happening, and it is stated as it is spoken. Remember all the family secrets in the past
that are not named, carry on to the next generations. So know that any secret you have, if you have
one, and you have children, you can tonight, as a practice, write it down, burn it with
a paper and say, I release my children. I release my future generations from the fate
that is not theirs. And to close this meditation you are going to say this. I take back what
is mine. And I give back to you what is yours. And now visualize all your ancestrals, your
parents telling you the same. I take back what is mine. And I give back to you what
is yours. And they are going to tell this to you. You may gladly keep anything good
that I may have given you. Your fate is not my fate. Your destiny is not my destiny. Go
live your freedom, your mission as you. And just stay in stillness for a moment, because
this is actually happening. Remember, time is just an illusion. This is a non-linear
experience, and now take what is yours and visualize these golden scissors cutting all
the links to all of that which doesn’t benefit your life no more. It’s time for you to show
up. It’s time for you to be free. It’s time to be for you, to meet that powerful inner
freedom in you. Open your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Exhale. And Namaste. To accelerate
your spiritual development as a leader, entrepreneur, or spiritual teacher, go to my website at or click on this link, because humanity’s urgently needing you to
live your mission into its fullest, right now.

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  1. Namaste Ivonne. That was one of the most powerful meditations that I have had until now from you. Thank you very much, I deeply appreciate it from heart.

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